Right idea, poor execution

The F.A.G. are getting all up in arms about John Key’s mate Stephen McElrea having a go at TV3 for running a propaganda documentary in the week before the election.

“We have a lot of members putting pressure on us to ask Stephen McElrea to resign.

“His actions have shown poor judgment and there are real concerns that as he leads a documentary working group responsible for selecting titles within strands he will bring his political hat to the table in this role,” said acting chairwoman Janette Howe.

So what they are saying is they should be allowed to take tax payers money and attack the government with it, and then whinge about the bloke that stood up and said that is not ok?



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  • Vlad

    The credit for Steve McElrea’s photo in today’s Herald is Bradley Ambrose.   Hope he didn’t leave his mike behind in Steve’s study…………

  • Alex

    What were they thinking?! Is all I could ask.  This is up there with those religious groups complaining about some obscure art exhibition, which no one would’ve have even cared about had their not being a complaint.  Now we’ve got the Leftist wankers like Bryan Gould coming out of the woodwork and screaming that we now live in a police state.  But at the end of it, the documentary failed — it fell on deaf ears as people are tired of constant attempts by the Left to make them feel guilty about other peoples’ bad choices.