Talking Backwards

Move over Socialist Cindy, this girl is so good at talking backwards she could lead the Labour party:


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  • Reverend Lovejoy

    Witch witch witch witch !!!!

  • ConwayCaptain

    She is a damn site better looking than Socialist Cindy and too good looking to be one of the wimmin in the Labour Party

    • Didn’t know you were into “little” girls? At least Cindy is of an obviously adult age.

      • Thorn

        NEIL, you seem to have problems relating to women. Could not help noticing your habit of projecting on little girls. Impotence perhaps, or  is it that wart on your bum?

  • SHG

    Try listening to a backwards recording of what she’s saying – it’s unintelligible. She seems to be visualising the letters of the word and then just phonetically enunciating them in reverse order.

    • Instantly….there I fixed that for you.

    • Brian Smaller

      isn’t that what speaking words is for the most part – Phonetically enunciating letters (sounds) that have some meaning to us?

  • Anonymous

    I would`nt do that too much if I were her , being in the centre of the bible belt they are liable to burn her as a witch.

  • Orange

    “American Flag” was discernible, nothing else.