Sure Wayne, we believe you

Kim Dotcom’s “bodyguard”, reckons he is in the clear because the shotgun he was holding when the cops burst in was bought legally.

A man who listed David Beckham and the royal family of Brunei among his clients has appeared in court on a firearms charge following a police raid on the $30 million Dotcom mansion.

Wayne Phillip Tempero, who had been head of security for Kim Dotcom at his Coatesville mansion, appeared in North Shore District Court yesterday over the unlawful possession of a semi-automatic shotgun.

Speaking outside court before his appearance, Tempero said he would fight the charges. He said the shotgun had been bought in Auckland with a licence.

Sure, he might have bought it legally, but if it was the Mossberg Super Shorty that just isn’t true. Even if he did buy the shotgun legally the moment he stood in the way of police with a loaded shotgun he was in trouble, he is real lucky he wasn’t given some ventilation treatment.

The whole thing that has got me buggered is why, when you have a “bodyguard” and you make out that you are the man all over the internet yo run screaming to a panic room? I mean how limp is that, hiding out in a panic room?


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  • Gazzaw

    Hi WO. Not being into guns (not anti, just no working knowledge) why would anyone in NZ need a gun like that?  You surely wouldn’t use it for hunting – about the only thing that it appears to be good for is concealing on your way into the bank!

  • RAS

    OMG I agree I was totally taken aback at the photo of that gun it really looks like serious shit and should never be in the hands of anyone who is capable of shooting in anger. 

  • c class

    good looking piece tho’…

  • History of Violence

    He could have brought a legal Mossburg 590 and chopped down, the pistol grip kits are readily available, he was probably charging 1k a day so would off been packing to impress client.
    Cops seem very eager to make a big fuss about this whole situation, and IMO have severely overreacted.

    They seem to hold the public to a different standard than they hold themselves, they seem to be able to blow away Joe Public with their bushmasters and not even get named. I understand that Graham Burton was in possession of 9mm Glock, ASP Baton and Police type vest, all apparently taken from a Northland Police Car while being serviced, if this is indeed correct why didn’t this come out?

  • Spiker

    I’d like to know how he bought that legally here. The only way a shotgun that short could be legally owned here would be on a collectors endorsement. Very strict conditions of ownership. Apart from that it would have to be legally exported from the USA. Not easy. I doubt very much the State Dept would grant an export license to anyone but a govt agency. In the USA this firearm falls under the NFA and as such is also strictly regulated. You just cant rock up to any gun shop & walk out with one. See more about that at the Surbu website.

    All that said I would mind one just for the fun factor. Nothing wrong in owned cool guns for recreational purposes. If I lived in the USA it would be on the wish list.

  • Paul Rain

    That Serbu isn’t semiautomatic.. and would be an E Cat under the Arms Code for the pistol grip.

    I don’t really care about this chap having a shotgun, illegal or not. You flash money around that much, it’s stupid not to have some sort of effective weapon. Also pretty stupid to have an illegal firearm, though better to be in jail than dead.

    It’s not like the “armed offenders” (to quote one TV3 story literally) that assaulted his house walked up to the door and knocked while announcing themselves as police officers.

    • Paul Rain

      Ah.. didn’t see the previous post. And ‘illegal munitions’ (presumably bean bag or baton rounds)? Yeah, unsurprising when this country bans pepper spray. After all, much better to let women be raped than be traumatized by defending themselves.

  • EX Navy Greg

    The cops should have these in their cars, That’ll fuck em.

  • Hakim of Phut

    Just like that TV show ‘Justified’ based on the US Marshalls.

  • Spiker

    Reading the story again, he’s charged with “unlawful possession of a semi-automatic shotgun.” The Surbu SUPER-SHORTY pictured above is a pump action so it’s doubtful that’s what it was.

  • Max_power

    Even if he did buy the shotgun legally the moment he stood in the way of police with a loaded shotgun he was in trouble, he is real lucky he wasn’t given some ventilation treatment.

