Obesity epidemic?

Have you heard of the obesity epidemic? Apparently you can catch obesity, and the people spreading obesity are evil corporate bastards:

It’s official: we’re a nation of idiots who can’t make decisions to save ourselves or take responsibility for our problems.

That’s according to two academics from Otago University, researchers in public health, Dr Gabrielle Jenkin and Penny Field, who specialise in the obesity epidemic.

Interviewed this week by Kathryn Ryan on National Radio, Field tossed off a comment which sent me into deep despair. Obesity, she said, was “not a problem with individual choice and self-discipline, which we’ve proved successfully doesn’t work”.

Instead it’s the fault of “big institutions and the market”.

Actually obesity is caused by fat bastards shoving food into their gob unassisted by anyone but themselves.

Instead of trying stupidly to tax sugar, or fat or something similar just tax the fat bastards. It is annoying when they sit on buses and trains and planes tacking far more space that a thinner person. Just start charging them more. Or allocate special fattie seats that give a worse ride and poorer conditions. That way other people can enjoy  a flight without a smelly fattie copping them in the rids with their massive overhang and elbows.

The reality is that there isn’t an obesity epidemic, there is an epidemic of stupid people stuffing their gobs though.


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  • Jake McLellan

    Your a Fat Bastard

    • Agent BallSack

      It’s “You’re a Fat Bastard” Moron.

    • Spanishbride

      If he is at least he takes RESPONSIBILITY for making himself that way. Just as he and I take responsibility for losing weight by continuing our 10km a night walks together. Being over weight is no ones fault but our own. Personally I am currently saving my money so I can go to Jenny Craig and lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks. Years ago I used their services and lost on average a kilo a week. It isn’t cheap but it gets results and saves me a fortune in clothes. I hate having to buy more clothes because I have put on a few kilos!
      I know WHY I over eat. I am a comfort  eater. It is still my choice however. There are other more healthy ways to deal with stress.

    • Jester

      And you’re a fuckwit. No diet will change that Jake.

    • Jake McLellan

      Are you calling me a “fuckwit” when you too are a “fuckwit” in the same way Whaleoil calls other people “fat bastard” when HE’S a “fat bastard”? Clever.

      • Jester

        In answer to your question Jake – No, I was simply stating the obvious.

        And judging by your follow up posts i have you tagged perfectly.

    • Jake McLellan

      I read whaleoils blog and thought I was in keeping with his informal writing style. Who knows, next I might talk shit and be in keeping with the ignorant style as well.

      • Super Guest

        Is the IHC ward having its computer class?

    • bb

      w.o. might just be fat but that wasn’t what he was saying. how about having a re-read and come with more constructive comment rather than a destructive comment.  didn’t your mother teach you if you can’t say anything nice dont say anything at all.

      • jay cee

        then 95% of posts on this site would disappear.

      • Jake McLellan

        It was w.o. who choose to call people “Fat Bastards”, I’m just pointing out the irony. The rest of what he said was pretty obvious and unoriginal – it hardly requires a re-read. The only thing interesting about it was he sounded like he was talking about other people and distancing himself from the group to which he also belongs

  • Anonymous

    Gawd… ANOTHER bloody Penny telling people what to do.
    As if that Penny Bright wasn’t enough. 

  • McDonalds does not make people fat, but is very handy if they want to get fat. 

    Still why should thin people pay for the extra health costs of fat people, after all obeasity is a big health risk for the country. Should these people pay more to cover their costs?

  • phronesis

    Being fat has health benefits you know. I once attended a public health seminar where a rather large woman informed us (with a straight face) that the obese have a much lower rate of sexually transmitted infections…

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ This…hilarious. 

  • jay cee

    some people are predisposed to put on weight not all of us have jobs that allow time for exercise
    on a regular basis. i’ve completed some 10 marathons in my time and was as skinny as the proverbial rake there is no way the old body could stand that kind of regimen now. my current employment gives me all the execise i can handle but according to the bmi chart i’m deemed to be over weight. despite being 16 kg
    lighter now than 3 years ago. as “spanishbride”admitted she is a comfort eater which is what
    a lot of the obese are. being obese is quite often the symptom of a deeper problem.

