Stupid is as Stupid does, Ctd

I had a school teacher once who did this…one week he had a moustache, next week all gone. Stupid people must learn harsh lessons, the stupider they are the harsher the lessons must be:

A man suffered serious burns when petrol he poured into a lawnmower was set alight by his cigarette – and safety experts say he’s not alone.

The Tauranga 29-year-old set fire to himself and his house when he tried to fill his mower with petrol on Thursday while smoking a cigarette.

Neighbours dashed to his aid when they saw him running screaming from his Alverstoke Rd house in Parkvale about 3.20pm.

The Housing NZ house was significantly damaged. A woman at the property was also injured.

The man was yesterday recovering in Waikato Hospital with serious burns to his legs and superficial burns to his face and arms.

Greerton Fire Service station officer Peter Clark, who attended the blaze, said the accident was not the first time someone had been burned after being foolish with flammable liquids.

“People do some stupid things. We’ve seen it before and it won’t be the last time it happens.”


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  • Mully

    “Come with me”, says Darwin,

    Hand on heart, who is surprised it’s a Housing NZ house? Anyone?

  • Michael

    Just remember we are all paying for his stupidity – the fire service is funded by insurance premiums, HNZ rents are capped at 25% of income so are subsidised by taxpayers, the repairs will be written off although caused by the tenant, and the hospital is taxpayer funded. Because he thought smoking and petrol mixed.

    Anyone think he’d be more careful if had to pay for the consequences?

    • Paul Rain

      Probably not. But if he had to pay for the children he no doubt has, then maybe this wouldn’t repeat itself down the line in twenty years from now.

    • Gazzaw

      He was probably sniffing the petrol not filing his lawn mower.

  • Kiwidon

    And they breed & vote!

  • Kiwicanary

    Just as well we don’t have morons in NZ like those in Nigeria who tap into oil lines etc (usually with cigarette in mouth). I’m giving rednecks in Taranaki big ups for being restrained.


    Parkvale is like the South Auckland of Tauranga, it is full of ramshackle state housing, children wandering the streets with alcohol and cigarettes at all hours of the morning, pitbull fights being held on the streets etc. The place is constantly crawling with police, if there is a stabbing or a beating you know it occurred in Parkvale. Parkvale actually used to be called Merivale but it was renamed recently to try and get rid of some of the social stigma. Not surprised at all that this incident happened there. 

  • Anonymous

    Kiwidon is right they breed and vote. The problem with stupid people is that they actually think that they are smarter than the rest of us. The scary thing is that there numbers are increasing hence they become politically relevant and politicians pander to them to get elected, even if it means bankrupting the country. I saw that someone did something similar siphoning petrol at night, probably stealing it. The result NZ like other socialist democracies is on a slippery slop to oblivion.

    • Paul Rain

      Entirely predictable consequence of taking away qualifications on voting. In the 1800s, why wouldn’t you give everyone the vote? The few beggars couldn’t possibly make a difference, and the people not skilled enough to earn much still want to work, after all.

      The ancient Greeks realized that allowing people to vote themselves alms from the ablebodied would be a terrible idea. Their modern counterparts have ended up with a democracy with universal suffrage that allows hairdressers (can cut your fingers, you know) and radio announcers (microphone-transmitted bacteria! Just think how many die each year!) to retire at 50.

      Could a military coup save our society before we end up in another dark age? Probably not even that would do it.

  • Anonymous

    What would happen if public servants, anybody on a benefit, prisoners, and mental health patients were not allowed to vote?  Anybody that was an economic drain to society. No beneficiaries voting for more benefits, everybody  with a vested interest or benefit being excluded from voting. Sounds a bit extreme I know but we would end up with better laws and rules as a result.

  • Bunswalla

    How the hell did he manage to set fire to the house? Was he mowing the carpet or something?


    Smoker discovers cure for lung cancer.