SFNS in Stuff

Stuff carries a list of the names some people tried to inflict upon their children.

Do they not know the tragedy of Silly First name Syndrome?

Parents who tried to name their child Mafia No Fear are among hundreds who had their choice of name rejected in the past decade.

Justice was the most popular disallowed name, with royal titles, religious references and punctuation marks among names parents tried to bestow upon children.

A child and family psychologist who has even seen children named after illicit drugs says parents need to be more careful about stigmatising their kids.

A list provided by the Internal Affairs Department shows 350 parents had the names they chose for their offspring rejected in the 10 years ending June 30, 2011.

The list of disallowed names follows the release of the most popular names for 2011 – Liam and Ruby – this week. The most popular rejected name was Justice – 49 people tried to name their child that, along with alternate spellings Justus and Juztice.

Royal titles featured heavily – King, Prince, Princess, Knight, Queen, Queen V, Queen Victoria, Lord, Lady, Baron and Duke were all rejected as were Royal, Royale, Majesty and Majesti. Religious references Messiah, Christ, Bishop, Saint and Lucifer didn’t make the cut either.

Mafia No Fear, Anal, V8, single letters, the Roman numerals I, II, III, punctuation symbols * . and / and titles such as President, Emperor, Chief, Constable, Sargent and General were also rejected.


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  • Very concerned by the parents who think their offspring has something to do with “Anal”. Did they ever attend a biology/sex ed lesson?

  • Anonymous

    There should be a law that any parent who tries to give their child an obviously stupid or offensive name (like Anal or V8) should have their child immediately removed from them and put up for adoption. If a parent gives their child a name like that, there is surely no way they can be a good parent.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to think that in an ideal world the parents would, at the very least, be automatically registered with CYFS, and closely monitored for a minimum of 2 years thereafter.

      However, reality dictates that CYFS usually doesn’t show any interest until the child has already been severly neglected/abused, and the continuing excuses that the child ‘fell down the stairs’ start to sound rather unconvincing, even to the intellectually challenged people working there.

  • Agent BallSack

    I’m surprised Lucifer is on the list. Umm theres a country made up of Jesus’s out there…But Lucifer is unacceptable?

  • Blair Mulholland

    Jesus is a very common name in Latin America.  Joshua is effectively the same name.

    I don’t think the government should be banning titles as names.  It doesn’t seem to have been a problem for Judge Reinhold, Prince Rogers Nelson, or Duke Morrison (John Wayne).  Justus is a perfectly reasonable biblical name of one of the early Christians.  Nobody complains about Rex, which is Latin for King.

    I think there should be some restraint on what a child can be called, but being precious about using titles as names is silly.

    • Mooloo

      Interesting facts . But i agree titles i ddon’t have a problem with . I also agree with Thor 42 though any parent willing to name their off spring Anal or V8 should be castrated and have the offspring adopted out . Having said that once you have a nic name all the rules go out the windoow .Brent Arnel the Northern Districts pace Bowler is affectionately known as V8 .  

    • Anonymous

      Judge Reinhold? Oh, you must mean Edward Reinhold. Judge is just a nick name.

      Duke Morrison? Oh, you must mean Marion Morrison. Duke is just a nick name.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    So there should be no control over a couple of dropkick drug addicts choosing “Roaming Shambles” for their child’s name?

  • Sooty

    Theese parents need a good slapping, for inflicting their kids with stupid names that they have carry untill they are old enough to change them by deed poll.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Sooty aint a great name.
      Oh psuedo name, you would never name a kid ‘Sooty’ but a cat? yeah!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      No insult son. I was pointing out the PC bullshit

  • Max_power

    What about Obergruppenführer?

    Think that’d be allowed?

    That’d be cool. Imagine what the lefty teachers would say when Obergruppenführer Baker turned up for Year one.

  • Mooloo

    It’s all perception . Vladamer is perfectly acceptable but Adolf mmm not sure .yet Adolfo is a common name in South America . Osama is a common islamic name but would be perverse
    if your son was inroled at a catholic school in Brooklyn . Who knows still think Anal and lucifer are red cards no questions asked.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I love the Freakonomics account of the two brothers Winner and Loser.  Winner is currently incarcerated in the penitentiary, and Loser (known to everybody as Lou) is a fairly successful police officer.  Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    I can hear Cheap Trick – The Name Police,…The Name Police..! 
    I believe People who burden their newborn child with questionable names, Dream too much.

    • whalewatcher

      does it say “Wiltenpenis” on your birth certificate?

  • whalewatcher

    well, despite banning these names, some damned stupid ones are allowed
    I have seen Jrelyq McH’wnn Mikkel (surname)
    that is – “Relic with a silent J” (!!!) and McQuinn (McH’wnn)

    also, Shardonneh Likuer (surname)

    plenty of other walking disasters of names

    • Max_power

      Those poor bastards…

    • notavictim

      trailer trash. When shit goes in, shit comes out.

  • Jman

    I used to work with a Justus. Good bloke. Apparently a fairly common name in some parts. Dont see why it should be banned.

  • EX Navy Greg

    I have an Indian mate called Anil ( pronounced Aneel ) he cops a fair bit of poo about it.

  • Scanner

    Ahh, the underclass where would we be without them, better off that’s where.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In France there is a list of apprved first names.

    When I sailed with Chinese crew one of the Quatermasters named his sons Port and Starboard and they went on to get their Masters FG certs!!!

  • Sanchopantha

    I worked with a Samoan guy whose first two names was Chief Inspector. He was named after an uncle who had just become… can you guess?
    He reckoned that in the islands it is common to be named after events/jobs etc… but because they are predominantly not English language, no one really knows.

    I would’ve spelt it Mafea Naufia… Would that have been banned? Seems like a legit Polynesian name.
    Veeyate… Indian name? As with Anil. (I knew an Anil as well.)
    Chustis… maybe pushing the limit here.

  • Donkey

    Perhaps of called Anal he was simply a shit of a kid

  • UK_kiwi

    A primary school friend of a friend came across a ‘Shithead’ in one class he taught briefly. Pronounced shi-they-id apparently…

  • UK_kiwi

    That’s a primary school TEACHER friend of a friend…