Space junk, Ctd

Earlier this morning I blogged about the Russian space junk coming down to earth.

I quoted a Herald article by Abby Gillies that stated:

After a decade of planning and an estimated cost of $205 billion (NZD), “Phobos-Grunt” was launched from Kazakstan in November.

One of my commenters questions the amount of the costs of the project so i looked it up. Here is what Wikipedia says about the costs of the Fobos-Grunt project. (I’ve left the footnote links in because they have the references)


The cost of the spacecraft was 1.5 billion rubles ($64.4 million).[16] Project funding for the timeframe 2009–2012, including post-launch operations is about 2.4 billion rubles.[22] Total cost of the mission is 5 billion rubles ($163 million). In comparison, the more ambitious NASA/ESA joint Mars sample return mission is expected to cost around $8.5 billion.[74]

Ok so this looks like a simply typo after the churnalist looked up the details on Wikipedia. $163 million in USD is around $205 million according to an online currency calculator. Not a good look though.

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it’ll land on kosh’s house. 

    • Gazzaw

      Unfortunately much more likely mathematically to land on a Nat-owned home what with labour-occupied homes only numbering 28% of the overall total.

  • Roger

    Looks like someone pointed that out to him. the Original article now reads “…cost of more than $200 million (NZD),…”

    They didn’t see fit though to put in a foot note that there has been a correction which really should be standard practise with these things