Ports of Auckland to contract out work

The Ports of Auckland have announced that they will now be looking to contract out the work. The union bluster and blackmail has failed.

Ports of Auckland CEO, Tony Gibson said the union’s counter-offer failed to deliver the rapid improvements needed in work practices and productivity.

The loss of the Maersk and Fonterra business meant that the situation had changed dramatically over the last few weeks, he said.

“I welcome the opportunity to discuss these matters further with MUNZ when mediation resumes on Thursday. However, we’ve run out of time. Without rapid changes towards substantially more efficient labour practices, more customers and more jobs will be lost in the coming weeks.

“We’ve worked now for 11 months to achieve the changes needed, but the Union does not appear to be taking the issues seriously,” he said.

Gibson says the Port’s last offer remains its best and final offer. It includes a generous 10 per cent rise on hourly rates, performance bonuses of up to 20% on hourly rates, and the retention of existing benefits and entitlements in return for a new roster system that will provide increased operational flexibility while allowing workers to plan their rosters a month in advance.

The union have acted and appeared completely inflexible and now they will reap what they have sown. Instead of accepting a 10% pay increase and keeping their jobs they face losing all their jobs to outside contractors.

Yesterday Trevor Mallard was helping to run the CTU’s lines I wonder now what Labour has to say about this considering their policy is to ensure contracting out is illegal.

If ever David Shearer needed a hint that Kiwis really don;t like unions all that much this issue has highlighted how out of touch their affiliate members are and even some of their MPs.

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  • Steve and Monique.

    Bet you they did not see that coming.Unions need to be shown the door,and lets hope it hits them on the arse on the way out.And as for Mallard,enough said,TWAT.

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME!  Ha ha Parsloe! 

  • EX Navy Greg

    Good news. 300 or so wharfies hold the country to ransom ? Not any more.

  • Agent BallSack

    Awesome news Whale, New Zealanders need to show they will not be held to ransom by century old doctrines.

  • Bart

    That’s the trouble with brinkmanship. Sometimes the other side has a much better fall back option.

    Meanwhile, the response from the union is likely to be full of bluster and vitriol, but ultimately pointless, well done, morons!

  • Mully

    Had to happen – only a matter of time before they made them all redundant and contracted the whole lot out.
    Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

  • Justme

    Good, not before time. Bloody disgusting; it’s 2012 fgs!

  • Vlad

    Another golden goose killed, bit sad really in some respects, they didn’t have to make this happen. But boneheads will never learn from history.   Congratulations Whale on your positive role in this, and it has been significant.  Possibly the better workers will find well-rewarded work in the new structure.    

  • Blam_blam

    look Cameron, there’s a job opportunity for you

  • Thorn

    Job security can never be assured. Technology is increasing the demand for fluid skills and behaviours while all organisations are shedding lower-skilled jobs with entrenched mentalities. Teachers beware! 

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – teachers beware, christ you are clueless.

      • Thorn

        Go hug your ugly daughter.

  • Blam_blam

    okay, a bit harsh on you Cameron, you have a full-time job.

    Im a bit on the fence on Unions per se, but I think the deal breaker is “”Go to your employer and ask them what your name is  ?”

  • Pharmachick

    This is a very good outcome for NZ being able to guarantee export/import partners the security of our supply and receiving capacity.

    I will be somewhat sorry if any Wharfies lose their jobs over this. However, given the behaviour of MUNZ and the lack of dissent from any members, I can only believe that the union members are as militant and un-moveable as their “leadership”. That is what happens in a competitive business atmosphere. It is no longer 1960.

  • Gazzaw

    I hate to throw a spanner in the works but Susan Wood who is filling in for Larry Williams interviewed Brown on ZB this evening and he was backpedaliing furiously from the contractiing out option. Susan Wood really pushed him hard saying that an emphatic statement had been made by POA re the contracting but he wasn’t having a bar of it and said that it was just one of the options available. Nothing at all on the subject on TV One of course.

    I sense a backdown already from Brown. Maybe MUNZ want their $2k back.

    • Anonymous

      If Brown backs down now, he will be annihilated at the next local body election.

      • Paddles83

        Brown is going to be annihilated at the next election regardless :)

      • ConwayCaptain

        O Mighty Thor!!!!!

        For Loopy to be chucked out at the next election the voters on the N Shore, Epsom/Parnell and Eastern sububrs will have to get off their arses and vote.

        Becaudse loopy will have all the Bros in Manukau and the Unions getting out and voting.

        Bet George Wood stands.

      • He will be toast, especially if the communists at The Standard have anything to go by (and they are communists who sully the Socialist Name and Cause)

    • Rockfield

      I concur with Gazzaw, from what I read, contracting out is one of the options they can explaore, I haven’t seen negotiations ruled out entirely.  Still lots of weasel words flying about from both sides I’m afraid.

      I’m am old age cynic who is not convinced.


    • illalwaysrememberportugal

      I heard the interview as well.  You poor Auckland bastards having that useless tit at the steering wheel.  What I found particularly disgraceful was that he did NOT know his numbers.  He flubbed and glubbed when Susan Wood asked him twice “how much has this cost ratepayers, losing Maersk and Fonterra”?  His answer was $3 million per annum…………WTF??  He should have stayed on holiday. 

  • Guest

    How many ‘Fs’ are there in ‘Maritime Union anymore?’

    That’s right, there’s no effin Maritime Union anymore!

    • Rockfield

      Christ that is tired.


  • Gregpresslandspecker

    ha ha 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Where do I sign up? I will do 45 hours per week on the ground for $91K and I will sign a contract to that effect.
    This is a deal between me and POAL, Unions can fuck off

    • Anonymous

      I’m in too. They can have my weekends for $30K, which will be a bargain for three shifts compared to what they’re paying for it now. 

    • Mully

      I’m in. Sign me up

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I’ll move up from Chch for that…(you don’t have EQ’s up there do you?). Also, I promise NOT to vote for Len.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Shit I can operate a crane,I’m a starter, 91 k is about 2 times my projected turnover for this year, and only 45 hrs per week.

  • Col

    10% increase over the next 4 years? They’re dreamin’. 2.5%pa? Way too much.

  • Anonymous

    The Ports of Auckland and the Union can all take a hike, it’s a right royal cluster fcuk. All those big ugly ships can piss off to Tauranga to discharge and load cargo. About time those big red fences were pulled down and buildings flattened and the place turned into a park were you could take your kids fishing etc. Imagine if they pulled some of those butt ugly wharfs down and reclaimed/imported a couple hundred thosand m3 of white sand and made a nice beach

    • Gandalf

      Great idea, I hope you’re an Auckland rate payer and have a spare $2k per year in your budget, cause if the AucklandPort disappears the money to fix issues such as water,  roads, and infrastructure has to come from somewhere!

  • Bart

    Hey, what about that stadium again?