Tea Tapes Published

The Teatapes have been published. A short time ago I was sent an email that had a Soundcloud link and a Youtube link (uploaded by 2Johns2Cups) to the tea tapes. They are easily found, but I will not link to them until the legal position of the tapes is clarified, at this point in time it is still an illegal recording and it is still subject to a Police investigation.

However, I have listened to them and now you can too if you are of a mind. You will now know that in stark contrast to the sensational media reporting of the tapes at the time that there is nothing “explosive” on the tapes at all.

TV3, Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower and the staff of the Herald on Sunday should hang their heads in shame for their News of the World style  tactics in publicising this and changing the focus of the election from issues into a sideshow perpetrated and manipulated by them for political gain.

Winston Peters has been proven to be a liar. Nothing on the tape even remotely suggests what he breathlessly intimated.

This whole episode shows the parlous state of some media outlets in NZ.

It is curious that the tape has been released on the same day as the Prime Minister’s first major speech of the year. Proving that this whole stitch-up has been a political act from beginning to end, shamelessly milked by media outlets desperate for sales and corrupt politicians desperate for votes.


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  • Pete George

    I’m not of a mind to listen to them, I can’t be bothered, especially as they will now probably be broadcast and written about excessively anyway.

    No surprise they have been released, the only mild surprise was always going to be when.

    No surprise there is nothing of substance, that was the most likely revelation.

    And no surprise if the media makes far more of it than it justifies, again.

  • JAX

    Took all of ten seconds to find on google .    Havent listened to it, as cant be bothered –   but its pretty easy to find,  until youtube etc takes it down,   ,  so its all over the place already so is out forever now.   

  • Joe Bloggs

    Hardly the smoking gun that certain media, Liarbore and Winston would have us believe…

    More of a very damp squib…

  • Lesley

    “Off with their heads!” I hope whoever has published them is chucked by the Queen into jail. Fed up with this saga. We have moved on from the Mad Hatter’s who hyped up this saga before the election. TV3, Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower and the staff of the Herald on Sunday – you have let NZ down and lowered the standard of journalism. I think it is timely that government had a look at the standard of NZ journalism and what freedom of expression really means. The media is very powerful in its influence – along with power must come responsibility and that is often not seen these days in MSM.

  • beanyboy

    What a load of shite, some media have seriously damaged their credibility…cept they probably won’t even bother covering it too much cos it shows them in a bad light.

  • JAX

    So do we all now have the PM’s phone number?   Thats perhaps the most annoying part for him in the whole thing ? 

  • Jam_Sammie

    Got to 1:36…didn’t need to listen anymore…all i heard was blah, blah nice tea…

  • Vegas

    This is just a conversation with a couple of guys who want to get into Government., Banksie was cute advising John what good things to say about him!
    Everyone knew that the Labuor nastiness was hurting their chances.
    No texting between them, but I did get John’s phone number….oops they have just seen the recording device… no more conversation….the end!
    Have no idea why the media blew this thing out of proportion. Shame on them.

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  • Robert

    The comments re: Winston are there during the fourth minute. He expects them to poll at 3 percent, their supporters are dying off, etc…..

    • It says nothing of the sort. They talk about polling there is nothing at all aout his supporters dying off.

      • JAX

        At 4.00 – 4.10 ish in the youtube version,  he definitely says regarding winston,  they poll 3 or something etc,  “and his constituency is dying off”.   

      • JonBanksterKi

        Who s the liar now? Whalefatoil?

    • Anonymous

      No, he didn’t say their supporters are dying off. He said “A lot of his constituents will have died”. That’s a much different assertion to what Peters made in the media. So there we have it – our media outlets pretty much got Winston re-elected.

      • Sadu

        “A lot of his constituents will have died” is what I heard too. I fail to see how this is anything other than a basic statement of fact. Of course a number of NZF voters will have died in the 3 years since they have been in government.

        Anyway – shame on TV3 for manipulating our election and getting Peters back into government. John Key was absolutely correct when he said the tape was bland.

  • Sam

    Bradley Ambrose went down over this?? I feel sorry for him now, he has been used completely by the media…..

    • Anonymous

      Yes but the media got to make the entire thing about them! Screw actual policy, issues and blah blah blah.

  • Barbo

    In the first minute alone you can clearly hear the security say ‘move on’… So when Ambrose first listened to it he would have known immediately that the conversation was intended to be private. So why has he argued otherwise ever since?

