Redundacy Looms

The Maritime Union”s desperate and bitter fight to retain jobs for its members has in fact destroyed their jobs:

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is gearing up for its 330 Auckland workers to be made redundant after the port management outlined its plan to hire outside contractors at a formal consultation this morning.

MUNZ President Garry Parsloe said the requests for proposal (RFPs) outlined this morning factored in the majority of union workers being made redundant if the outsourcing plan goes ahead. While Ports of Auckland stressed the decision was not definite, Parsloe said their actions seemed to speak otherwise.

“It seems a significant waste of energy and money on their part if they weren’t,” he told BusinessDesk.

Ports spokeswoman Catherine Etheredge said the meeting was a chance for management to outline its vision for the proposal/

Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out boyos.


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  • “I fought the Port, and the … Port won”

    • Anonymous

      love it joel, get some shirts made and hand them out at the picket line

  • Hakim of Phut

    Same job , different employer.
    Lest see  if any body wnats the contract under POL terms.

    A bit like the Auckland labs dispute, they needed most of the previous companies employees.

    Or Telecoms contacting out. ditto 
    Then Telecom bought back their  IT services from EDS. When you have new management in 5- 10 years  they eventually came around to taking the blinkers off.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Same job, different employer, union gone.
      Everyone wins.

      • Hakim of Phut

        Really ,  employees stay with union

        . Contractor has no employees  or poorly trained ones so that production lags, slippery slope …Pike River  all over again

      • They might stay with the union but they will only control the employees of each contracting company…they can’t shut down the port anymore. 

        Secondly they will accept whatever jobs are offered on whatever terms…with 7% unemployment they will be queuing up to take jobs the wharfies are too proud too.
        When your choice is stay union and oppose terms and conditions and remain jobless or having a job sanity usually prevails.

      • Anonymous

        Hakim the new dick head, the whole world is contrators now, no ACC, nO tax, no holidays you are self employed and treated like a grown up. no union parasite hovering around getting paid off your labour.

        Bringing up 29 dead miners in regards to bludging fucking wharvies is standard fare for knobs like you but totally unrelated and totally unnecessary.

        Only the half decent ones will be kept on, the shit strirrers wont get hired ergo, no union. 

      • EX Navy Greg

        As I have said before. now that I am self employed, and with license classes1.,D,R,W AND can operate a dockyard crane (Liebherr LC 25h to be precise), I will be applying for some part time work.. If I can drop a 20 litre paint can through a funnel grating at 35 metre reach, I reckon I could get a 20 foot box into a slot.

        The union (s) are history, they served their purpose but now they are a relic from the past.

      • Pharmachick



        And as for all those letters after your name  … I strongly suspect you should go get a job in Govt or in the DHB… you might earn a pretty good retirement … oh and also; Guys like you don’t tend to got feral and cost the country $millions or $billions.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Heh! Cheers Pharmachick, but I have done my bit for NZ. I’m now 47, debt free, cashed up super scheme, and absolutely loving every minute of my 18 hour day, 7 days a week effort at getting a business up and running.

        Fair to say I share no values with the union movement. :)

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t the ‘old’ labs company try and stop staff signing up with the ‘new’ company using ‘restraint of trade’ clauses in employment agreements? POAL would not be doing this.

  • Anonymousecoward

    An essential industry dismissing its workers in the middle of contact negotiations.

    I hope POA have a good lawyer.

    • Anonymous

      A “good lawyer” isn’t needed.
      POA lost Maersk and then Fonterra (their biggest customer).
      It is a matter of public record that POA are far less efficient than the Tauranga port. Given that, something had to change in order for POA to become competitive again. That “something” is to contract out the labour force.

    • Mully

      Eh? A fundamental legal right of the employer is to structure his company as he sees fit. It’s pretty well established that a redundant employee doesn’t have a right to a job “just because”
      As long as POAL “consult” (which I’d dare say they’ve been doing) and the redundancies are genuine, they are fine. Even if they don’t consult (or the procedure is deemed unfair), they can get pinged on the procedure only – flawed procedure does not make the redundancy un-genuine.

