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Any kudos Julia Gillard had by ensuring Tony Abbott was looked after in the scuffle with protestors evaporated after it has been revealed that one of her staffers notified the Aboriginal protestors to the location of Tony Abbott.

An Australian Prime Ministerial staffer has been linked to yesterday’s ugly protest incident in Canberra, forcing his resignation and acutely embarrassing PM Julia Gillard.

In an early evening statement, the Prime Minister dismissed as ‘false’ claims that one of her staff had spoken to people at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy prior to yesterday’s angry protest that temporarily trapped her and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

But Ms Gillard acknowledges that a member of her media unit ‘did call another individual yesterday and disclose the presence of the Opposition Leader at the Lobby restaurant. This information was subsequently passed on to a member of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.’

The Prime Minister says the media officer did not ‘suggest or encourage violence’ but that his action ‘was an error of judgement. As such, the staff member’s resignation has been accepted.’

He is Tony Hodges, one of four press secretaries working in Julia Gillard’s media unit.

Now the story shows a Prime MinISter in a distressed and vulnerable state, photographed tripping up, and it was all caused by her own staff.


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  • Kosh103

    So we are balming someone for the actions of someone else?

    Unless Gillard ordered this staffer to do what they did, she still can keep all the praise and kudos she got.

    • Alex

      Not so.  Gillard hired this plonker, supposedly on the basis that he had the requisite judgment for the role, so she should take the rap as any good employer would  – not conveniently wash her hands of the incident.  

      • Kimbo

        You are a bit tough. Alex. Sure you have to exercise judgement when you hire someone, but no-one has infallibility or prophetic insight. That was the reasoning behind the “90-day” employment legislation.

        In political terms, Gillard has played this well – so far. She hasn’t made the mistake Nixon did with Watergate. There, he had created the atmosphere of paranoia and “them v. us” mentality towards the press, Democrats, and dissenting public opinion from various academics, liberals, and celebrities. With that background, it was his zealous and foolish appointments (some made without his direct knowledge) who then ran amok with stuff like the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, and the event that ultimately exposed the activities of his employees, the Watergate break-in.

        However, Nixon could have walked away relatively unscathed if he hadn’t

        1. tried to cover-up what he wrongly viewed as an essentially political (rather than criminal) matter.

        2. tried to protect some of his most-valued deputies like Mitchell, Haldermann, and Ehrlichmann, rather than firing them when the first hint of wrong-doing was publicly exposed.

        Sorry to take you down memory lane, but the lessons of Watergate pretty much provide the playbook for how any politician, be they left or right needs to deal with a scandal caused by an over-zealous employee.

    • Super Guest

      You wouldn’t be defending her  if she wasn’t a pinko, Kosh.

      • Kosh103

        Talking out of your arse again I see.

  • Thorn

    Kosh, no-one is balming anyone.  Julia Gillard did right by getting rid of this Abbo-Judas. A refreshing change from the usual socialist behaviour.

     Our Labour and Green Parties would have wet-bust ticket the culprit, with the Maori led Parties, NZ First, Maori and Mana declaring this a conspiracy against their noble causes.

    • Kosh103

      I suggest you reread WO’s post.

      • Thorn

        I have, and there is no mention of balming anyone. 

      • Kosh103

        And yet Thorn, it is there.

      • Thorn

        Kosh, definitive no ‘balm’ in WO’s post. Is English your first language?

  • Alex

    What makes me utterly mad is that (1) leftists engineer this world embarrassing farce, and (2) same leftists then blame Abbott for starting it with “inflammatory comments”. 

    All Abbott said was that it was “time to move on” from the politics of the tent embassy.   He did not say “they should be bulldozed” as was suggested.   Abbott’s true comments were purely reasonable, and comments that anyone in a democracy should be able to make without fear of intimidation and violence from those who disagree. 

    What is with leftists that they are prepared to muck around with democracy, and have political leaders become totally inaccessible due to having American levels of protection, just to score some cheap political points?

    • Kimbo

      “What is with leftists that they are prepared to muck around with
      democracy, and have political leaders become totally inaccessible due to
      having American levels of protection, just to score some cheap
      political points?”.

      Not sure if this is a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer anyway, Alex.

      Remember what the ghastly communinist East German regime described their country as, Alex? “The German Democratic Republic”. From a radical left point of view, nothing is democratic unless it agrees eith and operates in accordance with the dictates of their perspective. There is no such thing as “dialogue”, and “debate” as non-radical political viewpoints understand it.

      Instead, the tenets of Marxist class warfare (or later dailaectic off-shoots, like the gender-warfare inspired feminism, or ethnic-warfare inspired indigenous/Afro-American rights movements such as Hone/Mana in NZ, and this protest in Australia) is not up for debate. It is a fact. Now we just need to persuade others, or, failing that, force them, despite our small numbers, to conform to our analysis, precriptions, and demands.

      Therefore, any action (including what happened to Abbott and Gillard the other day)  which undermines the existing power structure and its way of operating is potentially valid. That is the only “political morality” or “democracy” that applies. Does it work? Does it raise “consciousness”? Does it directly confront the ruling oppressive hegemony.

      If it does that, then it is moral.

      I don’t make the rules – I just report them!

      Tune in next week for another episode of “Know your radical leftie”!

  • RAS

    I think that is kind of unfair Julia Gillard was under no
    obligation to see that Tony Abbott was OK obviously she had no idea it was one
    of her own staffers who added the protesters but give her due acknowledgement
    she was concerned enough to ask her security people to make sure he was safe.  I doubt that Phil Goff would ever have looked out for John Key,  He would probably have pointed them in the right direction.

    • Kosh103

      Do you have any proof to back up that little right wing brain fart?

  • Paulus

    Who was the woman Unionist who actually started this by lying to Hodges to get the whole thing started ?

  • jay cee

    no matter the subject you guys can always be relied on for a good conspiracy theory. keep em coming, they make my day