Raiders of the Lost Plagiarist

Very interesting. The first 13 minutes of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark compared with the movies between 1919 and 1973 that were ripped off to provide the same story.

I can just imagine the law suits that would descend up[on you if you tried the same schtick today.


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  • Greigb

    Interesting but obvious. They made no secret of the fact that Raiders was an homage to the Saturday afternoon matinee flicks of yesteryear. The StooTV pastiche bears all the signs of someone with a forensic knowledge of film but absolutely no understanding of the art.

  • A-random-reader

    Paramount owns the copyrights to the earlier productions.

    Why would there be lawsuits for reusing their own material?

  • Geo

    True, but there are so many examples of this when it comes to Spielberg. Poltergeist is a complete rip of the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Little Girl Lost”. I think Spielberg latches onto ideas and concepts and then tries to make them marketable. He’s darn good at it, but I would never call him an author, filmmaker, or artist.