POAL making its move

The Ports of Auckland is making it’s move against the union and from their latest hire things aren’t looking too promising for the union:

Ports of Auckland is employing Jon Mayson, the former Port of Tauranga chief executive who helped set up more flexible labour relations at Port of Tauranga, as a consultant.

Ports of Auckland told BusinessDesk Mr Mayson is assisting with its plan to contract out labour.

Ports of Auckland has requests for proposal out with potential new labour suppliers which are due back by the end of the month. The port expects to make a decision in principle about whether or not to outsource labour in early February.

Mr Mayson was chief executive of Port of Tauranga from 1997 to 2005 and knows the background of labour relations in New Zealand’s ports better than most.

He was assistant operations manager at Port of Tauranga and was seconded to a group that drove through reform of that port’s labour relations in 1990.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    In today’s Herald is a story about how they want to develop the POAL.  We will now get the Greenies and Lefties saying why it cant be done etc etc,

    If they dont want ab 1st class port that can give in excess of $1bn worth of economic activity to the area then send it to TGA or Marsden Point

  • Mattyman

    The only thing better than a good union sacking is a good hippy bashing. Today, hopefully I will see both. My life is complete.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Now I’m a union man
    Amazed at what I am
    I say what I think
    That the company stinks
    Yes I’m a union man.

    Oh you don’t get me I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me I’m part of the union
    Till the day I die, till the day I die.

    Till the day the company tells you to fuck off and die more like…they were singing this but are now being told this…

    My parents taught me what life was about
    so I grew up the type they warned me aboutThey said my friends were just an unruly moband I should get a haircut and get a real jobGet a haircut and get a real jobClean your act up and don’t be a slobGet it together like your big brother BobWhy don’t you get a haircut and get a real job?

  • Notrotsky

    The union should get some top flight legal eagle on board.

    i suggest this chap.


    • Jam_Sammie

      That freakin website is older than the flea lawyer…”Windows Small Business and Novell Servers”….really!! Not something I would boast about. 

    • Paulus

      They have got Helen Kelly from Wellington – she’s a lawyer.

  • Ploughman

    In the headline It’s Its – the apostrophe indicates abbreviation, not the possessive.  Urghhhhhhhh… Gurgle…. Wheeze…. Slobber .. Rattle…… (sounds indicating the death of yet another defender of pedantry and accuracy….)

    • Happy now you whiny assed bitch

    • bb

      pedantic arse.

  • EX Navy Greg

    The port is built the wrong way round in my opinion,bulldoze it and start again.

    • BoJangles

      Move it all (freight) north to the deep water Marsden Port, and rail the stuff to Sth Ak hub.  

      • EX Navy Greg

        Marsden Point has it’s faults, due to the high swells common in bream bay this can, and does, cause problems for deep draft ships entering the port. Conway Captain will have more information on this.

      • ConwayCaptain

        1  When the AHB was building Ferguson the Pilots wanted the wharf built roughly E=W which is with the prevailing winds and tidal flow.  However the AHB decided to buil N=S.

        2 Move the poprt to Wrei or TGA and you will eventually have to move 1 million+ containers either by road, rail or feeder ship.  This will add greatly to the cost of freight.

        3 The alternative is to build another port but where???  Onehunga is impossible, bar harbour, massive dredging etc etc.

      • ConwayCaptain

        What people have to reaqlise is thisAkl is one of the few Good ports in NZ.

        Wrei has a bar and swells, Tga has a channel which has to be dreged and can only be used so many hr either side of the tide.

        Napier swells not as bad as it was and can only get limited size ships in.

        Wellington well weather swells and no industrial hinterland

        Lyttelton swells and quakes.

        Timaru and artificial harbour
        Pt Chalmers narrow channel and only two berths

        Bluff well as my father said the Hooghly was the arsehole of the empire thern Bluff is in the right pace to be the Big Toe

  • I have a question – kinda relates to the Mr. Dotcom debacle our media are confused about at present. Do you have the copyright owners permission to publish the above video clip and sound bite? – I’m only kinding – but that is where this is all heading…..

  • Ratchet

    Taking the theme from yesterday, a POAL Haiku…..

    Summer sun sets on
    A union trapped in the past
    Good riddance Pasloe

    • Rockfield

      Awwwww, that’s nice.


  • Anonymous

    Great idea, Ratchet!  I’ll add my effort here – 
    “Bugger off Parsloe
    You are just a waste of space
    Go and bludge the dole.” 

  • Hey

    Go look at the latest post on ernst young $91k a few days back. The union has filed their accounts!