Out of their control more like

The Maritime Union is in trouble and they are now admitting it:

The Maritime Union says its standoff with Ports of Auckland has spiralled out of control. 
The admission comes as the union announces its sixth round of strike action at the end of the month and the port talks tough.

The dispute stems from Ports of Auckland plans to potentially make all 320 union members redundant, and replace them with contractors on more flexible contracts.

Union boss Garry Parsloe says the dispute has turned into a political stoush.

No shit sherlock….Is this guy dumber than a sack of hammers?

Port workers will down tools again for 24 hours on January 31.

Parsloe says the latest strike action is aimed at getting information about the port’s plans.

Their plans are simple, get rid of the Maritime Union and get some flexibility…Every time he opens his gob he proves that in fact he is dumber than a sack of hammers.

The Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand says this dispute has escalated to a bitter, acrimonious labour stoush and that the union may be losing sight of the goal.

Parsloe says there is some truth in that.

“The goal has been lost. We started having some arguments around shuttles,” he said.

“Then the argument shifted to asking people to come out of the union … Then the argument shifted to writing to the families threatening that the jobs were going, and now it’s shifted to contracting out.”

He’s the union boss and he is admitting, on national television that the union has lost sight of the goal??? Stupid is as Stupid Does.

The union are toast. He admits as much with his last comment:

Parsloe says the strike notice may be withdrawn if the company gives the union time to talk to its workers.

You have two weeks, get on with it fool. It’s not like they will be busy is it..what with the customers bolting and them only having to work 28 our a week while they get paid for 43. Should be plenty of time to talk tot eh “workers”.


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  • Davidw

    Fair chance thatmore than a handfull of “workers” are getting pissed off at the lack of progress, the loss of income and the lack of any prospect of a win and are starting to grumble.  Next call will be for a secret ballot which will be resisted strongly while the heavies go to work on the realists but ultimately Parsloe will have to fold or he will be forced to by vote.  The end is nigh …..

  • Agent BallSack

    “Parsloe says the latest strike action is aimed at getting information about the port’s plans”
    Because when you’re as dumb as a sack full of cunts, you don’t have the nous to rock up and Gee, I don’t know – Ask them?

  • Anonymous

    Well you have to give Parsloe a bit of credit for admitting that his organisation has lost sight of what’s important – it will be interesting to see if he comes out and accuses POAL of being the reason for that happening though. He could wake up this morning and think ‘oh no, a period of rational thought that I expressed on National TV…full attack mode initiated…’ and then go on a full offensive against POAL. 

    As well as disgruntled workers on his case, I think he must have pressure from the CTU and other Unions to remove his head from his arse – this dispute reflects negatively on all Unions and if it goes down like a cup of cold sick (which I believe it inevitably will) then public sentiment will not just be against MUNZ but all Unions. 

    • Agent BallSack

      Bringing Kelly on board and expecting resolution is a bit rich. She makes her money from  dispute, misery and the tears of starving children. I agree that this does have a flow on effect on the other Unions most of whom struggle hard to ensure their workers get a fair shake. When you see a bunch of whinging ex Poms on this sort of money, complaining, you have a right to feel aggrieved.

      • Anonymous

        How are Union officials like Kelly and Parsloe appointed? Because if I was in a Union I’d quit and start my own if those two muppets were chosen to represent my interests. 

      • Agent BallSack

        Well supposedly they’re elected but since we know votes are generally public with hand counters placed around the room to ensure the vote goes the right way, I guess its the goon with the ugliest thugs that gets the job. Still waiting on MSM to pick up on the fact 0.33% of the workforce is female. 

    • Gazzaw

      “then public sentiment wil not just be against MUNZ but all unions”…………..and Labour.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I have cargo due to arrive the day the “Bruvvers” go on strike.  Only 2 pallets but it will be delayed while the “Bruvvers” have theirb strike

    I see Rudman is in the Granny today.  Syingb that if the POAL expands then it will affect the liveability of teh city.  Where does he want the cargo to go?? TGA and then haul it up SH2 or along the railway line.  He is also on about the “arms race” between TGA and POAL.  Only reason there is an arms race is one Komissar Parsloe and his deadbeats at the NZMU.

