Rena vs. Concordia

This might be interesting to watch play out. Rena (1700 tonnes oil) grounded Oct 5. Despite bad weather hampering pump installation, the terrible position offshore atop Astrolabe Reef, being pounded by ocean swells, oil pumping started 11 days later on Oct 16.

Costa Concordia (2300 tonnes oil) grounded 13 Jan. It’s 16 days later already and not estimated to start pumping the oil until day 19 on Wednesday. Despite being ashore on the coast, right next to the harbour on Giglio Island.

This doesn’t show a bad job from the Costa Concordia recovery team, but it does show what a terrific job has been done with the Rena recovery and how lame the political left was in complaining about the response times.

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  • Mully

    E-mail this to Gareth Hughes. He needs to issue a press release blaming John Key for this.

    • Paulus

      Who is Garth Hughes ?

  • maninblack

    that gareth hughes is one of the biggest cunt in nz politics. What a moaning left wing wanker.

    • Politically Unstable

      I would like to agree with you, however – cuxxs actually have a use.

  • Anonymous

    With Costa Concordia, the authorities made a deliberate decision not to try and pump oil until a search for bodies has been completed. Presumably there is no immediate concerns of oil spill requiring immediate pumping unless this was shonky decision making.

    A more interesting comparison would be Wahine, Mihal Lermontov and Costa Concordia.

    • Orange

      You are incorrect Peter. Pump installation has been proceeding at the same time as divers have been checking the wreck. There is considerable concern that the entire ship will slide off the shore edge into deep water (130m?) and thus compromise polutant recovery so haste is important.

      11 days is a heroic effort and shame on those who sought to suggest otherwise in the early days just for political gain.

      • Hakim of Phut

        How much oil has come onto the beaches from the CC?

        Perhaps you forget about all the beaches here covered with oil.

      • Orange

        HoP you were wrong about buying land in China. You seem a bit wrong on the oil. too. Most of it is clear now. I was visiting down there so spent two days cleaning at the height of the oil contamination. I could have taken some Occupy people to help but they probably wouldn’t be interested in hard work.

        The point is well made that the political left were seeking political gain by criticising the recovery progress in the first week. It is abundently clear that it was actually a really great recovery effort and those who made those early claims should be ashamed and apologise.

      • Anonymous

        Good news anyway. It makes sense to do as much prep work as possible without compromising rescue efforts.

  • Kiwidon

    It would be nice to hear all the envirowankers & the whinging pinko politicans, Peters especially, acknowledging a job well done after all

    • Gazzaw

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • Guest123

    Add to that the Costa Concordia uses diesel  rather than heavy fuel oil which I don’t think will require any heating first to ensure that it can be pumped out (source :  )

    • mister nui

      Bullshit! I will bet you any money you care to name that the CC runs on HFO, not LFO, just the fuckwits in the media are too stupid to know anything about it.

  • sthnjeff

    They do not have the boy MP advising them though!

  • Anonymous

    Guest123 – see:

    Where there is ordinary diesel on board it was for lifeboats, auxiliary machinery, etc. Article indicates Costa Concordia used bunker oil for propulsion just like the Rena. If CC used any lighter grade, bunkering would be problematical because dockside refuelling facilities may not be able to cope with the quantity. Extracting bunker oil is just ‘another day at the office’ for salvage firms like Smit and Svitzer, although far more adventurous and hazardous.

    There are 6 classes of fuel oil. Ordinary diesel is roughly class 2, classes 4-6 require preheating, and bunkering fuel is class 6 being the runt end of the refining process hence the cheapest.

    • Hakim of Phut

      I havent heard definitively about CCs primary fuel, but she would have a different type of engine than Rena mainly for space requirements. The very tall slow speed  ‘compression ignition’ engines  arent suitable for a cruise ship and  likely  cruising the Med would mean the lighter diesel for the medium speed engines would be required for environmental reasons  as well.The CC would also require  quite a bit of diesel powered generation for electricity.

      • mister nui

        You have absolutely no fucking idea what you’re talking about. The engines are designed to run on HFO through to LFO. I have worked with Wartsila (the largest manufacturer of marine engines) that run at 990n on HFO.

        Sometimes when you’re purely speculating you’re better to keep your uninformed gob shut, lest you look like a true fool that everyone suspects you are.

      • mister nui

        And two minutes research tells me that it is in fact powered by a 12V46 Wartsila engine, which runs of 700cSt @50 deg C HFO. Which is essentially solid at sea temp.

        You clearly are completely delusional.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Agreed Mr Nui, my old ex tugboat ran on MGO, I suspected CC might run the same , but as HFO is around $USD 700 per tonne it makes more sense they use that. Diesel electric propulsion ?

    • George

      The reason heavy FO used is that it has a higher thermal efficiency in btu.

      More bang for the buck

      • Hakim of Phut

        Incorrect .  Its low grade  slightly less than diesel but the price is even cheaper.

  • Ha ha – love the whining here – neither shipwreck nor inded type of ship equates to the other. They don’t even use the same fuel. I for one never blamed any political side for what happened at Tauranga – the owners of the ship in both these cases must take all blame – and pay for ALL costs.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Considering that the CC went aground in Italy with all the resources for salvage/frecovery v close to hand the response from the people for tghe Rena was really quite remarkable.

    Problem is that most pollies know stuff all about stuff all and consider that vthey are instant experts on anything because they are an MP.

    • Hakim of Phut

      One site seems to have kept the oil on the ship  and the other has let a lot on the beaches, Which was that ?

      • Paulus

        Bullshit – I live near the Mount. New Zealand had to get Salvage crews from the other end of the world, as that’s where they live and after their surveys had to get equipment to New Zealand from South East Asia first. The Salvors did very well, but even more pertinent the locals put up the effort to clear the beaches, and did a brilliant job, as no outside help was available.
        Look at the Surf Carnival currently on on Mt Main Beach, and acknowledge you are an amateur trying political rubbish. Get real.

      • Angry Croc

        I thought that Super Goof cleaned it all up in half an hour or so and didn’t even get his shiny shoes dirty.

      • Anonymous

        Paulus – Svitzer has a strong Australian presence and a lot of gear there. The oil barge was local (normally used to ferry product around NZ) and the heavy crane barge came from Asia (owned by Smit – Svitzer’s competitor).

  • Quintin Hogg

    CC the fuel recovery blokes have been on site for some time now, but it seems politcal imperatives as well as the odd safety one have been keeping them from doing their job. Most of my contacts in the marine industry were likewise impressed how quickly things came together.

    One is perched beside an island in relatively shallow water.  they only have to boom three sides as the island acts as a natural barrier.  It is also apparent clear that the vessels fuel tanks were not breached when it grounded and are currently still intact.  The CC has been lucky so that that there have been no winter storms or things might be different.

    The other ran onto an exposed reef at 17knots and stopped inside half a boat length wtih holes being opened in the hull, through to the forrard holds, duct keel and forrard fuel tanks.  hence oil on beaches.

    • Jester

      It appears another gaping hole has just been ripped open, that being the one in Phut Phuts argument.

      Prepare the pumps boys…..the septic socialist bile is gonna start gushing out shortly!