Teapot Tapes

The Teapot Tapes have been leaked onto the internet for all to download and share. I’m giving Storify a bit of a go to see how it works.


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  • Pete George

    PM Key changes his cell phone number. NZF MP and former Nth Shore mayor reportedly devastated. @mackersline #latenitecalls

  • Phar Lap

     Got  a new number for Peters?Middlesex RU12.,Sorry Peters i meant a liar. 

  • Bob

    Confirms pedro pathetic overexcited Gower’s coverage of the story as a complete worthless plonker!

  • Anonymous

    Good!  Hopefully Winston First’s poll ratings will plunge to around 1% or so now. 

  • Troy

    Hardly worth listening to.  Confirms Peters is a goat’s cock as are the media that made a big fuss at the time.  Ho hum.!

  • jay cee

    haven’t heard the tape but judging from the reaction it would appear that key was over reacting,
    so what was he afraid of?

    • Dion

      I’ve heard it.  I was disappointed (but not surprised) at the shit storm created by the media – particularly Gower & friends.  

      An absolutely disgusting spectacle.  In the middle of an election with so much at stake.