Re-thinking Welfare?

On Red Alert, in a post by Trevor Mallard, where he disingenuously suggests without mentioning it that Labour may look at rethinking the welfare state.

Cactus Kate leaps in and passes comment which in turn attracts more comments particularly one from SPG who suggests:

The poor must exist to either provide votes or cheap services to their betters.

Cactus Kate responds:

SPC they do, in third world countries providing cheap goods and services to NZs poor. Most earn less working 60 hrs a week than NZ beneficiaries do by sitting on the couch. That’s why even the left in the UK admits they have to look at welfare. It’s not working.

Which brings me to this image which was sent through the tipline:

It is the Emma Maersk, the largest ship in the world. By way of comparison the Emma Maersk is rated at 14,770 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) and the MV Rena which is currently aground the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga is only 3,351 TEU. There are eight of these ships. They are so large that they cannot go through the Panama canal.

This ship is bigger than an aircraft carrier, and only has 13 crew. An aircraft carrier has more than 5000!

Anyway, I post this to show that Cactus Kate has a better idea about international trade, poverty and the realities of life than some book taught socialist commentator at Red Alert, or indeed the fool administrator who posted the article from the Guardian in the first place. It is a magnificent example of man’s conquest of nature, design and physics. Unfortunately people like SPG and Trevor Mallard would have us believe this represents the free market gone bad.

It matters not a bit that Trevor cut/pastes some thoughts of a leftwing journalist in a left wing newspaper about an irrelevant Labour party in the UK. Labour here will have to do more than wring their hands about welfare, as Cactus Kate noted in an earlier comment:

I thought you’d had an ephihany and we’re going to tell us all how Labour planned to stop welfare for families (who don’t need it), remove long term beneficiaries from eligibility and cut the welfare spend vote so it could be spent on more deserving areas.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    They are now building 18000 TEU ships which can only get into about 4 ports in the worlds.  They can go through Suez.

    Panama is being widened as we speak.

  • jabba

    I wonder if THEGHOSTWHOWALKS is about to get a spanking

  • Jimmie

    Hmmm the nuts at the strandard are going to have their faith tested once again – going from election policy of Working for families for benos to cut the dole payments is a pretty big step – like Islam saying that Mohammed aint their prophet no more. 

  • Willsomers101

    How come there are hundreds of containers ships laid up  including  Maersk vessels in Scotland.
    They are on welfare- the ship kind.  Just waiting for their next job?
    Globalisation- you reap what you sow

    • Anonymous

      If it weren’t for globalisation, we couldn’t export.
      If we can’t export, we’re f**ked.

    • Gazzaw

      Some are there because of the economic downturn & some are there because they are obsolete & awaiting towage to India or Bangladesh for scrapping. Laying up ships has happened since time immemorial and has little to do with globalisation. The same principle applies to aviation, check out the parking lots in the Arizona desert.   

      • Anonymous

        Maersk cannot wait until the end of a recession to build new tonnage, they have to make ballsy decisions in anticipation of this. The strategies are retaining laid up ships, building new tonnage such as the EEE (Emma Maersk) ships, and slowing ships down when freight offered is down.

        Oh by the way, the salvage company doing the Rena is a Maersk subsidiary.

  • Anonymous

    SPG was right – the poor exist to provide votes to Labour.
    The thing is – Labour will **never** do anything that actually helps their massive pool of poor voters to become wealthy.
    Even Working for Families was just a vote-bribe. Labour knew very well that it wouldn’t make the poor better-off. 
    Labour has always relied on the “politics of envy” – they know no other way.

  • ConwayCaptain

    This class was built by Maersks own yard at Odense in Copenhagen.  It is now shut as they cant compete with the eastern yards.  Maersks 18000 TEU monsters are being built in Korea.

    However one must ask how economical these are as approx 60% of all containers in the world are either emty\pty sitting in storage yards or on ships at sea.  There is no way these ships can carry a fu;ll load ie 18K TEU at 20 tonnes per box.

    • Gazzaw

      Another example of why NZ’s economic focus must remain firmly fixed on Asia. The Korean shipbuilding industry picks up a huge contract because the Europe yard could not compete (and do you not think that they would be given every opportunity to secure the contract as a fellow Danish company?). How much job creation in Korea has eventuated by this contract thereby increasing their ability to buy NZ exports.  

  • ConwayCaptain

    BTW 20%+ of Denmarks GDP is provieded by AP Moller

    • Bunswalla

      BTW Odense is more than 160km from Copenhage, but I’m guessing you mean Denmark.

  • Steve and Monique.

    .Mallards a wanker.Bludgers are bludgers.Labours full of twats.SPG(special patrol group) was Vivians hamster on The young ones.Cool Container ship .