      While we’re at it – since MUNZ will likely have a greatly reduced income, it would seem unlikely that they would fund a lengthy legal battle with a strong possibility of being ordered to pay costs to POAL (or, which always seemed shit to me) winning and only getting 20% of their costs awarded.

  • Dr Frank, Cant read

    With the union doing such a great job here, surley other union members must start to seriously doubt the value in continuing to belong

    • Verucca

      No, they think they are going to win! Epic Fail coming on I thinks! Just check out the Facebook site they have created. Search under ‘support ports of Auckland workers’.

      • Mully

        Oh my God!! That is superb. Another Penny Bright campaign….

  • Apolonia

    Own goal?

  • Scanner

    I wonder how many of the wharf rats managed a “back injury” with associated ACC claim just before this all started, after all 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

  • Super Guest

    The stevedores are so fucking stupid they won’t even be able to put 2 and 2 together here. Hopefully the saved some of that $90k a year they got for working not very hard.

  • Scanner

    Red Alert is currently running hot with this story – YEAH RIGHT
    but it’s being done to the tune of “Silence is Golden”

  • jay cee

    in the mean time the wharfies will be pocketing a big redundancy payout. those that haven’t got  computer will probably buy one so they can have a good chuckle at all those bitter and twisted posts,in between going onto the bank website and checking how their funds are going.

  • Granny

    Where’s Kosh (or should I say Paul) when you need him for a laugh?  Must be a busy night in Kokopu.

    • Gazzaw

      You’ve kind of blown Kosh’ cover Granny.

  • Anonymous

    Well…. it looks like striking to keep their jobs has worked about as well as f**king for virginity or boozing for sobriety.
    MUNZ are the laughing-stock of the country right now.

    • EX Navy Greg

       The proofs for the new t shirt are undergoing field tests as we speak…

  • Well don’t bite the hand that feeds you. 

    While I would have preferred that no-one lost their job, they lost their jobs because they stopped doing their jobs. If they had stayed working or agreed to changed employment conditions then they would still be working. 

    This strike could not have gone on for ever the port had to act to save the business, they have already lost one ship and Fonteria. Just think of the damage done to their reputation (customers, not the Labour party), getting tough with the union will do no harm to their reputation at all.

    Thank god the country was not held to ransom like the Unions tried in the 1950’s.

  • Anonymous

    Time to line up the next target – the teacher unions.
    That’ll be fuuuuuun……

    • Kosh103

      And will end in failure for National, just like last time.

      • Gold

         Yeah like when you idiots successfully defeated national standards.

      • Mully

        to Gold; and VSM. Remember how they dealt to that too??

  • jay cee

    yep they saw of tolley,now its parata’s turn. brave national getting women to fight their battles.
    oops sorry forgot thats only a crime if labour or the unions have women on the front line.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Labour don’t have women at the front line.
      They had Hullun, Steve, and the septic tank,  they still have Darien, Sue ,Neigh neigh,etc etc.

      My definition of women is a tad different from this sorry arse pack of losers

    • Gazzaw

      ‘brave national getting women to fight their battles’.

      What sort of stupid comment is that FFS. Explain please……..

      • jay cee

        just geting a dig in at all you right wingers who claim  that labour are hiding behind darien fenton,jacinda adern and helen kelly. sauce for the goose and all that.

  • whalewatcher

    I don’t give a toss about the unionists in this case, but I do have some sympathy for some of the workers who have probably got sucked in by the unionist rhetoric, and are now about to lose their jobs.
    NZ has many unemployed who would welcome those jobs at half the pay… 28 hrs work for 40+ hrs pay? Hell, I work for a Govt dept and work more than my contracted hours.

    It is 2012 not 1920. Do Kiwis really care about ignorant overpaid wharfies? Give the jobs to some ‘good keen blokes’ – there are plenty out there…

  • Steve and Monique

    Imagine if these whingers sued the unions for their monumental cock up. Offering more but ultimately costing them their livelihoods, if this was America they would.