  • Aobugs

    Never was going to be anything of note. But the principle of having a secret recording (accidental or not) released was why (justifiably) John Key refused to allow them to be released. Typical bullshit media and bullshit Peters trying to make something out of them.

  • Mickrodge

    There’ll be some red faces around the TV3 & Herald offices this afternoon.

    Liars every one of them. Credibility out the window. Winston owes them all a Scampi dinner after this fiasco.

    I won’t hold my breath to see this as the lead story on TV3 tonight.

  • Androidmessage

    You do realise that you can hear John Keys mobile number on there ay…..

  • JonKi Bankster

    National and Act banksters and elitist fraudsters. Defrauding NZ tax payers and selling off the country to the highest bidder, while sharing the profits to their unproductive friends in the board rooms and banks.

    • Mickrodge

      Their supporters ARE the tax payers jackass.

      You leftards really need some new rhetoric.

    • Vij

      You are a moron

    • Anonymous

      Grumpy because your tent got taken down? You’ll have plenty of time for a haircut now

      • Guest

        John Key and his elite politician mates in NAtional AND Labour have succeeded defrauded NZ in decades, deregulating the financial institutions, creating land scarcity, stealing billions in tax payer money to bail out SCF, AMI. Selling out all strategic assets, allowing mining with minimum returns to NZ and creating a low salary environment, causing brain drain and social injustices. For making NZ the most unaffordable country to buy land and property and for lying about raising tax.

      • Mark

        Nah, “JonKi Bankster” is probably one of those skinny white guys with ginger dreadlocks. You know, the ones that look like complete try-hard fuckwits.

    • Anonymous

      Geeeez, how many nom de plumes can John Minto have?

    • Gazzaw

      Sod off Wankster.

    • Anonymous


    • bb

      can you replace the dead lawn while your at it…

  • EX Navy Greg

    I note it starts with the “occupy Aotearoa” symbol. Coincidence much ?
    Could Penny Notso and her mates at TV3 have anything to do with the release, given that very few people have access to the tapes ?

  • Mike K

    I think caution should be exercised before rushing into casting judgement on all the different parties involved and how they reacted to the recording…Who knows if this is the exact same version as the original?
    Scepticism is the order of the day for me – someone unscrupulous enough to publish it on YouTube could also easily be unscrupulous enough to “edit” it in some way to misrepresent it (e.g. cut out some critical parts of the conversation)…

  • Peter Wilson

    I guess the tapes were “inadvertedly” leaked.

    We won’t be holding our breath for an apology for all those who seeked to use the tapes as a sideshow.

  • Blah

    Whaleoil said “Winston Peters has been proven to be a liar. Nothing on the tape even remotely suggests what he breathlessly intimated.” 

    Yet according to the article you’ve linked to …

    “[Winston] said the tape canvassed issues including the future and leadership
    of the Act party, New Zealand First’s electoral chances and the
    percentage of the vote National would secure.” 

    Is there a different recording out there because I definitely heard these three issues discussed by the Johns during their conversation.

    • Guest

      Whaleoil is the liar and is proven to have lied before about W Peters. Whoever takes this joker seriously is either mentally unstable (Whaleoil has been diagnosed with mental illness) or is ignorant. John Key cannot be trusted. He is a proxy for the banking elite. Fraudster

      • Jam_Sammie

        Is that right Winston? Does the word NO remind you of anything?

      • Winny

        Winston  pay the money back  you owe the taxpayers

      • Jester

        Typical rant from a dumb fuck Winston Peters supporter.

      • Gold

        Whale’s been pretty up front about his mental illness. And the only people who seem to have a problem with it are the “caring sharing” left. In fact, I’d wager more people read WO’s blog than voted for Mr. Jan Trotman, kept man of St Mary’s Bay.


        Fuck off if you dont trust the site,and its author.As for bringing up mental health issues,what a wanker.

      • Oh FFS Penny; how did you get internet access at Auckland Central Police Station?

      • Angry Croc

        Guest, the Whale may have mental illness but he has it under control, unlike you who is suffering from delusional paranoia and congenital stupidity from the tone of your posts.

      • Justme

        Inventory2, Hilarious!

      • bb

        penny, can you replace the lawn you & your dirty hippy mates munted. minto won’t do it he’s off to chch for the next round of rent-a-protestor.

  • Guest

    W. Peters has not broken the law. What was a media assasination 3,5 years ago has backfired in the last election. Liars can be found above under the name of whaleoil who posted a lie about the tape. Everyone can listen to the tape now and find out the ruthless politician J Key is. He does not care about the old, young or anyone. He is here to steal, like he stole at Marryl Lynch. Bankster

    • Mickrodge

      Learn to spell, take today’s medication & stop drinking meths.

