Red Alert summed up in one paragraph

Danyl Mclauchlan sums up Red Alert perfectly:

Now, I’m pretty sure that if Clare Curran wanted to send a press release to all the media telling them she thought they were terrible at their jobs, or if Darien Fenton wanted to call a press conference and encourage the nation to boycott the Mad Butcher, there would be processes within the party that stopped them doing that. But for some reason they can just jump on their blog and say whatever they want.

Actually, I need to make that two paragraphs because this one is good too.

So I’d keep Red Alert, but fold it into the general communications strategy. That means planning. Oversight. Co-ordination. If the leader announces a policy on the same day Trevor Mallard blogs that he’s waxed off all his body-hair to decrease his wind resistance, the latter will be what leads the news. Labour’s MPs have been very slow to grasp this.

Dear Lord, I pray that Labour keeps Trevor Mallard in charge of Red Alert.


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  • Paul Rain

    Yeah.. surely it would be easy to implement some kind of buddy system where postings by Trev on social media had to be signed off on by Clayton Cosgrove or one of the rest of the gaggle.

    Fortunately, not gonna happen.

    • Paul Rain

      Oh dear.. I mean Chauvel. Hard to keep Labour’s carbon copy morons separate in one’s head.

  • Super Guest

    Y’see he’s actually missed a vital aspect of why Labour are so unpopular that’s staring him in the face…they’re just stupid. And I don’t say that just as a rightie putting the boot in (well…) I say it based on all the stupid things they say and do…all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Problem is, they no longer have Heather Simpson to maintain control and order with this sort of thing. Perhaps they could take on board a ‘Far Side’ cartoon. It showed a flock of bewildered sheep at a party. A Border Collie turned up and a sheep heaved a sigh of relief that there would now be some order.

  • Competition to see who can sum up Red Alert in one word?

    • Anonymous

      There are lots to choose from.
      “Crap” would be right up there.

  • dad4justice

    Professional regurgitators like the wankster Not So Clever Trevor perfect the ability to talk utter shit – while on a tough boy socialist ego trip.
    Red Alert in three words = pathetic gutless wimps!!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Which is faster, Trev banning? or Trev on a bike?

  • Jimmie

    Huh easy: Losers, Whingers, Whiners, Liars – plenty of suitable words for these red lot

  • Funny post – I pray the same. And I have now decided that I will also pray that Trevor Mallard stays in politics forever. He guarantees their failure!

    Red Alert – a classic example of everything that Labour does wrong. Hilariously & ironically they are proud of it & claim they are open & rationale. Ha Ha HA. Laugh Out Loud. A delusional view from a delusional party.

    I despise Labour. I think they are dispicable and I long to see the end of their continual attempts to jump onto the band wagon of real issues in NZ & claim to care.

    There is only one thing that damn party cares about and that is themselves – not each other – just themselves & lining their own pockets.

    Michael Joseph Savage & David Lange would (and Lange was) be so ashamed. They are blight on our society.

  • A-random-reader

    You shouldn’t write about stuff like this.

    It’s more fun watching them mishandle their blogs.