SOPA is dead

The graphic tells it all as the representatives cave against relentless tech based pressure.

Now can we please have the politicians tell the buggy whip manufacturers to go take a hike over their proposal for us all to carry buggy whips in our cars. it not the government’s job to protect out-moded business models.

Both SOPA and PIPA have been indefinitely postponed. We will continue to take updates about lawmakers at[email protected]

As popular Internet sites shut down or blacked out in protest on Wednesday, users flooded our SOPA Opera news application and inboxes to let us know what their members of Congress were saying about SOPA.

When we first launched SOPA Opera, few members in Congress – besides the bills’ co-sponsors and its initial opponents – had made their opinion known on the proposed laws to regulate the Internet. That changed on Wednesday. Responses from constituents and Congressional staffers kept us busy updating the site past midnight.

The response was overwhelmingly one-sided against the bill. This graphic shows the likely vote tallies for SOPA Opera at the beginning of the day Wednesday and the likely tallies as of early Thursday.


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  • Roger

    Makes me wonder why the NZ police devoted 78 cops to the megaupload case for and on behalf of the FBI and Hollywood.

    The victims in this so called $500million conspiracy and racket are who exactly?

    Why Captain Fire Extinguisher (Wormald) think he needed a presser to announce his actions on behalf of the FBI?

    Two choppers, a breathless newsmedia and 78 cops to take out a legitimate business?

    Gonna make interesting watching.

    Shows SOPA for the soap opera it was. The Kodak story of today should be warning enough to Hollywood that they need to innovate or die.

  • Cobalt Wizard

    Me thinks John “I O U” Key is repaying his debt to Hollywood (we kept the Hobbit here) and his debt to the USA government (I got to shake hands with Obama) by letting the “honest” folk at the FBI come to NZ and lay down their paranoia about controlling the internet and arresting entrepreneurs. Silly me thought that only happened in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. USA are proving by their actions that they are controlled by the multinationals who can not innovate but instead manipulate. And it looks like John Key is but their puppet. This is a sad day for the internet.