Slow learners, Ctd

Despite having to now seek advice from a Hobbit Hater the Maritime Union has decided that the best way forward is to issue another strike notice:

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has issued a sixth strike notice to Ports of Auckland, the latest in a bitter dispute between workers and its employer that has been dragging on for months.

The union began negotiations in August with Ports of Auckland against a proposal to move staff to flexible working hours that would see them work on a changing roster and be required to be on call at times.

Today it issued its sixth strike notice that its members would not be working between 7am Tuesday 31 January and 7am 1 February, pushing Ports of Auckland to consult with new contractors to take over the union members’ work.

The disruptions of strikes have already resulted in some of the port’s major clients including Maersk and dairy giant Fonterra moving trade to other ports.

”This sixth strike will do nothing to end the dispute other than to strengthen our resolve to sort this out once and for all,” Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson said.

”Our management team and Board have a duty to apply a commercial approach and to act in the best interests of Aucklanders, now and over the longer term.”

 Yep, the union are proving that they are out of touch.

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  • Jam_Sammie

    ”This sixth strike will do nothing to end the dispute other than to strengthen our resolve to sort this out once and for all,” FFS get on with it Tony. Enough already, get rid of them all TODAY!

  • Zelda

    unbelievable that this continues! 

  • Gazzaw

    As much as the left is trying to distance Brown from this issue Len is on a hiding to nothing here. If he supports MUNZ the right will see him out next year, if he supports PoAL he will be forever branded as a traitor to the working classes. Neither can he sit on the fence forever.  


    • Steve and Monique

      A traitor to the wharfies only,the rest of us working class are sick of hearing about it.

  • Anonymous

    “Hmmm, 5 strikes and no progress. Better strike again!”

  • Steve and Monique

    Keep banging away,sure you will all get whats coming to ya.Unemployment here we come.

  • Kevin

    Bye bye Auckland port, it was nice knowing you. Maybe Len can stick a few high rise “slums in waiting” on it once all the customers have moved elsewhere