Still No Idea

What do you call a deer with no legs and no eyes? The Labour party….still no idea.

Labour has now had the chance to get the measure of National’s ministers. Their initial punts as to who would be vulnerable targets were sometimes wide of the mark – such as welfare minister Paula Bennett.

They used their caucus retreat to refine their attack plan. Anne Tolley and Jonathan Coleman can expect to come under some pressure this time round.

Paula Bennett will not get off scot-free because Labour can not afford to ignore such a critical area as welfare reform. However, Labour is likely to wait until it has heavy artillery before trying to embarrass her.

Labour couldn’t get Tolley when she was Education Minister, I doubt they can get her now she is Police Minister. Jonathan Coleman?? Oh come on surely they jest?

I’m going to so enjoy watching Jacinda Ardern try and get one on Paula Bennett. The Pig hunter vs Socialist Cindy…can we have a reality TV show please.


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  • Anonymous

    Heck – as a National supporter, I hope they DO try to take on Bennett! It’ll be like a chihuahua trying to chew on a logging truck.
    Bennett is pushing through the kind of welfare reforms that should have been done 30 or 40 years ago.
    Labour’s opposition to them will show how cowardly they are, and how **co-dependent** they and beneficiaries are.
    Bennies need Labour to fund their lifestyle.
    Labour needs the bennies for votes. They are a guaranteed constituency. Bennies who don’t vote left-wing are about as rare as unicorns.

    • Grandstream

      Agree.  Trying to focus on Tolly who is retiring after this term – why bother  ?  What are they going to attack – police is doing so much better that under labour ! Crusher has lower crime, so wiill they attack Tolley for carrying on with that programme ?  You have to wonder what they were smoking at the retreat…..idiots !

  • Guestinasylum

    1. Whaleoil is a liar, on record. He was proven do be a liar
    on this blog. As we all could hear on youtube / Teapot recording that
    John Key said what W Peters accused him of.
    2. Whaleoil is
    continuing to defame and lie about W Peters because his mental state
    does not allow him to understand that regardless of his political
    convictions truth remains truth and the sad life he is living and being a
    puppet for National will not make him a better person.
    3. Sell outs
    of NZ will remain sell outs and no flesh cars, properties or hand outs
    from dad and NAtional will make Whaleoil a patriot. He is a sell out
    togethe with J Key and anyone connected with the social and economical
    degradation of NZ, including Labour.
    4. Regarding John Keys banking carreer and his involvement in the world financial crisis:

    • Catwoman

      Your pseudonym is correct!  You should be.

    • Orange

      You need to stop drinking Winston

      • Dion

        It could be the clown?  (despite being sent before 1am)

    • Lofty

      The clown of Campbells Bay strikes again..on the piss so early in the day too…shocking state of affairs ;-)

    • Kthxbai

      Illiterate; tldr

    • Elaycee

      Jesus wept – can the people in white coats come and take this escapee back to the padded room?

      Anyone who posts a link to the aotearoaconspiracywankfest site and thinks the material there has a shred of credibility, is in need of serious help.   


    • Gazzaw

      Fuck! are you back again?

      I must say that you are much better entertainment value than our regular trolls. Stay off the medication. 

      • Kimbo

        Hey, at the risk of hauling him out of retirement, has anyone seen anything from diabolos lately, or has he just changed moniker?

      • Gazzaw

        You are quite correct Kimbo. Totally forgotten about diabolos but he wasn’t as clearly insane as this clown. Anyone spotted kosh of late? Don’t think he has been here this week – maybe at a school camp or working 24/7 on this years prep.

    • Vij

      What are you harping about, makes absolutely no sense.  There must be something terribly wrong with you.

    • Anonymous

      Lunatic is still ranting I see

    • Angry Croc

      Where do you get a flesh car, is it something like a flesh pot?

      • kehua

        Might be available from the `Flesh Frower` shop.

  • Winny

    Winstone pay the money back

  • kevin

    plus they got no ears… so don’t listen.

  • Jam_Sammie

    I want my hard earned tax dollars back Winston!

    • Anonymous

      on behalf of Winston:

      *holds up placard* “NO”

  • Anonymous

    Labour are barking mad if they think that attacking the Police Minister will have any relevance to people.
    When Joe Bloggs in the street thinks of police, he’ll usually first think of speed-traps and drink-drive blitzes, and then maybe burglaries and murder investigations.
    Police ***simply don’t figure*** in the daily thoughts of the vast majority of people, yet Labour are too stupid to realise that.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not at all saying that police don’t matter – far from it. I’m just saying that in your average day, I’ll bet most people spend more time thinking about where to get a good coffee than they do thinking about the police.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Nice of you to channel my thoughts – but enough already about me in the street! I’m no blanket man…

      Liarbore just don’t learn, do they? Perhaps if they channeled all of this mis-directed nastiness into developing some sort of credible policy platform maybe then we can sit up and take a bit of notice… until then, pass the popcorn!

  • jay cee

    don’t know where you’ve been for the last 3 years WO but paula and jacinda have had some pretty good jousts in the house during question time or at least they would if paula tried answering the questions instead of arrogantly shrugging her shoulders.

    • Anonymous

      LOL Socialist Cindy has delivered sweet fuck all in the house. A couple of prepared questions is all she has ever tried and they never landed a hit. Pfft show pony is all she is.

      • EX Navy Greg

        I still wouldn’t mind tipping her up, if she asked nicely..

      • Anonymous

        Way you go Greg… I wont stand in your way.

  • Kosh103

    Labour, hell everybody managed to slam Tolley and catch her out for the liar she is. She was demoted and moved to the second bench because of her god awful managment of education and the fact she was so bad at covering the lies she told.

  • Roger

    Kosh – back on weekend release?

    • Kosh103

      Some of us have a real life outside of the internet. I was away for a few days for work, and now I am back.

      Some of you could try that now and then, getting off the net for a few days and interacting with real people.

  • Jacob77712

    Where are the jobs you white red neck middle class males.  There are more people out of work than their are jobs available. John Key should lead by example and reverse his tax cut instaed of picking on people who only get 201.40 a week. What a great life style they must lead just enough for a room in a boarding house . I guess we can all be like ben hana and sleep on the streets. forget those of us who have worked for 20 years then injure yourself at work.   taxes are what you pay to avoid civil unrest and violence.