    He didn’t. According to follow-up reports after the initial and typical repeater stories which simply regurgitated the press release, the gun was locked in a gun safe in the panic room.

    The police of course failed to mention that small “irrelevant” fact in their initial press release and the media of course failed as they normally do to promote the correction after they’d successfully laid down their initial false impression.

    Thus the myth is born. 

  • kehua

    This is a beat up from the start and just what our `breathless reporters“ love. The property in question has virtually no security fencing, the only security in reality was the locks on the  house( castle ) doors.  About 2 thirds of the property has ready access through neighbouring properties the other third being public road. It would be dead easy to infiltrate right up to the houses themselves as there is more than adequate cover available and I believe there were no dogs on site. This whole scenario smacks of the Te Urewera raids, only in this situation the easiest answer would have been to have Police at the 3 road gates and then walk up to the house and knock on the front door. As they say in the States, FBI stands for Fkn Big Idiots and that combined with reports in the Press of our AIS would sound about right. The 2 questions I have are, If you had 10 million stashed in the house does it not make sense to have protection available in the `money room`, is Mr Dotcom not a better deal than his equivilent weight in refugees?
    Also how many readers on this Blog have never downloaded illegally off the internet, and does this make us criminals along with the Germans? 

  • Observer

    Hello Whale. I like your column, and if you permit me, I would like to share with you some observations.

    Wayne’s a good operator, been in the game a long time with a track record to prove it and he usually knows what he’s doing. If anything, as it turned out, he under-estimated the security challenges and requirements for this job. I know a bit about this stuff. I’ve done similar work here and there.
    Now RAS, you poor wee dear, there there,we understand it’s all right.It’s only a photo of a gun, it won’t hurt you. I think that you’ve been around androgenous socialist feminist types way too long and are suffering from an acute case of HOPLOPHOBIA . This term was coined by the late Colonel Jeff Cooper USMC. to describe extreme and irrational fear of weapons or even the photographic images of weapons.

    There is a well known cure for this affliction. It’s called open a great big can of Man-Up. Or maybe you could just have a wee lie down, take your meds and continue with your taxpayer funded counseling for a few more years. 

    By the way Whale, the shotgun pictured is not a Mossberg. It is very similar to the Wilson Witness Protection12G built on a Remington M870 action with a Bob Choate style pistol grip kit. Wilson is a custom gun-shop in the States orientated towards the self defense market. They specialize in Remington based combat shotgun conversions, as well as a range of combat / self defense pistols built around  Colt’s classic M1911 platform.

    They have a big following among discerning armed private citizens, but for some years now, their largest customers have been the US Federal Government and it’s various Enforcement Agencies, particularly the DEA, the BATF, the DHS / Customs / ICE, the US Marshal Service and of course, the FBI. 

    Ah the irony of it all !

    And yes there is a vibrant self defense market in America. People there actually use force to defend themselves from criminals and violence. They do it a lot. It has significantly driven the crime rate down. They enjoy the right to do so because they rigorously assert and therefore renew that right.

    They don’t seem to do this in NZ. My take is that the Kiwis have been pussy whipped by Nanny State into being pathetic chicken shit victims, who are utterly dependent on the police and the ” Criminal Justice System ” to protect them. That’s what happens when you fail to assert your natural inalienable rights. And many are ignorant of their rights or are just intellectually lazy.

    This principle applies to both individuals and nations. Kiwis like to talk tough and look staunch but they don’t fight back against crime. They seem too scared of the government to do that. It’s like muscles. Use a right or lose it. Don’t let sneaky politicians, greedy legal types or bossy officials tell you otherwise. Tell them all where to go. Keep on telling them. Repeatedly until they get it.

    As for the police, did they really need 76 men, 40 vehicles, 2 black helicopters, and a wannabe SWAT team renowned nationally for their inability to correctly identify their targets and as a result of this appalling deficiency in basic firearms safe practice, for shooting dead an unarmed Auckland courier going about his lawful business.

