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Cactus Kate got a letter…from the Labour Party…they posted it all the way to Hongkong. It thanked her for her substantial support of labour at the last election and also went on the bludge for more and a call to become a member:

Labour thank you letter

Seriously though if Labour wants to have Cactus Kate as a member they must be real low on membership but more importantly does this signal a return to their 1984-87 heyday by tantalising long time Act members with a resurgence.

There is only two ways to get Cactus Kate to do anything…offers of money or sex with hot men. Has Stuart Nash booked a flight for Hongkong?

I feel a song coming on:



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  • mister m

    So the great supporters and defenders of all things state owned, use an Australian owned bank – BNZ!


  • Agent BallSack

    Any time Kate needs a gigolo Cam just tell her to call ;) I’m sure half of this blog readership would pack their bags :) Ummm I want a confidentiality clause first though!

  • Anonymous

    Extremist allies! Woo boogy boogy boogy!

    Excuse me, just trying to be a bit scary.

  • Rockyr

    Maybe Cactus could form the Hong Kong branch of the VFL.