Random Impertinents on the Ports Crisis

Gosh, aren’t we lucky that the Maritime Union didn’t strike during the Rugby World Cup. They could have also easily started striking before the November 27 election, and got a lot of publicity. Either of these two timeframes could have caused significant strife.

MUNZ and POAL started negotiating in early September.

Yet, MUNZ could have easily have had strikes during October and November, indeed even late September, when they realised that POAL wanted casualisation.

Yet they didn’t start striking until December 1. (They announced their first strike on November 18)

So, random impertinent time:

Who asked the Maritime Union to hold off striking until December 1?

Why was this date chosen when RWC and the election would have been perfect moments to apply pressure?

Was it Len Brown who told them to back off, who didn’t need another crisis during the Rugby World Cup after his rail failures?

Was it Phil Goff and the Labour Party, who didn’t want bully boy antics from a union costing them votes?

I think we should be told, do you?


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  • Petal

    They be good questions.

  • guest

    I don’t think those questions are important at all Cam.  I would have thought that it was obvious to anyone that the timing would be set by those involved to cause maximum damage to POA management whilst attempting to minimise a drop in public support.  That includes, perhaps, not embarrassing a mayor that probably supports your cause.  All of the possible timeframes would have been weighed carefully with these things in mind. No big secret is it?

  • Kosh103

    If true then Brown and Labour should be congradulated for preventing massive disruption when the worlds eyes were on us.

    John Key should write thankyou letters to both parties.

  • ConwayCaptain

    What the MSU do not appreciate is that many people these days are “casual labour” and some with jobs which require far higher qualifications than stevedores.

    After I was declared redundant from SCONZ I thought of going to work for an overseas co.

    I woukld be on a 4 month contract and pay inc holiday pay.  Nothing else.  At the end of the 4 months and leave I would have to see if they or another management co had a job for me.  In addition I wouldnt know who my officers or crew were, their abilities or who they were.

    Decided not to and stayed in NZ and ran various businesses.

    There are many people like this these days who do not have a permanent employer and the perks that go wioth it.

    FYI at the time SCONZ was desparatly trying to get costs down we were shown a table by the Management drawn up by the International Marine Organisation (IMO part of the UN) showing the costs of employing seafarers.

    The NZ Officers were about the middle of the scale with US and Swedes the highest.  NZ Seamen were the most expensive to employ + they did stuff all work.