Photo of the Day

Some prospective Labour party list MPs at the Puhoi Pub:


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  • Tjspooner

    Scruffy dirty hippies. On a break from Aotea Square perhaps?

  • Cobalt Wizard

    Is that Jacinda on the right?

  • gazzaw

    Westie boys on a stag do? Should be a classy wedding!

  • Anonymous

    He just need s a bit of pin tucking around the waist  to accentuate the hips and bingo afternoon wear will segue into casual evening attire

  • Kosh103

    So good to see the character assanation and personal attacks continue from the right. Shows them for the low lifes they are.


      sorry mate didnt know it was your missus

    • Thorn

      Old students of yours Kosh?

      • Kosh103

        Ahhh good to see the 2 above posts prove me correct about the right wing. Yet again.


      Yeah mate ,right all the way.Teachers used to smack kids on the hand  for being lefties.Explains a few things about the lefts inability to laugh.Poor picked on little fellows,boo hoo.

  • Hakim of Phut

    The one on the left is a faux westie , the jeans are rolled up to the calf. A real westie would just cut them off

  • Scanner

    Once again not enough chlorine in the gene pool.

  • Rockfield

    My Gawd, Sue Moroney hasn’t changed a bit since she left school !!!


  • jay cee

    the guy in the middle has just read your comments and come back with the appropriate response since he doesn’t have time to join in your witty repartee.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Look in the background – a goon.

    Why would these 3 pussies need a bodyguard?

    • Thorn

      It could be their pimp.

  • kehua

    Great little pub, reccomend to all.