  • Super Guest

    What’s with all the commies lately? Did getting kicked out of Aotea Square mean they had to take up another futile left wing cause? I.e. posting bollocks on right wing blogs because they’re too lazy to find a job?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Obesity happens when the input hole is bigger than the output hole

    • A-random-reader

      That would explain why gay men look so fabulous!

      • Gazzaw

        Dazza was quite a chubby chap. Does that tell you anything? 

      • Angry Croc

        Except Grant Robertson?

  • Thorn

    The obesity epidemic is just one of the many harmful unintentional outcomes of the anti-tobacco lobbyists.  And these two Otago slappers hammer on down on symptoms not aetiology – wrong irresponsible and misleading.

  • Anonymous

    Epidemic = affecting a large number of persons in a locality  and spreading from person to person, as a disease not permanently prevalent there. (Websters new Universal)…….

    So if you sit next to a fat bastard on a plane you’ll catch fat bastardness, now thats a worry.

     Next we have remedial classes in breathing, fuck we are the saddest little country on the planet

  • Anonymous

    People seem to think obesity is all about food. What about exercise. Big corporates do not interfare with the common man slapping on some shoes and hitting the pavement. I just came back from Mount Pirongia where I encountered a young man with a pig strapped to his back trying to carry this carcus up the hillside. While he will probably have a big feed of fatty game meat tonight, he will remain healthy as he exercises.

  • Kim Arnold

    I am a “fat bastard” and i have to agree with spanish bride, as it is my choice the type of food it eat. I have also lost some weight as i was heading towards diabetes and had to take some action. As a Maori, i was considering blaming this on all you white fellas, but thought i would leave that for someone else to do . Although when i smoked the demon tobaccy i was skinny as, even one stage choose a packet of ciggies over bread…funny now….

    • Gazzaw

      Exercise is still a major factor. When I was a kid in the 50s & 60s my mother used to pack my school lunches – six white bread sandwiches with stacks of butter and fillled with luncheon sausage, leftover roast & even cold baked beans or tinned spag. Topped off with a couple of slabs of cake. Only exception was Mondays when I got to go to the tuckshop for a couple of pies, a donut & a bottle of coke. Always eggs & bacon for breakfast and plenty of meat & overcooked veg for dinner. My mates were all the same and yet we were as skinny as fucken rakes & fighting fit because we walked or biked to school, played sport at lunchtimes, weekends and after school, went to army cadet or scout camps in the school holidays. We weren’t sitting on our fat arses in front of TV or computers or filling our guts with gutrot cheap booze at the weekends.


      • Kim Arnold

        totally agree, was telling my kids about the spaghetti sandwiches or the coleslaw ones that were socked through. my old mum made ones with cut up savaloys and tomato sauce…my school was about 5 miles from our place, up hill and down  dale, we walked until we got older and had second hand bikes…..

      • Gazzaw

        Cut up savs & tomato sauce sandwiches Kim! Your mum was a genius. Wish I’d sat next to you in the lunch hours.


    I can’t believe money in spent on a couple of dim witted cloth eared bints like this! If we spent more time getting people to take responsibility for themselves and not finding a way to pass the buck, we might actually get somewhere. Maybe if we had scales fitted at the entrances of fast food joints where if a person is over a certain weight, the doors won’t open and they are redirected immediately to a fruit and veg shop (that they had to walk to)…..I have nothing but admiration for anyone overweight who is legitimately working to do something about it, when I see overweight people walking, I always think “good on you”. The fatties I see coming out of fast food shops regularly, it makes me angry, because they are the ones that just don’t want to listen and they are the ones everyone else is made to pay for by removing freedom of choice and the only ones losing out are those of us who only occasionally indulge. 


    Over weight(jumbos), sew your mouths shut,get off your fat arses and exercise.1.5 ltr diet anything will not fuckin help.and stop eating fast food forever.Cut the plug off the TV,and burn the games.Start moving,and eat right,and there just might be hope for You all.