      Ranting fool.

    • Anonymous

      Well seeing as you’re such a good pal of Winstons, could you please ask him to pay back the money he owes us? Theres a good chap

    • M3N78L

      Winston Peters (Lion Brown) is a goats cock, and i challenge you to prove otherwise. Here’s a few pointers, Winebox.The Horse Racing.industry (remember the private helicopters?) “No” means… yes? The parliamentary vehicle he decided not to give back after he lost his seat (and rack up thousands on fuel bills for taxpayer) And now that “game changer” the teapot tapes.Why don’t you fuck off back to whatever resthome you escaped from.

      • Busman007

        Dont forget the scampi deal!!!!!!!!

      • Truth will come out

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      The only reason Winston hasn’t broken the law is that the government of the day changed the law to make his illegal actions legal after the fact.

    • Oh fuck off you anonymous coward….Winston Peters is a lying , thieving corrupt politician who still woes the NZ taxpayer $158,000.

      He sells policy for cash and lies every time he opens his mouth.

      • Balanced View

        Agree with your coward comment, and some of your Winston comments, but honestly Whale – why don’t you just admit that your comment earlier refuting Winstons assertions about the tapes was wrong? Your silence loses you credibility

    • Angry Croc

      Merrill Lynch methinks, you fucking retard.


      A few votes from People like yourself helped this self serving twat back to have his rants .MMP needs to get the arse,so we dont have to listen to him,and you,and your winnie the pooh fanclub mates prattle on .Take 2 viagra,and go fuck yourself.

  • Dr Wang

    I have a tape (accidently recorded) of Hulun and Winnie arguing – Winnie threatens to blab about the LAX incident unless Hulun keeps stumm (and keeps covering for him) about the dosh he received from her patron “Mister G”…etc

    Can I release this tape now?

  • poorman

    Is it just me, or has Mr Jan Trotman, kept man from St Marys Bay, got a new computer and is spending his time trolling here?


    Media(and Labour) hype strikes again.Could not have got a bigger bunch of left supporters if you tried.All look pretty stupid now.As for Winnie the pooh,should just fuck off.

  • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

    Well, now you know how we Pit Bull advocates feel. Mischievous unprofessional, unaccountable media and scurrilous pollies:




    And you, Mr Slater, were one of the guilty parties when it came to sneering at and deriding people who know better than to fall for unfounded, self-serving media hype and political skulduggery as I recall when it came to the Pit Bulldog.

    Do the words ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ ring a bell?

    • Bafacu

      Earth to Karen – please stay on whatever planet you’re on!

      • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

        So the qualified position statements of every Vet Association around the planet makes no difference to the media manipulation of your thinking? You are one click away from discovering how uneducated you are. I challenge you, do some actual research outside of parrot mode.

      • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

        So the qualified position statements of every Vet Association around the planet makes no difference to the media manipulation of your thinking? You are one click away from discovering how uneducated you are. I challenge you, do some actual research outside of parrot mode.

      • Bafacu

        Karen, I have looked at the 3 links – nothing in there to change my mind – I also note with interest that there are not many photos of the Pitbulls that don’t show them straining against their leads (chains in some cases).

        How many Pitbulls would you guess are involved in unprovoked attacks on people as a percentage of all dogs? Maybe 90%ish plus would be my guestimate. Don’t hear of many unprovoked attacks by Labs, poodles, foxys etc in comparison – or are all the reports only of the Pitbulls and all the others supressed by the media to make them look bad?

    • Mickrodge

      No, but the words Pit Bull, unprovoked & attack ring a bell.

      • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

        So the qualified position statements of every Vet Association around the planet makes no difference to the media manipulation of your thinking? You are one click away from discovering how uneducated you are. I challenge you, do some actual research outside of parrot mode.

      • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

        So the qualified position statements of every Vet Association around the planet makes no difference to the media manipulation of your thinking? You are one click away from discovering how uneducated you are. I challenge you, do some actual research outside of parrot mode.

        • They are psycho dogs owned by psycho owners.

          The only good pitbull is a dead pitbull

          • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

            So you aren’t even prepared to read the comments of those qualified to make them, namely ASPCA, Dr Ian Dunbar and many many others? That’s just brain dead laziness.

            You keep right on making a fool of yourself parroting the rot you read in the news Cameron.

