Rena splits in two

The moment the media and Gareth Hughes have all been waiting for has finally arrived, the MV Rena has finally split in two.

The Rena has split in two, with the pieces pushed 30 metres apart by the wild weather overnight.

Maritime New Zealand spokesman Ross Henderson said there had been a “significant” change in the ship’s condition, though the pieces were still on the reef.

The forward section of the ship was in its original position on the reef, while the stern had broken away and, while still on the reef, was moving siginificantly.

Henderson said the ship had been pounded by 6-metres swells and the bad weather was expected to continue for the next three to four days.

“There has been a significant discharge of containers and container debris from the ship. This may result in the 3nm [nautical mile] exclusion zone being extended.


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  • Than

    The release is from Maritime NZ so it’s probably true… but honestly Rena has been reported broken up so many times now, I won’t 100% believe it until I see a photo.

    • Frederico

      Weather is clearing and can now see it through my Burris 8×32 hunting binoculars. There looks to be quite a distance between the two halves and the rear section has twisted 90%, but it is definitely in two pieces.

      • Frederico

        Oops…sorry meant 90 degrees!

    • Gazzaw

      TV One should be happy now. Wonder what the headlines will be tonight and which breathless blonde will be reporting from Papamoa beach.

      Should Goff be heading off to Papamoa with his shiny new shovel? Oh hang on, no need now for social conscience photo ops.

  • Sarah

    lol oh yes they have been foaming at the mouth for weeks….at last!!!!!!!! or has it?

  • starboard

    Barry Sopers root Heather wots-her-name- will be there in all her breathless glory , frowning , screaming down the mic…” oh the humanity “..think of the children “…cue to a penguin on the beach covered in oil….and youre right Than…how many times can a ship be reported breaking up ?

    • Gazzaw

      Not this time starboard. She’s in Sydney reporting on the South Australian bushfires by remote.

  • Kosh103

    Well I guess we know what will be the lead story for the 6 o’clock News.

  • Paulus

    Who is Gareth Hughes ?
    Please explain what he has to do with the “Rena” – was he the navigator ?