On David Farrar

Raymond Huo has blogged about David Farrar:

Now that David Farrar is holidaying in South Africa and sending us pictures showing how big the turtles are there and how Hyenas are eating dead baby elephants. I wish to take his holiday spirit and send him this letter as my Christmas present.

His Kiwiblog is powerful and I hope this letter plays a small role in helping make his blog a bit fairer on some issues.

While on a roller-coaster over the past three weeks of being in and out of Parliament, I was told that Mr Farrar, rather indirectly, blogged on me by saying more than once that to the effect that: “It will hurt Labour. While not a huge contributor to Labour within Parliament, I understand he is a relatively large fundraiser for Labour”.

It is unfortunate that David Farrar made this sweeping comment without delving deeper into the subject.

Blah, blah, blah whatever….Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish sums it up nicely:

Labour Party MPs are said to be red-faced, after discovering that prominent blogger David Farrar is not the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Mr Farrar has been the target of numerous attacks by Labour Party MPs over the last couple of years.

A source inside Labour has confirmed that party officials identified Farrar as the leader of the country shortly after the 2008 election, despite being given evidence to the contrary. Rumours that John Key was the actual leader of the National Party as well as the Prime Minister of New Zealand were dismissed at the time as mere speculation.

But this morning, in a shock announcement, Mr Key revealed that he is in fact the Prime Minister, and that David Farrar is merely an enthusiastic National Party member with a popular blog, a couple of newspaper columns, and only moderate political influence.

Commentators have observed that Labour’s obsession with David Farrar has been a distraction that has turned off many left-leaning voters.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard admitted today that the party had made an “embarrassing but understandable error” over the identity of the Prime Minister.

However, he was unrepentant over Labour’s policy of giving free publicity to David Farrar by attacking everything the commentator writes or says.

Mr Mallard also vowed to keep piling the pressure onto Mr Farrar.

“He’s not fit to hold office. He’s certainly not fit to be in Cabinet,” said Mr Mallard.

“When Parliament reopens we’ll be piling the heat on David Farrar, and holding him to account. This Farrar-led government has been a disaster for New Zealand.”


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  • bruce

    Now that is funny…

  • Agent BallSack

    Prime Minister Farrar is sure to be shaking in his soft, yet comfortable crocodile skin boots and (1 size fits years of growth) Poncho!

  • Anonymous

    Oh what to jealously complain about:

    Farrar’s African safari or Key’s Hawaii retreat.

    Choices are just sooo hard /sarcasm

  • In Vino Veritas

    For a man with 2 law degree’s (wonder what cactus would say about that), a BA in linguistics and a MLitt in political communication, Raymond cannot be that bright.

  • Anonymous

    Those werent Hyena Raymond, that was H1 & H2….

  • tas

    DPF just gave his assessment of Huo’s performance in a mundane throwaway remark. Huo is overreacting and his rambling post is all over the place: talking about the chinese community and blowing his own horn.

    He says he had over a month to read over this post and consider it. Seriously?

    I also love Curran’s threat “Note to commenters, this post is being moderated carefully.”

    Every time I visit Red Alert I begin to think that even I could become an MP and do better than the current lot.

  • James


    • James

      Oops, though I was logging in!

      Anyway, Raymond seems like he can barely speak English. And his response to Gregor W on that website makes absolutely no sense. He’s using idioms “proved my point” when he doesn’t actually say what his point is!

      Gregor W mentions he hadn’t heard of his book. Ray responds by saying NZ is multicultural!

      BTW, the two comments I posted were hardly offensive, (basically I said the above, but didn’t mention the poor English) and were deleted by Trevor Mallard.

      I won’t forget this Mallard. Your party is a joke. You’re full of pathetic self-promoting weirdos, nasty unionists, gay rapists and at least one heroin junkie. Censor this you fucking tosser.

      John Key. Get all the crap you want to sell sold this year, then next election you better bring in benefit reform – you’ll get 60% of the popular vote if you do this.