The hollow silence

At first with the Ports crisis it was Mayor Len Brown that was scared of his own voice. Eventually he found it and spoke out, backing the board.

But what of Labour and David Shearer. Has anyone heard from them. Trevor Mallard found time in the professional cycling calendar to retweet Helen Kelly’s tl;dr rebuttal of the numbers that Cactus Kate published, which was in turn superceded by the POAL confirming the details Cactus released.

Darien Fenton, normally one to speak at every opportunity is, apart from one link at Red Alert to Helen Kelly’s tl;dr now discredited discourse, remaining silent on the biggest industrial action issue in many years.

Denis Welch has noticed the silence too:

I don’t know if anyone has approached Shearer for comment or asked, um, wait a minute, who is Labour’s spokesperson on labour issues? I just looked it up: it’s Darien Fenton. Who knew? She may well be intensely credible on industrial relations but I don’t believe we’ve heard from her yet on the ports dispute. The only Labourish public figure to even put a fingertip over the trenches so far is Auckland mayor Len Brown, and he has come down on the woolly side of woofterish by declaring resoundingly that he supports both sides.

There is an unhappy echo there of Walter Nash’s infamous response to the 1951 waterfront dispute when he was Labour’s leader: asked whether he supported the watersiders he said he was neither for nor against them. I have a horrible feeling that Shearer, if he ever does comment, will say much the same thing. Yet, thanks to some useful reporting by Bernard Orsman of the New Zealand Herald, there is much in this dispute that ought to concern a party with the very word ‘labour’ in its title.

Where are the press releases from Fenton or Shearer? Are they missing in action too like Len Brown was for a time, too busy sunning themselves and forgeting why they were elected, or in Fenton;s case picked by the union heavies for Labour’s list?

Labour is missing in action over this. Their proxies at The Standard was bashed into submission yesterday. I doubt we will be hearing from “James Henderson” again anytime soon.

Will Labour find their voice before the weekend?

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  • sthnjeff

    Thanks for posting that Pic whale…. I now feel sick

  • notavictim

    Stop with the picture. Please.

  • Notrotsky

    I saw here on the picket line as I drove past the other day.

    I suspect she has been told by Shearer to STFU after her numerous SMOGs.

    Can i also nominate as comment of the day this pearler to Presland at the Lapblog in response to his railing about the Penguin making money from the trough. Personally I would like to see Presland rendered…….. just rendered and fed to the chooks.

    DavidW1.112 January 2012 at 8:37 amOn those grounds then Micky, you would have no objection to suggestions that you get rendered ineligible for legal aid dosh I suspect.Sheeesh, talk about jumping the shark

  • Lesley

    Darien was on One News the other night. But has not said anything. You are right – what has the Labour Party got to say. They take their opportunity on everything else. Maybe Grant Robertson will  speak.

  • Davidw99

    In this case silence is indeed golden

  • Magoo

    God she looks dreadful, orcish almost.

    • sthnjeff

      Should be used as a “poster Child” for a “this is what drugs can do for you campaign”

      • Magoo

        The externalisation of a rotten soul.

    • Troy

      She looks as she acts – why the fuck the Labour party ever kept her is quite perplexing – perceptions and image are everything – and maybe fucking ugly is what they want to attract.

  • Bart

    Cannot talk, too many feet in mouth!

  • Agent BallSack

    The silence is deafening considering not even 3 months ago she had an opinion on everything. Perhaps they have upped her ‘done intake

  • Gazzaw

    I mentioned here the two days ago that labour know full well that the public is right behind PoAL and they do not want to back a losing cause in what will be the first confrontation of 2012.

    Has anyone noticed the resounding silence from labour over ‘Rena’? Remember the pre-election  verbals about how it took five days for any action & where the hell was Steven Joyce? The government has handled ‘Rena’ with total competence and foresight and has given no room at all for labour or even the greens for criticism.

    First up PoAL & ‘Rena’ – charter schools next  please Hekia.

    • sthnjeff

      The other Labour Party Shrew Sue Moroney has been banging on about the Rena on Twitter recently… Got did not act etc etc

      • Gazzaw

        Probably got a bach at Waihi.

    • notavictim

      charter schols? heck yeah!

  • Peter Wilson

    I thought Shearer would be too good to be true. He sounds competent talking about how rethink policy and getting people to work together (yawn) but I always wondered how he would cope making actual decisions. The POAL issue is a tough one – for Labour. Let’s see how he treads the fine line. Silence surely cannot be an option.

    • Politically Unstable

      Labour surely have more to lose than gain by opening up on this one. Maybe they will take a leaf out of Keys book and follow the “populist” line. They have sod all to gain in backing MUNZ on this one.

      And Key knows not to get involved as well.

  • Paulus

    I assume Shearer is still on holiday in his batch in Northland.

  • Peter Wilson

    I thought this comment on Red Alert from Darien Fenton was interesting:

    “We all came from somewhere else, whether it was in the last two centuries, or
    hundreds of years ago”

    Sounds like the sort of thing Don Brash or Winston Peters might say. Obviously believes in one law for all.

  • Super Guest

    They know that no-one but the 15% of the unionised workforce cares about them, it’s not good politics to support your friends and financial backers. That’s the modern urban liberal in the Labour party for you.

    Not that I care what Labour do.