Ports of Auckland loses Fonterra

The Maritime Union has announced another strike for January 9 and The Ports of Auckland has lost Fonterra as a customer:

Ports of Auckland has lost its contract with the country’s largest exporter, Fonterra.

The move will see weekly trade worth around $27 million re-routed through the ports of Tauranga and Napier.

Ports of Auckland Chief Executive Tony Gibson says the threat of ongoing industrial action means it’s inevitable customers will look for alternatives and contingencies.

Tony Gibson says he’s today advised the union that the port’s latest – and ninth – offer is its best and final one.

The next strike action is planned for a 48 hour period from Monday morning.

The union is destroying the Port, it must be taken on and busted. They are no longer protecting jobs they are now actively destroying jobs.


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  • Jam_Sammie

    I hope the lot of them are made redundant and replaced by contractors. WTF are the council doing they are a major shareholder? Surely in the interest of their investment they need to take action. What business in New Zealand can afford to loose over 30 million in revenue and not take action. Show some balls Len and sort your shit out mate!

  • Kiwidon

    It’s now economic blackmail – deregister the union and put all the POA work out to tender!

    • nemisis

      you mean put all the union jobs out to tender.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the pinkos Pagani and Trotter have to say about this?

  • Quintin Hogg

    The shift in the two services means not only will members of the MU loose jobs, it will also mean that truckies, and others in the transport industry in Auckland will loose employment.

    I don’t think the blinkered in the MU will acknowledge that.

    I also think that many other customers of POAL will be looking at shifting to other more reliable ports.

    Given that 7 of the Council committee support the actions of the MU I can’t see Len or the council will do anything positive to resolve matters.

  • beenthere

    “I hope the lot of them are made redundant”, which is exactly what some of the older staff probably want, a massive payout, then set themselves up with some casual work later on, or just retire early. .

  • Chagch

    Where is David Shearer or Len Brown  in all of this??? Why are the Labour Party not doing something to pull the union into line? After all it’s the rabid leftists like those of the MUNZ leadership the party is wanting to ditch.

  • Lindsay Addie

    I reckon the MU are channelling ol’ Jim Knox……

  • Elaycee

    Well done Maritime Union…. NOT! This decision by Fonterra was inevitable – given the intransigence of the Union muppets at the POA.

    Agree with other comments here – get rid of the union in one fell swoop and put this work out to tender.    

  • tas

    Step 1: Sack all striking employees.
    Step 2: List a lot of vacancies.
    Step 3: Only list, say, half as many vacancies as were sacked. (After losing Maersk and Fonterra they will need fewer employees, especially if they demand higher productivity from those employees.)
    Step 4: Watch any union solidarity collapse as members compete with each other for the replacement jobs before someone else takes them.

  • Tony

    Not sure that redundency is appropriate. Afterall, as the Union caused the issue (not some external force or poor internal management) then i would have thought that none should be forthcoming. The Union should pay out to its memebers – not the POAL.

  • Anonymous

    Am gobsmacked by this whole POAL saga, the business is being crippled by some self righteous pinko union hacks, of which not only effects the port, but also all the feeder businesses that help the port run (trucks, engineers, etc etc etc….. )

    Napier & Tauranga will be loving it….

    MU = Fucktards

    Len you are a pathetic excuse for a mayor…. You will only ever be a 1 timer