Patsy’s Beat Up

Lianne Dalziel must be desperate for headlines, or she is starting her tilt at the mayoralty early because she has been fomenting a bit of mischief:

The former homeowners of several quake-ravaged Christchurch houses to be bulldozed today are reportedly only just finding out about the demolition plans.

The first of the red-zoned homes will begin being destroyed today, with a trial demolition of 11 government-bought properties taking place on Seabreeze Close, Waireka Lane and Kokopu Lane in Bexley .

The properties will be cleared over a four-week period.

More than 2000 red-zone homeowners have settled with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) since the Government sent out offers to purchase properties damaged in last year’s February 22 earthquake.

Labour earthquake recovery spokeswoman Lianne Dalziel this morning told TVNZ’s Breakfast that there had not been satisfactory communication from Cera to the people who had once lived in the homes that are to be destroyed.

“There are people who are only just finding out their homes are going to be demolished this week, and I think that’s really not good enough,” she said.

“Some of those people have been out of their homes since September 2010 but nobody’s bothered to tell them it’s their house that’s coming down this week.

What a whole lot of fuss over nothing. They sold their house to the government, have been paid out, it isn;t theirs anymore…and why would they want to be notified anyway…prurient self indulgence? Did they want to go around and wail in front of cameras as the house they sold and got paid out for was demolished?

Gerry Brownlee has called it for what it is:

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee is defending not telling former Bexley residents about the demolition of their old homes, accusing Labour of a “beat-up”.

Demolition of 11 homes in the Bexley residential red zone on Seabreeze Cl, Waireka Ln and Kokopu Ln began today after their former owners sold their houses to the Government and moved.

Christchurch East Labour MP Lianne Dalziel today said some former residents were upset after not being informed of the demolition.

Brownlee called Dalziel’s comments a “bit of a beat-up”.

“I think this is a demonstration of the new bipartisanship approach the Labour Party wants to take and an indication of no change,” he said, referring to Labour leader David Shearer’s recent comments that the party would take a bipartisan approach to the quake recovery.

Brownlee said residents had been informed of the demolitions and a street meeting was held on Friday.

However, with more than 5000 homes to be demolished in Christchurch’s red zones, it was not practical to tell former homeowners about the impending demolition of their homes, he said.

“Once you have settled, you know the house is either going to be moved to another site … or demolished.”

The current approach of not informing former homeowners was reasonable and would not change, he said

Typical of Labour…preying on people’s misery or in this case making up people’s misery.


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  • Michael

    And Labour lost Waimakarere and Christchurch Central by playing politics with the earthquake – this plays to a minority, but a fair majority is turned off by this sort of carry on.

  • Brian Smaller

    The sheer logistics of getting letters to every person whose old house is going to be demolished and to organiuse a time for them to come and say goodbye (or whatever Dalziel wants) would be almost impossible to organise and add huge time and expense to the whole operation. That woman is a moron.

  • More examples of Labours negative contribution, they are a waste of time and energy 

    • Not so sure about this – if people don’t get the answers they want from the authorities they head off to the opposition – they then investigate and if there is enough agreement/ disquiet they take action. There a no good ways to do this and bringing party politics into the game is boring. Brownlee has again come out as Mr Reasonable – there is no way you could make sure everyone could be notified.

  • Hagar

    Fair enough too. They should have advised all previous owners if there was more than one, I know I have an emotional tie to my first house which I had 40 years ago, also the builders who put a lot of sweat into the house, the builders mate, the plumber, and even the wall paper hanger may have an emotional tie, what about the developer of the subdivision, come to think about it the farmer who owned the land before it was subdivided, with all the postage and research needed it would keep an army of clerks involved and that would keep unemployment down. If that is what Daziel is worried about then National have nothing to worry about in 2014 as she will be still trying to find all of the above to tell them of their misfortune and trying to gain their vote!

    • Gazzaw

      You forgot about local iwi Hagar. They might want their musket & blankets back!

    • Peter Wilson

      That’s just nonsense. It would be a long stretch to involve all those people, even if you could make an argument they have some kind of emotional tie.

      Please be practical!

      • Anonymous

        I believe thats exactly what his sarcastic tones were meant to imply

      • Peter Wilson


        oh he was being sarcastic….I had no idea, really!  ;)

    • This fits into the poster “Sarcasm – because beating the shit out of people is illegal” LOL

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm, this sounds like a job for Super Bureaucrat. Better call the Red Line.

  • Knock it off Ms Dalziel..

