Rules for some, rules for others

via the tipline, rules for some and rules for others:

Sitting in a corporate box at Heineken Classic.

Maori Sports Awards/Maori Tennis adjacent to us sitting courtside in the fully catered area having brought in and eating their own kai moana (oysters) in a large chilly bin.

When an adjoining box brought in hot chips purchased on site but not off the corporate area menu the officials told them loudly they weren’t allowed to eat them in the boxed area as these were not from the menu.

However when the hypocrisy of the situation where the oyster munching spectators were being ignored was explained a clearly embarrassed official slunk back to the outskirts.



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  • Wetfootmammal

    So a tennis-affiliated groups get some minor preferential treatment at a tennis event. Those bloody tennis players, it just shows what’s wrong with this country. What of those who don’t play tennis? We are the backbone of this country! Enough is enough!

    • Super Guest

      Oh, a Destiny Church allusion? That’s subtle, dated, but so subtle. I applaud your rapier wit.

      Actually tennis has a tendency to piss me off. Remember when the women wanted the same prize money as the men at Wimbledon? Despite refusing to do as much work as the men (they play 3 sets, men play 5). That’s feminazism for you.

      • Peter Wilson

        I used to think that way about tennis too. Until I realised sport has got nothing to do with work; just about the ability to give sponsors good coverage.

        On that basis you’d argue Rugby is a minor sport and so shouldn’t be included in, say, the Halberg awards.

  • Anonymous

    @0e082df1270ceccb81428021f05e4e03:disqus  – “Minor preferential treatment”?  I’m sure the people who were hassled by the official had only made a “minor hot chips purchase.”
    Hypocrisy is hypocrisy. Either no-one is allowed to have food at the event, or everyone is. None of this picking-and-choosing by the officials as to who they pick on.

    • Balanced View

      I happen to know that prior permission was granted for the Oysters to be brought in. Perhaps not such an interesting observation after all.

      • John Q Public

        That’s merely confirmation that special treatment was both requested/expected  and likely reluctantly agreed to. 

  • A-random-reader

    So even the corporate box spectators get hassled by minions?

    Remind me again, why would anybody want to pay for a corporate box?

    • EX Navy Greg

      Very cost effective way to give staff a bonus, and tax deductible.
      I get a crick in my neck watching tennis so I wouldn’t be into this, corporate box at the cricket all invitations accepted here.

      • notavictim

        Dead right greg, but wait, shock horror, aren’t all employers rich pricks exploiting their workers? if only I’d pulled my leftard head out of clarkenfuhrers arse I might have realised that if I work honestly and conduct myself responsibly the boss might value me and reward me additionally to my remuneration.

  • Anonymous

    And they were probably undersized and over quota

  • 4and20tuis

    Interesting, it seems there needs to be a bit more control by management there.
    I was at the tennis a couple of days ago and during a rain delay, joined the crowd in the Heinekin bar…. where I was really surprised to see one of the officials (man with a comb-over in his 60s) dressed in an Henekin Open/Auckland Tennis polo shirt… guzzling 2 large beers (and I think by his state they were not his only ones). Not a good look and I wonder why the administraters haven’t set policy that all officials are not to drink at the event as the Rugby World Cup organiser did.