    • Quintin Hogg

      Mr Rudman says stupid things frequently.

      POAL has expanded. Has he not noticed the extension of the Fergusson wharf and the associated container terminal.  I see it every time I go down the harbour. (Quite frankly it pisses me off but that is another rant).

  • Scanner

    The story about long serving wharf rats and massive redundancy payouts should be kept in the open, as has been said from day one there is more to this than ever met the eye.

    If you actually had the chance to talk to the strikers one at a time, without Parsehole and his thugs watching you might just find they don’t want to strike and never did, all they can see is a nice little earner going down the shitter at warp speed.

    This whole dispute is a weapons grade fuck up from the start, and now the rank and file have worked out they are on a hiding to nowhere Parsehole is trying to back pedal just as fast as his legs will carry him, which isn’t going to be fast enough.

    On a lighter note anyone that fancies a laugh should pop over to the Standard, log on under a fictitious name, and just mention the word Slater, it drives them into a wild rabid frenzy, especially Jackal, and irepent, priceless.

    • beenthere

      Dead right Scanner, it’s just a rerun of the strikes they had a few years back, when negoitations were stalled for over a year, because a minority didn’t want their job description changed, as they would rather be made redundant. They had been employed there for quite a few years… 

  • Pdubyah

    Has the tail figured out finally that it doesn’t wag the dog?

    And having dug a whole hole how do they gracefully retreat, by suddenly going “oh wait we’re micro focussed, lets get back to the big picture”

    Gracefully they’ll suddenly accept the terms (by and large) is my pick on this.

    • EX Navy Greg

      I think thay are f**ked, and I think Parsloe knows it too. They have bitten the hand that feeds them once too often. If the next strike isn’t called off, they’re gone.

  • Kosh103

    I noticed WO left out of his post that the PoA have been blamed for the situation getting to where it is. The Union have stated the inital goals have been lost sight of due to the actions of the PoA.

    • Scanner

      Why is it the pinko trolls are allowed to constantly appear with their twisted “the world owes me” rhetoric and spout shit on everything, but should one of us RWNJ dare to say anything in their funny little twisted porthole on life we are attacked from every side and made to stand in the “naughty boys corner” or banned completely.

      Perhaps the truth is to terrifying to be let out of the cupboard, Helen’s gone boys you don’t have to be scared anymore, perhaps it’s time you actually grew some and realised you don’t have to be ashamed that you own a penis.

      • Kosh103

        It is the right that are shit scared of Helen the Great returning.

      • Gazzaw

        Helen the Great won’t be returning in a hurry Kosh. You and your comrades usefulness to her in her career path is well and truly over.  

      • Kosh103

        My my, dont the some on the right get all nasty when missing facts and truths are pointed out to them.

    • Anonymous

      Aw cute – see my comment above. I was wondering if Parsloe would shove the blame squarely at the feet of POAL. Now you have answered a question that I don’t think you realised I even asked. 

      BTW – I don’t think either side has clean hands in this dispute, for Parsloe to say it’s all the fault of POAL is ludicrous. He has to take responsibility for his part in the whole saga. 

      • Kosh103

        And yet dear old WO left that bit of information out. Good to see he is about as fair and balanced as Fox News, and just as trustworthy.

      • Anonymous

        Whether or not Parsloe is blaming POAL for the loss of sight – the fact remains that he admitted his organisation has lost sight of its goals in this dispute. His weasel words blaming POAL for his own organisations failings actually reflect worse on the Union and himself. 

        Surely one of POAL’s strategies in this dispute was to disrupt the Union and make them lose focus on why they are fighting…job done on that front I would say. 

    • WO has left that bit out Kosh because it’s bollocks; just like the union’s claim that the average port worker earned $57k per annum.

      • Kosh103

        No, he left that bit out because it does not fit with the image he is wanting to create.

