Stop complaining and get a job

Jacinda Ardern aka Socialist Cindy is Labour’s Welfare spokesperson. She is going to need to get her head around some really good socialist dogma.

I wonder though if this is just a step too far for the new Shearer lead Labour party:

People living in benefit-dependent households have been urged by the Prime Minister to “go out and work” rather than complain about the loss of welfare payments.

David Cameron said that living on welfare had become an “acceptable alternative” to working and suggested that benefit payments were too easy to receive.

He spoke as the Government faced serious opposition to the plan to cap the maximum benefit payments that can be received by any household at £26,000. The House of Lords is seeking to block the policy.

The cap has been set at the same level as the average family’s earnings and ministers insist that it is unfair that taxpayers must subsidise those receiving more from the state than typical employees earn.

The Government was defeated in the House of Lords after bishops tabled an amendment to the Welfare Bill proposing that child benefit is excluded from the cap.

The amendment, which was backed by dozens of Liberal Democrat peers, threatens to wreck the entire concept of the cap.

Senior Conservatives have said they are determined to force through the legislation by overturning the Lords amendment, a move which is said to have widespread public backing.

Speaking before the Lords debate, the Prime Minister sought to echo Norman Tebbit, the former Conservative minister, who told unemployed people to “get on your bike” in 1981.

Asked about the impact of the £26,000 benefits cap, Mr Cameron said: “In many cases the answer will be for someone in that family to go out and work, and that will be the right answer for that family.

“We have too many children growing up in our country in households where nobody works, where a life on welfare has become an acceptable alternative”.

That is the Samoan PM and now the British PM manning up….will we see the same here?


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Our Little Comradewont like it but if JK did this it would be a vote winner.

  • Pete George

    A common argument against this is that there simply aren’t enough jobs for everyone on benefits, and this to an extent is true. It can be very hard and very demoralising for genuine job seekers.

    But is there any research on what the effect a more motivated out of workforce would have? It’s reasonable to expect that if there was more enthusiasm for finding jobs and for being productive in employment it would have a positive effect on job creation and maintenance.

    • James Gray

      That’s a load of shit, of course there are jobs. I have three.

      • Euan Rt

        The argument is likely that some people are more employable.

      • Hakim of Phut

        Tell us more !

      • James Gray

        Very well, I’m a self-educated telecommunications technician, and a freelance audio and lighting operator for several production companies

    • GetAJobYouLazyMong

      Bollox, there are plenty of jobs – just not one lazy fuckers are willing to do.

      Too hard, too far away, too dirty, too easy to stay on the beni

  • Hakim of Phut

    I see a new National MPs solution is  starve the kids in order to teach the wayward parents a lesson.
    nekk minnit …

    • Oh piss off with the bullshit

    • EX Navy Greg

      Their big ugly dogs never look hungry, unless they are biting someone elses kids

    • Gazzaw

      Fuck off HoP. One carton of fags = $160.

      You can feed a family of four very well on that for a week. No kids need to starve in this country.   

    • Alsh

      They should cut the benefits and feed the kids at school, then the bludgers will not waste the money on crap. Simple.

  • Agent BallSack

    On Te Karere yesterday, there was an article about how the Government had failed beneficiaries. Interviewing one of them was a lesson in welfarism, all she could do was go on about how the government and various agencies had promised them this and that and promised to look after them and their kids but now the only person they could trust was Hone Harawira! It was excruciating but someone like that is never going to get a job, its just a baby factory spitting out ugly babies and criminals to 15 different gang member fathers that never pay child support because they’re on a bennie too.

    • Anonymous

      Because that Harawira family are paragons of honesty and virtue.

      What the hell were you doing watching Te News, Ballsack?

      • Agent BallSack

        To tell the truth it was the 12.45am version and I was waiting for BBC to come on :)

      • EX Navy Greg

        Bolox ! you sat up to watch it Ballsack, hehe!

  • Interesting there is no suggestion of any solutions here – other than get a job. The problem is far more complex than that and as long as those who are employed have this attitude to those who do not, nothing will actually change. I’ve been on both sides twice in recent times and talking with those beside me in WINZ training conferences is a real eye opener. You need to remember those the media interviews and then broadcasts are those that fit their own editorial bias.

  • jay cee

    as i’ve already confessed i’m a cleaner because i would rather be paying paula bennetts wages than she,mine. but what i can tell you guys is that not everyone on the dole is there because they want to be,so your generalising is getting a bit tiresome. i’m pleased that “james gray” has three jobs, lucky him, however not all of us have the right skills for the local  employment scene. 

    • James Gray

      Thanks Jay Cee, though it was maybe 5% luck, it was 95% sweat and blood

  • bb

    another good reason not to vote labour – they are for lazyness.

    • jay cee

      how so?

  • Steve and Monique

    I often ask myself the question, why do we get so many foreigners to pick fruit? I have been told by various orchardists that it’s because NZers don’t like that sort of work. They are crying out for fruit pickers. I think maybe those who have been on the dole or DPB for years, should be made to take up those positions. I remember being told that 60% of jobs are not advertised, I believe this to be accurate as I have got most of my jobs by knocking on doors. I became a Credit Controller and 2IC in accounts for the local DHB for five years through doing that. People just need to make the effort. Having kids should never stop you bettering yourself by earning a living, if a new mum has to go back to work after 12 months, same should apply to everyone, dependant on circumstances of course, and people sitting on the dole for years, there is no excuse for that, we haven’t always been in a recession. It’s time to get hard, stop making excuses for people who can’t be bothered. People need to be held to account, If my tax is paying you for years to sit on your arse or be a baby factory, then I want something from you, maybe gardening or cleaning streets for the local council, saves on their costs and keeps rates from rising too much more. That would help many a taxpayer