    All of this ” by mistake” with no legal consequences for those responsible. An innocent man is dead, felled by bullets paid for by extension with his own tax money, by the very organisation who he indirectly paid to protect him. The officers responsible for that disaster should have been fired immediately and then named publicly and have their day in court to explain their actions.

    The rest of the Auckland AOS squad involved in that fiasco should not have visited Mr. Dotcom’s house. They should be at the shooting range learning Positive Target Identification and Shoot / Don’t Shoot until they get it right every time. If they can’t do this, then time to turn in their guns and walk away. Contrary to what the police and the media tell us, we don’t need guys like that. They can go home. We have spent way too much money on them already.

    This latest waste of taxpayer’s money during a recession, to go visit a harmless computer guy who likes to collect flash cars and fancy play things ? Three to five officers at the door with a  polite request for cooperation and a car on each gate to keep out gawkers should have been enough.

    Mr. Dotcom’s internet business activity would already have been well tracked and scrutinized by the global security apparatus of which NZ is a member. 

    The authorities were after all on PRIVATE property searching for evidence to support a foreign legal suit of dubious veracity well and truly outside both NZ interest and jurisdiction. Considering the amount of violent street crime in Auckland, surely there were far more pressing uses for 76 very well paid officers. They could all without exception, be employed on Patrol or Prevention work preferably during a night shift.

    This warped set of priorities is what happens when you allow a police force ( or any other govt. department for that matter) to be run by its Union. The same union who are always bleating about police personnel shortages. And the same union whose influence drives closed union shop police recruiting practices which in turn both artificially inflate the real cost of policing in NZ to stratospheric levels and create the very staff shortages about which union itself regularly complains. 

    Oh I forgot. The police in NZ don’t work for us.They work for themselves. We just keep paying through the nose for it. 

    Just like the the secondary school teachers union, yet another government gravy train loaded with dead wood and insider jobs for life topped by a gold plated pension plan.

    ” Kehua ” above is right about the” breathless reporters “.  Watch any prime-time network TV News broadcast and you can see the constant stream of hysterical courtroom drama style reporting of infantile garbage from mostly 20 something Know it all female reporters, aimed squarely at a target audience estimated to have the average mental age of a 13 year old. They have arranged the tone, the pitch and the poor grammar to suit.

    Their job seems to be to inflate the normal course of human events into micro disasters and then stridently remind us, just how important and relevant big government and their various bloated departments are to the lives of ordinary people. 

    The FBI are normally a very impressive agency. Some say the best in the world. I have always admired and respected the FBI. But this particular case is disappointing. It smacks of politics and greed.

    It’s a shame that the Bureau appears to be working for the big Hollywood and recording industry monopolists. Mr Kim Dotcom is just another innovative and talented businessman with a bright idea. America was built on great ideas, innovation and Free Enterprise. Looks like that idea, and not his activity is what really scares the Status Quo. 

    Mr Dotcom has done nothing wrong in New Zealand. He has in fact made several significant and very generous contributions to the general benefit of the people of Auckland. We as a country should acknowledge this and treat him accordingly. We should not as a people in all conscience take his money and then throw him out into the hands of his commercial rivals and their trumped up legal machinations.

    Mr Kim Dotcom does not belong in our remand prison.

    Mr Kim Dotcom deserves to be freed. RIGHT NOW !

    • Roscoe

      I agree with what you say actually I think it is appalling the way the police have treated Kim Dotcom and I do not think he should be on remand – if the Americans want him they should come and get him themselves and NZ Police should not be meddling in cases like this.  HOWEVER I still think that gun looks heinous and should never be in the hands of anyone who is incapable of controling their anger.  Sorry my opinion bothers you so much.

  • BlackBag

    I guess jackboots kicking in your door is called ‘getting what you voted for – good and hard’.