Staying in Mantrol

Cactus Kate has again highlighted the racism and sexism of the Maritime Union as they seek to paint a picture of them as nice family people. The main problem though is that there are only two women working on the wharf despite the best efforts of the Ports of Auckland to recruit more women. The problem lies with the union insistence that all workers start with and maintain lashing skills….oh and their sexist and racist attitudes.

This note was penned by a union member who didn’t want Tuvaluan stevedores on the wharf:

And this is from a Union boss (“The Coach”) who thought the way to control the dark fellas on the wharf was through sport and a blonde coach who roots the crew:

Cactus Kate sums up:

I am unconcerned at the outcome of the pending employment disputes here. I am more concerned at highlighting that even in 2011 the Maritime Union is acting true to form and promoting racist, sexist K1W1 attitudes. That “Coach” was allowed back on the picket line as a representative shows that MUNZ condone his behaviour.

It is little wonder that the third woman on the Wharf Helen Kelly and the Labour Party hierarchy are hesitant to get right in behind the Maritime Union on this one. The underlying culture is still stuck in 1951 and not one person has defended the Union record from my post the other day.

I would stick a bounty on anyone sending Whaleoil and myself a picture of David Shearer shaking hands with this prehistoric creature called “Coach” to start with.

It will be a PR disaster for anyone seen hugging this lot.

No wonder they want to stay in Mantrol down ont eh wharf.


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  • Steve and Monique

    Who in their right mind would want to be seen hugging this lot.And considering there anti female stance,can we take they are a little bit gay,because there are some tough ladies out there.Steel workers of America unite with your wharfie mates here in NZ. Rainbow flags for all union vehicles,nice.

  • Kiwikea

    I’m married to a Tuvaluan and it hacks me off that they work hard and support the union and get walked all over. Most belong to the union because they think it’s normal, they have no idea that the union is selling them down the river

  • Agent BallSack

    Hey boys we’re on to a good wicket here…All we need is a token black fulla for the coconuts and a stripper for the rest of us to look at.

    • Steve and Monique

      yeah,now that should break the strike. But the union wont like the stripper if its female.Bunch of pansies.

  • Dr Wang

    Nice photo

  • Dr Wang

    Nice photo

  • Dr Wang

    Nice photo

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does Parsloe look like Alf Garnett?