The good news on Climate Change continues

Far from being the end of life as we know it, more evidence continues to surface that suggests that Climate Change, specifically the warming kind is actually good…especially for albatross:

Climate Change may have actively helped boost the survival chances of endangered albatrosses, scientists believe.

…Experts at the Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé in in Villiers en Bois, France, noticed that over that time the length of time of foraging expeditions has fallen from 13 to 10 days and the birds weigh an average of more than 2lb more.

Over the past 30 years westerly winds in the area have become faster and moved further south.

The researchers, led by Dr Henri Weimerskirch said tat the boost in the bird’s size was “one of the most unexpected changes we observed over the past 20 years”.

The study concluded: “Wandering albatrosses appear so far to have benefited from wind changes occurring in the Southern Ocean, with higher speeds allowing for more rapid travel.

“In wandering albatrosses the probability of prey encounter and capture is related to the daily distances individuals are able to cover.”

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  • Hollyfield

    Good news?  If they keep gaining weight and spend less time foraging (ie exercising), they might get so overweight they cannot even fly. We might have to introduce a fat tax for them.

    • Super Guest

      You remind me of that guy from Mary Poppins: “Feed the birds and what do you get? Fat birds!”

      • Hollyfield

        LOL. Funny thing is, not only do I throw bread on my lawn for the birds, I also supply them with a large shallow dish of water for drinking and bathing, AND I lock my cats inside so the birds can eat in peace!

  • Clarence Kay

    This definitely breaches the MSM rule that it offends journalistic ethics to mention any good things that would arise from a mild improvement in average temperatures. After all, this site has accumulated 852 bad things that will result from any climate change.

  • Martin

    So you deny it is happening but now say it is good?  Make up your mind!