            But how dare you criticise the media dupe the public in just the same way and cause results YOU don’t like. Silly man.

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of parrot mode Karen, 4 times. Fuck off already. You need the same remedy as the pitbulls.

    • If it was up to me I would personally shoot every single pitbull in NZ. There is no valid reason for owning dogs of death.

      Watching people train them with 5kg weights around their necks is disgusting.

      • Boss Hogg

        You need two rounds per dog – The dog gets one and the owner gets one.  Low cost shot gun rounds would be a good choice at very close range.

        I wonder if Karen has children that are allowed to play with these “Domestic Pets”

        More pathetic minority groups being allowed to inflict their sick ideas and habits on to the majority.  Do these killer dogs contribute to the Greater Good of the community?

        There should be police dogs, farm working dogs and dead dogs in my book.

    • Groans

      Pitballs are too ugly to live in NZ, what with all our nice scenery and all.  Plus they’re aggressive, get rid of them.

      • Thorn

        Per capita, do pit bulls injure more children than Maori?

    • Thorn

      Karen, I doubt if the pit-bull haters have ever owned them. This is the same shit I would expect from Kosh and not people I usually respect.

      • Karen Batchelor APBTA Inc

        Thank you Thorn. It seems that those who post here are arrogant, profoundly ignorant and plain rude. No place for a lady, or a sweet dog obviously.
        Please join us for civilised conversation and progress in the matter of the demise of BSL and the truth about the media tactics:
        We’d be glad of your educated company.
        I’ve cancelled updates from this uncouth forum. 5kg chains indeed. What sort of knuckle-dragging company do these thugs keep, one wonders.

      • Karen you tard, I was doing a repo for a mate the other day and there were 5 such dogs chained to a tree all with 5kg weights around their necks. I know what I saw. Evil Dogs being trained by evil owners.

      • Thorn

        So Whale, its the dogs’ fault for being abused by the untermenschen?

      • EX Navy Greg

        Exactly Thorn. A colleague of mine has two of the american ones which they have had for years, and even they say that the breed’s reputation attracts the wrong sort of people. Not all Pitbull owners are responsible and caring owners as you two are.
        My comment below I didn’t say “all” owners did I ?
        This breed seems to feature too often in the statistics.

  • EX Navy Greg

    99% of pitbulls owners are fucktards as well. Shoot the fucking lot of them.

    • Thorn

      My bull terrier would not have sex with your mother, even with a condom.

      • EX Navy Greg

        You need help

  • Anonymous

    Hey Winnie… Give us back our $158K.  I’m sure your sugar mama can get it for you


    Pure bred pitbulls,or what is past off in NZ for pitbulls.Most are x breed mongrels.Dogs of any kind can be nasty,labs included.Owners count for most of the problem,.

    • Thorn

      Well said S & M. That this why it is essential to buy from a reputable breeder who has culled  inappropriate behaviours. When buying any of the terrier family, the Jack Russells included, training and socialisation are essential to ensuring the pet is a productive member of the family. And yes, owners are invariably of the problem.

    • Anonymous

      The pitbull is not a bad breed, it’s the people who are attracted to owning them because of their fierce reputation and either don’t know how to handle them or purposely make them vicious. Wasn’t that long ago that German Shepherds and Rottweilers were the dog of choice for these people and had the same reputation.
      Any dog can be vicious if not handled well, normally the smaller they are the more vicious. But if a powerful dog like a pitbull attacks it is going to do damage.
      Put the owners down not the dogs

  • phronesis

    I have always wanted a cheetah


      Tiger would be cool to

      • EX Navy Greg

        We adopted a Macaw on ship many years ago…until the skipper found it in his day cabin…Kerlunk!  bye bye Macaw.

  • Guest visiting the asylum

    Who is under control. How can Whaleoil be under control if he points to a youtube link that clearly shows that from minute 4:00 Bankster Key exactly said what W Peters accused him of. But even after posting this Whaleoil blatantly continues lying and posting new stories to lead away from this fact. That’s mental illness in action and defamation

    He disqualified himself of commenting on current issues and really cannot be taken seriously.

    • M3N78L

      keep banging the rocks together dipshit.

