The constant martyr?

David Shearer has told us about his favourite book and movie.

His favourite book is Reach for the Sky about British Word War II hero Douglas Bader who lost his legs yet continued to fly and to escape when he was captured.

Hos favourite movie is The Lives of Others. Apparently it’s “a German film about a Stasi officer during the Cold War who is forced into spying on people, until he discovers, for want of a better word, his humanity.”

Bad enough watching a movie like that but one in German with subtitles just makes him a glutton for punishment. If that is what rips his undies then perhaps he should watch a more appropriate subtitled German movie…Der Untergang.

I do wonder though why his whole life needs to revolve around getting his jollys off pain and suffering?

I’m starting to get the feeling that Labour wants us to think of David Shearer as the constant martyr.

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  • I’ve only heard good things about The Lives Of Others. I believe it won some big awards.

    • Aye, I watched it a couple of years ago. It was in German with subtitles – not sure if a dubbed version was ever produced. But indeed it was a very good film. I wouldn’t call it a favourite though, very dark.

  • Ploughman

    Douglas Bader was an immensely brave and capable pilot, but he did the war effort a terrible disservice (and showed his flawed understanding of tactics) when he supported that bounder Trafford Leigh Mallory in an attack on Park and Dowding made to Churchill.  Park and Dowding had developed the only practical way of defending against a much larger attacking force.  They made their attack in dribs and drabs as soon as an attack could be made.  It was extremely effective.  Bader’s Big Wing strategy would have been a disaster as was proved when it was tried at the end of the Battle of Britain and in simulations in 1942. His ideas would have lost us WW2.  
    Perhaps there is something of significance for David’s tenure.  Superficially nice ideas can sometimes have kickers that cause disaster.  Helen’s time provides many examples.   

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention his favourite clothes, a hair singlet perhaps?

  • Jkleintje

    This only is proof that Shearer lives in the past without being able to learn any lessons from it it seems, judging from his current ideas and (in)actions….

    • Kosh103

      What a load of right wing green eyed tripe.

  • Kosh103

    Intresting that WO sees these texts, movies etc as an example of pain and suffering as opposed to courage, hope and the want to change.

    But then, WO has admitted he is bias, and would find fault with David watching the Cooking chanel.

  • Timroberts Nz

    I was about to make similar comments as ploughman re bader and the big wing tactics. Also surprised that Shearer would pick this as Bader was a well known staunch conservative, supported Ian smiths white minority and an advocate for the death penalty. That being said he was inspirational regarding his bravery and his love of a good fight. The book is a good read from what I remember but is written for the adolescent age group.

    • Kimbo

      …you could maybe argue it shows Shearer is no ideologue, and admires people with wisdom and character, no matter where he finds them, and no matter what their politics. If so, it will make a welcome and necessary change – for the country’s sake, as much as Labour.

      Now if he can just call in an exorcist, and purge Labour of the die-hard class-warfare brigade, starting with Darien Fenton, he will make a lot of ordinary, non-politically minded Kiwis very happy…

      Also, I think you will find that Ian Smith WAS a fighter pilot during WWII, so there may have a been a personal/servicemen’s bond. Either way, it is tedious left-wing rhetoric and analysis to judge historical figures primarily, even solely through the lens of current political and moral orthodoxy. Is simply a cheap and lazy way of maligning the dead, and forcing ideology on to history, when hopefully we should be learning from it.

    • Angry Croc

      Ian Smith was a humanitarian compared with the guy that took over from him.

  • Seán

    “The Lives of Others” was an excellent movie. Also #56 on IMDBs Top 250 rankings, so some others think so also. Talk about clutching at straws if this is all one can dig up on Shearer. I hope we see better in the coming months.

    • Kosh103

      The right are rather desprate. They know National will not win the next election so they are going to try anything, no matter how weak.

  • H3arold

    A bit of a harsh call on Shearer’s choice of movie there Mr Oil.  “Lives of Others” is a great movie if a bit of a downer.