      • Super Guest

        Lemme get this straight, Kosh. You come to a right wing blog expect, nay, demanding a left wing perspective? No-one cares about the union, no-one cares about their demands, they aren’t even worth the bandwidth Whale allows them. Is it you who is “shit scared” of the influence Whale has? You’re more than welcome to go to the Standard if you want culturally irrelevant leftist bleatings.

      • Kosh103

        Super Guest, I do not expect a left wing anything on here. However the full truth now and then would be a good thing. Or do you only like the facts that you agree with? Rather 1984 of you.

      • Super Guest

        Your definition of “facts” leaves a lot to be desired. For instance a little mental gymnastics and your retarded conspiracy theory about Gerry Brownlee mining everything (with a smile, how clever, and good he should be smiling we need the money) is suddenly a “fact”. I hate to think what will become of the children in your class you’re indoctrinating, I daresay after a term with you they’ve dropped a couple years in terms of scholastic ability.

  • tknorriss

    Kosh, that goes without saying. The left are very good at blaming others for the messes they create themselves. Perpetual victims, which is why they seldom amount to anything.

    • Kosh103

      My my, and the PoA could never have done anything wrong in all of this.

      Tui billboard.

      • Agent BallSack

        Cue rabid defence of the indefensible from the left.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – and yet the same response from the right (their continious attacks on unions and workers) is A OK in your books I am willing to bet.

        Ahhh being 2 faced, the rights bread and butter.

      • Anonymous

        Hey – no one is saying that POAL are saints and that they haven’t done at least a little bit of dirty fighting. It’s a fight for goodness sakes – not the ballet.

        But Parsloe has admitted deficiencies within his campaign – weasel words blaming POAL aren’t much good. If POAL’s strategy in this dispute has caused MUNZ to lose sight of their goals then…job done by POAL. I think the best thing that MUNZ could do now is bring someone new in (not Kelly – public sentiment is against her) and refresh their whole approach. Parsloe is already talking about backing out of the next strike – if you were POAL, wouldn’t you consider that success?

  • Anonymous

    Garry Parsloe says that the port workers will go to Australia and NZ will suffer as a result. I think the Ports Company would gladly pay these workers for a one way ticket to anywhere in Australia (say Port Hedland). But hey! I doubt the Aussies would want them – their departure would not raise the average IQ of both NZ and Australia.

    • Anonymous

      I have family in Port Hedland and other parts of Australia where mining dominates. Those aren’t really places you’d want to raise a family. Most of the people I know who work over there keep their families in NZ and the company flies them back to NZ one week out of five or something. The reality is that the majority of the money actually goes back in the NZ economy in that situation because the money comes back to the families who stay in NZ while hubby is slaving in the mines. This situation may not be the norm but a lot of people do it to keep the family support network they have in NZ because, regardless of whether they live in NZ or Aus, hubby is away a lot of the time. 

  • Super Guest

    Kosh, no-one on the right is scared of Helen the Dyke coming back. In case you didn’t notice (probably too busy teaching kids that winning is bad) John Key kicked her ass out, then he did it again to the exact same team. Helen’s vitriolic politics of envy are dead. Long live personal responsibility and fiscal accountability.

    • Kosh103

      Actually John Key did not kick her out of office. She was voted out by the public during a democratic election. Just as John Key will be.

      And despite your claim the right are shit scared of Helen.

      • Super Guest

        *kicked out on her ass by the public.

        Because they preffered John Key, who they still prefer to Helen the Dyke. Have you got any evidence that we’re shit scared of it? Or are you just pulling crap out your ass as per usual?

      • Helen Clark is yesterday’s news. The electorate had had a gutsful of her divisive style, and voted accordingly in 2008. And to be honest, there’s no-one in Labour who scares the VRWC; why do you think we had so much fun influencing the result of Labour’s leadership contest? Whoever Labour chose, National was a winner.

  • Steve and Monique

    I wouldn’t discuss the colour of orange juice with Parsloe. If he doesn’t know the Ports plans, which they have been quite upfront about, then he has the brains of a rocking horse! That’s what you get for creating a problem when there isn’t one. Try doing 60 hour weeks to make ends meet then maybe you can complain you bunch of greedy pillicks. You reap what you sow!