    • Anyone who uses the word “bankster” is seriously on a bender. You probably send emails to government organisations complaining of chemtrails, aliens eating the wallpaper in your bathroom and your sore anus from all the probing going on on spacecraft that visit only in your mind.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Guest,
    With an unconsidered? and inconsiderate, totally uneducated in fact of mental illness, perhaps you need a considerable review yourself, comment like that – your ‘body language’ says;

    FFS, Nothing comes to mind

  • Anonymous

    Just wasted 10mins of my life listening to absolutey nothing. Big shock was that I learnt old people die off, my god…


    Guest,You have allowed the rest of us to see the quality of Winstons supporters in this country.I am so glad to be able to say that it only confirms what I have always thought about your esteemed leader,and his supporters.What a complete bunch of twats.

    • Guest in the asylum

      You have learned that there are people who do not trust a banker who has made his money by ripping off the tax payers of this world and is now doing the same in NZ by selling off everything that is worth here. You stay in your ignorant world and one day you might understand what was written by George Orwell.

      Whaleoil is a proven LIAR …how funny…proven pn his own site. People who support a PRIME MINISTER who is happy that NZ citizens he is representing here and aboad are dying is pathetic. The fact that he is corrupt has already been proven.

      • EX Navy Greg

        A few corrections., Guest in the asylum,

        Point 1 : JK was never a banker. He was a currency trader, who sold currencies to institutions that wished to purchase same.No taxpayer money was ever involved. Every single bank in NZ has a currency trading floor, when the TV news does a cross to a bank’s chief economist, where do you think it is ? It’s the trading floor. If ANZ bank buys $100 mil from HSBC and sells it to another bank in 24 hours for a profit, which is what they do, is that ripping off the taxpayer as well?
        Point 2 : How the governments partial share float of some state assets, not all,  can even be remotely compared to the massive sell off by the Labour party in the 80’s I don’t know. Did you complain about that then or did you as I did in 84 and again in 87 vote for them?
        Point 3: During my tenure here WO has never posted anything that can’t be backed up with independent, verified information, most of which is already in the public domain if only you know how to look for it.

        Take your pills.


        You still fuckin here.The good thing is if you are one of Winstons voters,we can look forward to you not being around long,( so the teapot tape says).Or are you Winston,cause it has a ring of bullshit attached to all your posts.Good luck,and thanks for leaving.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think Guest in the asylum understands currency trading, politics, banks or the consequences of missing a days medication.

      • Balanced View

        Hi Navy, always enjoy your posts. But on this instance Whale did make a comment that there was no reference in the tapes by JK about constituents dying off, when clearly there was. He would be the first to claim that this was a lie if it were a “lefty” making the comment – even though in most instances, including this one, the more likely reason was a mistake or oversight. Whale should just man up and admit he got it wrong this time, and in turn earn some credibility. Your thoughts?

      • EX Navy Greg

        Balanced view, clearly an oversight as even myself with cloth ears and half deaf from years of gunfire can clearly hear “blah blah constituents dying off”
        WO is very trusting of us here, and probably doesn’t moderate posts before allowing disqus (which is automated) to post them. He may not have seen your earlier post.
        WO could you give us a heads up on how disqus works ? Cheers G

  • Beans

    Can’t wait to see the plethora of excuses that will come from TV3 and the Herald.

    Fact is, one of them deliberately leaked the tape to derail the start of the governing year and take the heat off Ambrose so he would be less inclined to spill the truth to the police.

    Congratulations, guys, your credibility is ripped to shreds. Was it really worth it?

  • Anonymous


    Comments: dogs.

    Is someone having trouble keeping to the topic at hand, or was John and John talking about dogs?

    • EX Navy Greg

      Waiting for the transcript, but I’m sure I heard J K say to J B “Winnie needs a big black dog up him”
      This may have put us off topic : )


      No just that mongrel Winnie

  • hemi

    clearly the tape says nothing outrageous or the media would be the loudest voice right now.
    My concern is more that our PM could not trust himself to have NOT said something derogatory or incriminating, otherwise he would of not allowed this to become a story in the first place.
    I believe that most of the party-leaders can not to be entirely believed anyway – be it winston or J.Key. 

  • Phar Lap

    Noticed a mongrel looking guy on tv3 Nightline news ,said his name was Gower or even turnip head.Seemed to be embracing some   words  of a little guy with a big head called Peters who has threatened to hound our PM Key, if he didnt withdraw the police complaint against the media patsy who was set up by TV3 and Herald on Sunday,whom they paid plenty of money to.

  • Anonymous

    Soooooo……. Two people had a cuppa together. They talked out some other acquaintances – Dear God!. the combined brain of the Media in this country would not fill a teabag (OOOOPS)

  • Robert

    lol but it is true. Whaleoil is a liar.

    • Anonymous

      So Robert, why do you read this blog?