Stupid is as Stupid Does, Ctd

Penny Bright claims to be some sort of watchdog. She is actually mad as batshit. you can tell that by the excessive use of the CAPS Lock key.

She wanted to be mayor, but can’t even read a financial statement. On The Standard she made the following claim, which the retarded leftists that frequent that sewer have jumped on as gospel:

Except Penny is wrong:

1. With consolidated financial statements, the parent is part of the group.
2. Bad debts and donations aren’t director’s fees.

Without stopping to think, the left are lapping it up and believing it….Penny Bright is as believable as James Henderson with his spurious claims, likewise the The Standard authors are about as believable on anything as Trevor Mallard.

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  • Vlad

    IMO responding to Penny Bright who is a known & certifiable dingbat is probably a waste of your most valuable blog space.

  • Guest

    She takes a lot of pills every day for her mental disorders. She’s quite unwell, poor girl.

  • Mully

    “trying to wrecking”?

    Me fail English, that’s unpossible”

  • Anonymous

    Stupid doesn’t begin to explain it. Extreme FAIL.

  • Rockfield

    I believe that AUT does short courses in “Accounting for Non Accountants”, perhaps Ms. Dim should try there ….


    • Anonymous

      Perhaps she would be better off starting in a class on reading left to right. FFS the numbers she uses don’t even come from the same line as ‘directors fees’

  • Alex

    Yet another practitioner of the Mike Williams’ school of forensic accounting.  That said, a few stars for actually managing to look in the annual report, quite an advance for a leftist.  Always get a kick out of earnestly asking leftists to explain corporate governance and financial transactions.  There will never be any numbers involved; there will usually always be dark sinister rituals involving young children and cauldrons. 

  • Angry Croc

    Her surname is an oxymoron, and she can be described without the use of the prefix “oxy”.

    • Magoo

      Her middle names are ‘Not Too’.

  • Anonymous

    Surely you have to have actually worked at some point in your life to be classed as a worker?

  • Elaycee

    Penny Bright  failed at the Botany by-election / failed at the Howick Ward election / failed at the Auckland Mayoralty and failed to even get 0.4% (yup, 0.4%) of the total vote in Epsom during the general election.

    She is a perennial loser who doesn’t let any facts get in the way of her moonbat, conspiracy based  rants. Her ‘level of support’ is measured in numbers normally associated with the margin of error.

    She has as much credibility as a three dollar note. 


    • Steve (North Shore)

      Or one of these

  • Anonymous

    WO: please tell me you have/will point out this sorry sack of shit’s failings to her, I’m dying to see how fast she can pedal backwards.

  • Penny for one’s Bright Thoughts, except I wouldn’t get any Penny’s from any of Penny Brights “Bright” thoughts…

  • Dr Wang

    We are looking for a new accountant – has anyone got Penny’s number?

  • captain kidd

    why would anyone even bother to look at whats over on the sub standard?.

  • Nookin

    Dr Wang
    Elaycee has her number — well nd truly

  • Anne

    Stupid is as stupid does (or says) Oh dear Penny, is Bright really your name or are you trying to wrecking your reputation???

  • EX Navy Greg

    Surely she’s taking the piss.. she can’t be that dipshitty…seriously?

  • Steve and Monique.

    One things for sure. Sometimes it is best to stay quiet,and let people think your stupid,then open your mouth and prove it.Someone should do her a favour and wire her mouth shut.

  • Sars

    Haha this post and the comments are good for a laugh. I think the problem here is the left are just starting to twig that they need evidence to back up their accusations – they were probably all too busy patting Penny on the back for her ‘research’ to actually check it. 

    Hahahaha gave me the laugh I needed to start my day

  • AnonWhaleWatcher

    This reminds me of something happened around 10 years ago. I was doing my monthly accounts and my daughter, then 8, came in and ask me what I was doing. I told her that I was managing our money, so doing what a 8 years old does, she grab a calculator and started adding up all the numbers on the 6 pages of my bank statement. She concluded that I was super rich, only problem was, she added all the numbers indiscriminately, regardless of whether the number came from the credit or debit or even the balance column.

  • Ploughman

    She should read the Companies Act and study recent decisions on the responsibilities of directors.  She would then understand why they get a decent remuneration.  And unlike the Marxist systems she seems to favour, they are controlled by law and by shareholders. Thus prevents the massive accumulation of wealth in autocrats’  hands as has occurred in every Marxist state:  Castro, Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong-un, …
    She would be better demanding secret ballots for union elections…. “re-bettering workers wrights” could  be her rallying cry.