Of course it is political

After being busted with their lies, head liar of the Maritime Union, Garry Parsloe,  has had a whine that us nasty bloggers are all political:

The Maritime Union has criticized the circulation of a “fact sheet” produced for the Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL) management that repeats incorrect information.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National President Garry Parsloe says not only is the “fact sheet” misleading, but it is a symptom of a deeply politicized management who need to be brought under control by the ports shareholders.

Mr Parsloe says the document produced by Ernst and Young indicates that management are now engaged in an expensive and unaccountable public relations war against their own employees, funded by Auckland ratepayers.

He says the Ports of Auckland Limited do not have this new fact sheet obviously available on their own corporate website [as of 9pm 24 January 2012], but it has appeared during the day on various right wing blogs including National Party affiliated individuals in what appears to be a political campaign by senior managers at the Port.

The Union donating money tot he political campaigns of Mike Lee, Len Brown and the labour party isn’t in any way political now is it?

Of course it is political when a hard bitten 1950s bunch of sexist, racist, lying bully boys spin rubbish. Facts matter and there are none better than audited figures from a top 4 firm. Garry Parsloe has not produced any facts yet in this dispute. Every number he has produced and every statement made has been shown with documentary evidence to have been a lie.

He lied about the wages and conditions, he lied about the wording of letters sent to workers and now he is lying again by omission. The port workers really must be scratching their heads at the value of more than $500,000 per annum of union dues being used to fund this fool.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    I was told by my Freight Forwqrder that my cargo due this weekend when “The Bruvvers” are onm strike will be unloaded by casual labour.


  • Roger de Laborde

    Parsloe reminds me of that scene from Liar Liar:

    Fletcher: Your honor, I object!
    Judge: Why?
    Fletcher: Because it’s devastating to my case!
    Judge: Overruled.
    Fletcher: Good call!

  • Kthxbai

    Is Mr Parsloe talking about cash in hand when discussing wharfies’ incomes, ignoring tax deducted and the value of their substantial fringe benefits – superannuation, health insurance – completely? 

    It’s the only explanation for his comments, other than telling outright lies.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you…he must be thinking in terms of net payments, rather than gross payments. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt buuuuuuut if that’s the point he’s arguing he must be more stupid than any of us thought. 

      Why don’t they get their own independent accountant to check out the wage claims and either dispute, with evidence, the claims of POAL or confirm them. Who does he honestly think is going to believe him with no evidence, not a scrap of verified information, to back up his claims? Doesn’t he have an MBA? Did they not teach him that theories must be backed up by evidence to be proved or disproved?

      Finance and accounting are no longer beyond the realms of everyman, Parsloe is operating in a bubble of 1970s ignorance of business among the public and it is going to burst. 

  • Paulus

    Of course it’s F……g political. The MUNZ is a political movement, paying labour to bail them out but Lying Len dare not. He is answerable to the Shareholders – the ratepayers of Auckland.

  • Wilbert

    I imagine that “there are none better than audited figures from a top 4 firm” was something that Enron shareholders also once believed (though at that stage there were five “top” firms – for some reason that fifth firm, which made US$9.3 billion in 2001, no longer exists!

    • Anonymous

      Pah! NZ has a completely different regulatory market from the US. Not to mention the intense Sarbanes-Oxley standards that were introduced world-wide in the wake of the Enron. Go check that out before you start questioning the legitimacy of a well respected NZ firm. 

      • Callum

        All Sarbanes-Oxley, IFRS etc has done it make it impossible for non accountants (and half of the accountants too) to actually read and understand a set of financial statements. Not that most people could understand them in the first place anyway.

      • Wilbert

        I really hope you don’t believe that accountancy firms, especially “well respected” ones, never make mistakes or give bad advice. If so, you won’t want to read the http://www.nzherald.co.nz/feltex-carpets-limited/news/article.cfm?o_id=61&objectid=10696027 article, in which a judge refers to “serious errors by Ernst & Young in the conduct of its review”.