    I am genuinely shocked at the reactions to the demolitions in Bexley – why on earth would the previous owners of these properties expect anyone to phone them to say “by the way the bulldozers will be tearing your old house down this week” – claims that some wanted to take photographs to gather a history for the family home is nonsense, these houses were relatively new but are now damaged beyond recognition, they are surrounded by weeds and rubbish and have not been lived in since September 2010.  They should be celebrating that they got their money and got out.  There are still many homeowners living with no money and no assurances for the future.  Lianne Dalziel should know better than trying to stir this up, all it shows is her ignorance and tendency to be a drama queen.  God forbid she stands for Christchurch Mayor. 

    • Agent BallSack

      I was going to say she couldn’t do much worse than the current crop, then realised she probably could.

  • Angry Croc

    And LD is one of the saner members of the Labour caucus.

    • AnonWgtn

      Are there any ?
      Actually she is quietly being passed over for new members.
      Her PR is getting her ready for Mayoralty, along with Jim Anderson as Mayoress.

      • Angry Croc

        Jim Anderton is older then me, and I am in my dotage. Doubt that Viagra would do him much good either.

      • Matt

        Can’t spell Jim Anderton’s name correctly? Perhaps you don’t know much about Jim Anderton.

  • Legally they are right, the Govt can knock these houses down at any time.
    And you have 5000+ houses not one or two which makes notifications of demolitions impossible. 

    However there are the mental issues of coming to terms with the quake which are not cut and dried. Otherwise we will have problems in the future. Simply yelling at somebody to get over it and move on would not work, they need a chance for grief to help them move on. 

    My suggestion would be to have Cera place a schedule of demolitions on their website. If somebody wants to be there when their house is knocked down so be it, but then no one can claim that the information was not publicly available. 

    • Guest

      Would that really be a pragmatic use of resorces?

      We have yet to get a resoltion on our moderate claim from Sept.

    • Agent BallSack

      I agree Bawaugh. It’s not like they’re not already on the contractors list. The contractors are not just going to turn up and say ‘this house looks fucked lets pull it down first!’. Unless Fulton Hogan has the contract perhaps.

      • Jester

        My inlaws live in Bexley and are still feeding most of their neighbours abandoned pets, dont believe all you hear about home owners having emotional ties to their homes. 99% of them havent been seen for dust since they recieved their Govt cheque!

        Apart from Cera, the only people with interest in these homes now are vandals and politicians looking for photo-ops!

        As for a timetable for demolition, If you live in Canterbury and didnt know that Sea Breeze close was coming down on Monday you must be living in a vacumn.

  • napalm in the morning

    Its still a shame they are being demolished, each one of those houses could have been transported, they are a bit bent,but its the land thats stuffed. That way if they still had emotional ties they could have bought them back

    • Anonymous

      I think you will find trying to relocate a house built slab on grade would be practically impossible. Timber floor houses would be a differnt proposition. 

  • napalm in the morning

    I would have thought that a few months back, but not at all,we checked out just about all those 5-7 year  old houses and found maybe three that we couldnt shift. We will see what happens now that CERA have taken control of option 1 and 2

    • Anonymous

      Really? After the stucture has been stressed that much, you’d still want to carve it up and cart it somewhere else! Buggered if I’d buy one. 

  • If it was practicable then surely someone like BRITTON HOUSEMOVERS LTD would have been in like Flyn to get them. Just sayin’.

  • napalm in the morning

    After its shifted, by the time the engineers have gone over it, (for the reasons you said etc) it will be stronger than it ever was.  Companies will and are, just waiting for decicions to be made. The problem is more likely to be the number that flood the market over the next 2 years, the laws of supply and demand!!!

  • Scanner

    The best thing Patsy can do is STFU, Flowershow Bob and Tricky Tony have become so dysfunctional and lacking in the public and ratepayers (their employers) eyes that that it’s highly likely one of the first structures to be rebuilt in the city is going to be a set of gallows.

    Tricky Tony is coming across as a lying narcissist and and a weapons grade gouger being paid over half a mil to do SFA, and Flowershow is now in serious danger of being the one to help Tricky pack up his shit and leave town.

    How much energy that could be directed  into the rebuild is being wasted on this charade, all Patsy has to do is put her name on the ballot, tell people she going clean out city hall and the jobs hers.

    CC needs to return to to its core function and dump all the other namby pamby  crap, then get on with the rebuild, the lesson from ECAN has obviously been forgotten.

    • Roland S

      And he is STILL there getting the big bucks and laughing all the way to the bank! – and Bob Parker looks more feeble and out of it every day.  The only thing that could possibly be worse would be to have Lianne Dalziel as the Mayor of Christchurch – sorry.

  • Matt

    Do you live in Christchurch, Cameron? Or are you just offering your blind, biased opinion on an issue that you have little first hand experience in dealing with?

    Christchurch resident.