Sh*t Lynn Prentice says

Someone put a little spy camera in Lynn’s office…he is a legend in his own mind…I can’t believe he self-describes as a ‘sysop’.


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  • Dr Wang

    eeewwwkkk – what a slime-ball!

  • Guest

    L. O. (f-ing) L

  • Pete George

    From the troll gulag.

    gulag n. corrective labour camp
    troll n. Standard of behaviour requiring derision and re-education

  • Travnz

    I always thought Lynn Prentice was a chick…..

    • He is a guy with a girls name…interestingly his missus is also call Lyn but with one n. Before any fool accuses me of stalking he has talked about her and named her on the sewer.

  • Scanner

    I’m sure Lynne the bitch will have been tipped and will be watching to see who comes here to wipe their arse on him, so anyone that feels like saying what you tried to say at the Strandard and were banned, moderated, abused, spat at or otherwise censored at “the last true bastion of free speech” now is your chance.

    Thank you Whale for this opportunity.

    Here’s my first – The entire POAL debacle was mismanaged by a thick bully boy attitude too stupid and pumped up on it’s own self importance to realise it couldn’t win, I just bet the rank and file can’t wait to rejoin the union under their new contracted employer.

    • Hakim of Phut

      I was expecting a Number 2, but all we got was a brain fart

      • Anonymous

        I was expecting our regular troll kosh103, but all we got was you.

  • James

    WO, would be nice to have some background on who this is.  I have absolutely no idea.  Is this the guy who runs “The Standard” proclaiming to be the SysOp?
    Anyone who prefaces their sentences with “technically” or “basically” is fucking talking shit.  Guy needs to go take a 64 bit, oops foot object and shove it up his arse

    • Lynn Prentice is the “sysop” at The Standard. He frequently, either in comments or occasionally in post waxes lyrical about his coding/technical/machine language level skills, usually to slam someone.

      In his own mind he is a genius and has engineered The Standard to an amazing level of multi-layered redundancy and security so he can use phrases like the video uses to prove to us all his stunning brilliance.

      Basically he is a cock.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Of course it has nothing to do with LP.
      Dont you even get that ?
      For goods sake its a help desk . Could be anywhere!

  • Scanner

    Shit Lynne- $18,500 and all your boys got was a cameo appearance from a junkie and the chance to hold hands with a puppet as you walked down the street, money well spent -NOT

  • James

    thanks for clarifying,  I’d never heard of him until now.  I googled his name and found a great post where he slanders KB and David Farrer big time.  After reading the MO of this guy, one can only conclude his personality syntax is screwed up, just a  pontificating narcissistic tosser.  Zero people skills, evidenced by a BSc in Earth Sciences from Waikato Uni, with attempted compensation of an MBA from Otago.  Lynn, if you read this,  please stay in your dark room keeping dialog with your code, do not attempt to interface with real people.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Do you even get it at all. Its not LP
      “would be nice to have some background on who this is”
      Try Youtube. they would tell you @DanielEran. Do the rest yourself

      • James

        Numnuts Hakim, I never made reference to the video. Are you thick.  I read his style of responding to people based on his previous posts and his general demeanor on his highly secure Standard website.  I don’t give a shit who is in the video,  I was interested in who Lynn Prentice is.  All that counts is that the video portrayal fits the man.  Now fuck off.

  • Hakim of Phut

    So, James you are going ‘all technical’ on me?

  • EX Navy Greg

    Over hearing an argument in their house could be mildly amusing, but confusing. Picture this:
    Lynn you are starting to piss me off.
    up yours Lyn
    Why do you do this Lynn!
    cos you do my head in Lyn!
    But Lynn you’re a sysop, I expected better!
    Lyn , that’s just a dumb arse title to impress dip shit pinko’s!
    Oh you beast Lynn! I thought you cared for the great unwashed!
    Meh..Lyn, have you got a rough tongue ?
    Err, why do you ask Lynn?
    Cos I got a real itchy bollock Lyn…

    You get the picture

  • ” I don’t give a shit who is in the video…”

    Oh dear, the usual right-wing inability to deal with facts. Speaking of facts, is there a single Key lover out there who can explain why Dr Lockwood Smith stood in front of the Speaker’s chair and accused the government of a “reckless misuse of official data”?

    A rather stellar quote, but it got zero play in the “liberal” media, as did my letters asking why the quote got zero play. Must be tough being conservative, with all the facts being hidden from you, ay Whaleoil ?