Thanks Phil

One of the legacies of Phil Goff is that some of his staff in what was formerly known as the Goffice are being axed. I blogged that this would be one of the consequences and now it is starting to bite. Labour only have Phil Goff to thanks for their suffering. I hope he gives each staff member who got given the cardboard box a nice hug for solidarity…except Clinton Smith.

As they file out they can say “Thanks Phil”:

Labour is slashing its parliamentary staff numbers, after its poor election result sliced an estimated $700,000 off its funding.

As part of the cost-cutting the number of press secretaries working for the 34 MPs has been cut from five to three; one fewer than the press team that works exclusively for Prime Minister John Key.

There will also be likely job losses in other areas, but these are yet to be finalised, as Labour looks for savings to cover what is understood to be a 20 per cent fall in funding from $3.5m before the election to about $2.8m now.

Chief press secretary Fran Mold will take on a broader role as head of media and communications, including correspondence.

She said leader David Shearer, who is well-known for hating long meetings, would instigate other changes too, including limiting caucus meetings to 90 minutes.

MPs would also be seated differently changing from the current rows of seats to a roundtable format and cellphones and laptops would be left outside in an effort to keep the meetings shorter and more businesslike.

Trevor Mallard is going to choke at not being able to tweet up a storm instead of listening to boring old caucus meetings.


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  • heavinstevin

    Lefties always say jobs shouldn’t be lost so that bosses can profit even when a company does so poorly. Interesting parable here that the bosses are keeping all their profit (salary from the taxpayer) but the workers keep their jobs. Hypocrisy much bro?

  • Guest

    Is that pathetic hand-wringing crybaby Marcus Ganley for the chop?

  • Kosh103

    No different than when Bill English led National to its much greater defeat.

    • Muffin

      Kosh do you actually have anything intelligent to add to any conversation ever?

      • Kosh103

        Am I wrong? Would National not have had to do the same after the far worse defeat under Bill English?


      • EX Navy Greg

        Kosh you have actually made a good point about Labour not shouting from the rooftops. If they are like tits on a bull as an opposition, how the hell do you ever imagine they could govern ?

    • Exactly…it hurts, and Bill English will never again be anywhere near the leadership due to the pain he caused. You are a moron though…using the kindergarten sandpit argument…but they did it too.

      The point is this, if you lose badly it isn’t just at the election, it costs you for three years straight and effectively nobbles you for the next election too.

      • Kosh103

        No, the point is this situation is no different to what National went through and you are using it as a cheap shot at a party you dont like.

        It must be a bloody slow news month given the number of puff bullshit bits you have been posting and struggling to land one decent blow on Labour.

        Here I will even help you out. Latest info out shows NZ has an amazingly high levels of math, science and english ability in our schools. We rate in the top 5 (thats off the top of my head, it might be the top 10) for education in the world. So with that in mind, why the hell is Labour not screaming that from the rooftops and denouncing National as a pack of liars? Why is Labour not doing its job and landing a dammaging, PUBLIC blow to national and its lies? How about going after Labour for being a worthless opposition party and remind them they are not the Govt anymore.

         That would be a far better point to make than the pathetic bullshit puff piece that Labour has to reduce staff because it has less MPs.

      • Agent BallSack

        @b32f09744e97966ab0d05f2db1e98c09:disqus  Bet that piece of information didn’t come out of Aunty Helens UN branch, she’s too busy tearing down NZ now she doesn’t lead it.

      • My god, @b32f09744e97966ab0d05f2db1e98c09:disqus , This is Cam’s personal blog where he puts any and every opinion he wants. It’s not a “slow news month”, because this is not a newspaper or the 6 o’clock news. Of course he uses everything to attack Labour, because he (and most of us) hate them, and what they want to do to us! 

      • Geez from that rant I wonder if Kosh just got a pay cut or the ERO on his butt?
        In any case, what ABS and Joel said

      • Kosh103

        Joel – I understand this is his personal blowhole site. But FFS, he could at least put the effort in and attack Labour for real things, as oppsed to bullshit puff pieces, and then when challanged on it, run away.

  • Apolonia

    If they can reduce the size of parliamentary staff to match their income, why not support the same for the public service.

  • Anon

    Yea – Fran Mold still there. Great – could not believe it.
    She appeared to be a disaster during the Election.

  • insider

    Jenny Michie is suddenly pushing her wares on the Stranded. Was she one?

  • Gazzaw

    A shame to see John Harvey go. At 67 I hope that it was his call. He was highly successful in his tenure as editor at the Manawatu Standard and took on a challenging role as King’s press secretary.  A good bloke regardless of political leanings.