O’Sullivan calls out Mallard

Fran O’Sullivan isn’t best pleased with Trevor Mallard’s xenophobic dog-whistle:

Labour’s Trevor Mallard has joined the fray opposing the Chinese bid. But it’s notable that he has not challenged any of the successful “Anglo Saxon” bidders for NZ farm land such as German investors, US and Australian investors. No dairy farms have yet to be sold to Chinese buyers. Penqxin also has extensive agriculture investments in South America and elsewhere.

Something Mallard omits to say is the Crafar farms are diddley squat in size and value compared to the amount of farm land that was sold offshore during the Clark reign. The Real Estate Institute said yesterday that rural property sales had a strong finish in 2011, reflecting good growing conditions across the country.

The institute pointed to the emergence of offshore buyers, mainly from Europe, acquiring properties in both Canterbury and other regions, although “this comes after extensive due diligence and securing OIO approvals in the six to 12 months prior”.

Trevor Mallard and Labour almost always fib when it comes to this issue. Even more bizarre is Trevor’s insistence that the second best offer is in fact the best. If Michael Fay wants to win the Crafar farm bid then he simply needs to beat the Pengxin bid by a couple of million, simple as that. I wonder if the controversial legacy of awarding of Sir Michael Fay’s knighthood still lingers over the Labour party?


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  • Apolonia

    Peking Duck?

  • jay cee

    but of course what ms o’sullivan glossed over was the fact that the   chinese are just a communist state petending to  be democratic and free as oppossed to the europeans. i think it was stalin who
    said give me 10% of a countries trade         and i will have  the   country,or words  to that effect
    so what happens when china owns 10% of the  country. just look  at how  many  local   manufacturing jobs went east thanks to our so called free trade agreement with them

    • MrV

      Yeah the EUSSR is getting more free every day …

  • Lofty

    Mallard is a disingenuous prick, he has been for as ong as I can remember …
    Shit it was only last year that he was sprung as a dirty little liar leading up to the election.
    What would anyone be surprised that he is shown as a fibber in this case?

    Mallard has no place in the governance of this country, he is a proven liar.

    By the way we just appointed our new COO….sorry Trevor no job after the gravy train with us.

  • Anonymous

    Mallard a hypocritical, bile spilling wanker? Surely not.

  • Mark

    I wonder how many of those opposing the Crafar sale would refuse to sell their house to an Asian buyer, if same Asian buyer was offering twice the amoung, say, of a local buyer?

    Sweet fuck all would be my guess.