Sure Wayne, we believe you

Kim Dotcom’s “bodyguard”, reckons he is in the clear because the shotgun he was holding when the cops burst in was bought legally.

A man who listed David Beckham and the royal family of Brunei among his clients has appeared in court on a firearms charge following a police raid on the $30 million Dotcom mansion.

Wayne Phillip Tempero, who had been head of security for Kim Dotcom at his Coatesville mansion, appeared in North Shore District Court yesterday over the unlawful possession of a semi-automatic shotgun.

Speaking outside court before his appearance, Tempero said he would fight the charges. He said the shotgun had been bought in Auckland with a licence.

Sure, he might have bought it legally, but if it was the Mossberg Super Shorty that just isn’t true. Even if he did buy the shotgun legally the moment he stood in the way of police with a loaded shotgun he was in trouble, he is real lucky he wasn’t given some ventilation treatment.

The whole thing that has got me buggered is why, when you have a “bodyguard” and you make out that you are the man all over the internet yo run screaming to a panic room? I mean how limp is that, hiding out in a panic room?