One of Labor’s finest…

We think that Labour NZ has problems!

Julie Collins must have been taking elocution lessons from David Shearer:


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  • Anonymous

    Hot though. I’d like to see her jelly-wrestling with CK…..

    • EX Navy Greg

      2 tickets here please

  • Max_power

    I understand Gillard lives with a beard – a hairdresser – just like Hulun did. Isn’t that interesting.

    Clearly she doesn’t have Hulun’s judgement though to have people like this in her Cabinet.
    Hey it’s only Revenue Collection, it doesn’t matter. It’s only the nation’s income stream, that’s not important.Too bad she hadn’t managed at least one project before she entered Parliament, then she would have known the “s” word.But is anyone surprised that she clearly hasn’t, this is a lefty govt after all. If they’d asked her a union question she would have answered straight away in great depth. It’s media bias, that’s what it is. Bloody tory media, aren’t they just arseholes.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Julie Collins is talking more like Goff when John Key asked him waht is the first year you get returns on CGT.
    Show me the money!
    Wallop for Julie Collins as well!

  • Troy

    woops, sounds close to our labour lot – can’t engage the brain before the mouth starts the action lol

  • Dr Wang

    She should have removed her ben wa balls before the interview.

  • Spud

    Julia has a job in mind for this one – will require a strap on….

  • Arnold

    well you got to admit in the looks department she leaves nearly all our parliaments wimmen far behind…..i found it funny as you could see her brain trying to engage….thanks WO

  • Richard McGrath

    I think she was looking for the word “stakeholder”. She’s pretty hot though.

  • Rockyr

    I think she could learn a bit from Parekura.