Selling to foreigners the Maori way

Cactus Kate has a cracker of a post (no not the one about anal sex) about Maori selling land. You know, land, the taonga protected by the treaty. It seems that only Maori are allowed to sell land to ‘foreigners’ and only ‘foreigners’ who aren’t Chinese.

Ngai Tgahu know all about asset sales so should be supporting National’s privatisation programme. Here are just two recent examples of Maori more than happy to flog off their assets to foreigners who need OIO approvals.

In 2010 they sold 1348 hectares in Kaikoura to an American couple for 7.5 million dollars. They paid 8 million dollars so made a $500,000 loss.

In 2011 they sold 18,000 hectares of forest to a Swiss owned family company for 22.9 million dollars. And continue to manage it. Alf Grumble reported it at the time on his blog noting the hypocrisy and lies of Tuku Morgan in relation to asset sales. Ngai Tahu sold this land under the euphemism of a “change in investment strategy”. National are having that same change in investment strategy selling stakes in SOE’s.

Maori and the left wing and assorted other whingers are now carping that the Mixed Ownership Model can be spiked via the Treaty of Waitangi. Cactus Kate pours them back in the bottle.

Now Maori wish to construct an argument that National’s privatisation programme cannot go ahead because of the SOE Act due to a conflict with Treaty Principles. More taking of the piss.

Selling assets to locals and foreigners seems to be completely in line with Maori principles of making profit or a loss when inept, for themselves. Ngai Tahu have proven that Maori principles are to sell when it suits them.

Another example of Maori completely taking the piss for their own commercial ends.

No one need think Maori are not immune from selling their precious taonga when required. And there is nothing wrong with this, just don’t hide behind the skirt of our Queen Elizabeth and some loosely interpreted Treaty principles when the Crown wishes to do likewise to pay for things like schools, health and a legacy of years of over-spending on welfare on a feral heaving pathetic underclass.

Looks like Maori and Labour shared the dux of the class in Hypocrisy School.


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  • Kthxbai

    Cactus is making the mistake of lumping all iwi together.

    Ngai Tahu intermarried very early and enthusiastically.  They aren’t the north island iwi, don’t think like them, manage their assets more commercially.  If you take Ngai Tahu out of the argument, it falls apart.

    • Peter Wilson

      Yes, as usual things are a little more complicated. Maori would say, so what if we sell off our private property to foreigners, it doesn’t mean the Govt should be able to. And government property although not owned by us all (that’s a nonsense argument) we do all have an interest in it which should be considered.

      Note. I’m not saying assets shouldn’t be sold, just that there’s no hypocrisy here on the part of Maori – unlike Labour.

      • Thorn

        Who speaks for Maori – you,  Hone, Pita, or Riki Tiki Tavi?

      • Cactus Kate

        No Peter check the Maori dialogue over the Westpac farm land. Private land. That they got a honky in Fay to front the bid makes no difference, he was acting the nationalistic card for all.

    • Cactus Kate

      So now Ngai Tahu aren’t real Maori? Spare us. Just because it doesn’t suit your backstory you change the rules again. All Maori signed the Treaty, the issue here is the principles of the Treaty. Some turnips are arguing asset sales aren’t Maori way and breach principles of the Treaty. Ngai Tahu have proven this isn’t true.

  • dutyfree

    I am surethey can all be placated with an allocation of shares at a discount.  It is not the selling they are worries about, it is the potential of missing out on a handout. I am sure a taniwha will appear at some point.

    • Cactus Kate

      And there lies the rub, it’s all about getting a better commercial deal for themselves. A discount to buy shares.

  • Paulus

    Please, Please can somebody tell me what are the Principles of The Treaty of Waitangi.
    I have long waited in anticipation.
    Yes, I have read/seen the 87 words in the Treaty.


    When do we drop the Queen,and become a we can ditch this whole rotton saga of the treaty,and all its associated bullshit. Seems like it is going to haunt generations to come if something is not done.If there is any pure blood maori left out there,lets see what they have to say.and before anyone cries Racist,I am 1/16 Maori,and on the maori electoral role.So sell to whoever.Thats My vote.

    • Thorn

      If a republic ensures we dump the diversity and embrace unity as one nation under one law, not bits and pieces of random DNA, you have my vote.


        Yeah it needs to one people, one country,not as it is now.I consider myself a Kiwi,and I dont care what blend of DNA it took to get me here. It has become a joke,and the more we entertain the idea that they(Maori) are owed something,the worse it will get.The bar keeps getting raised by Maori everytime there is money to be made,and the treaty is the weapon of choice..Seems like mana means Money,and Pakeha means,Mana Available from.

    • Ploughman

      I have been a republican for over 50 years, but I am scared what a new constitution might look like.  Te Tiriti o Waitangi in full glory,especially that mendacious,specious and those plainly evil and divisive interpretations of the last few years where words don’t mean what they say, and clauses are stretched beyond credulity.   Imagine having that lot dumped on us.   Becoming a republic could doom us all as it would give the PC brigade and the treaty industry a wonderful opportunity to impose their will on us all.