The hypocrisy of Winston Peters, Ctd

Winston Peters is sticking up for his old mate and offshore banker Michael Fay by attacking the government over the Crafar Farms deal. He had this to say:

“For some time the National Party has been getting closer and closer to China business interests. There have been huge political donations to National and it now appears to be payback time.

Winston Peters knows all about political donations and selling policy for donations. There was a reason he demanded the Racing Minister’s job from labour, so he could deliver his payback for the hundreds of thousands of dollars of racing industry money that poured into his secret coffers.

The difference between Winston Peters and National is that National actually declares their donations.


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  • 99percent

    Whaleoil the proven LIAR funded by his rich dad and the bankster National party and in medical mental treatment can only fabricate what his masters tell him, like all others who believe that bankers are the solution to a global economy that has provided money laundering and fraud on a scale never witnessed before.

    How can anyone who is mentally ill be taken seriously on matters like these? How can anyone who lives off the handouts from family and political parties be trusted. How can you trust a crazy guy and his criminal mates in National ? Labour is not much better. Both are working to destroy this country economically and socially. Decades of social and economical engineering to enable that most of the 4 million people in a very wealthy country like NZ, live like 3.World citizens.

    Basically we let compromised individuals like whaleoil and the criminals around Parliament and the Reserve Bank destroy the future of our country and children.

    • mps

      some one is a bitter little person then and obviously never been to a 3rd world country – you’re so hard done by in that you’ve got a computer and internet access

    • Gazzaw

      What a bitter sad prick you are. Fucken hell I’d hate to wake up next you in the mornings.


      Changed your name to guest from 99percent,cause you sound like that fuckwit.

    • Anonymous

      Did you mix up your colostomy bag with the up & go this morning?


    Why do we even entertain the ramblings of this twat.He is,and has been nothing but a pain in the arse for to long.

  • tas

    “The difference between Winston Peters and National is that National actually declares their donations.”

    One of many differences…

  • Michael

    So you’re back calling him Winston Peters now…

  • captain kidd

    99% retarded

    • phronesis

      Being a Winnie the Pooh supporter we can be sure they are also elderly, racist and bigoted. Funny thing is that the elderly also have a very high rate of mental health problems.


        And also shit themselves on occasion.

      • Johnboy

        Fuck. Thats a bit unfair. I’m elderly, racist and bigoted and I’ve never voted for Winston!

        The miserable, wizened old bastard is far too brown looking for me to vote for him!

      • Gazzaw

        It’s a huge relief to me to confirm that having just technically retired (I still work because I enjoy it & keep contributing) that not one of my colleagues or mates in the same age group are WP supporters & are never likely to be. I am convinced that they are literally a dieing breed & that natural attrition will see NZFP totally fucked in 2014.  

      • Dr Wang

        Yes JB, but have you shit yourself lately?

  • Boss Hogg

    I lived in Wellywood for about 18 months in 1999 and 2000 in a second floor apartment just of Courtney Place across the road from a favorite Pollie restaurant. 

    Winnie arrives in Tax payer Limmo, gets out, checks himself in car window reflection, turns around, checks himself in shop window, walks in restaurant, checks himself in mirror behind reception desk. 

     Two hours later comes out looking pissed, still checking all reflective surfaces – our team on deck issue some encouragement to Winnie – We get the fingers, a big loud “FUCK OFF” and he dives into tax payer limmo.

    We fall all over deck laughing – no spillage………..He is a Grade A pillock deeply in love with himself.

    • Johnboy

      Surely not!  A second floor apartment on Courtney? Never!!

      You didn’t by any chance call your self Miss Piggy then did you Boss Hogg?

      Just asking you understand!

      • Boss Hogg

        Miss Piggy may have been there indeed !!  Then maybe not, we did not invite Robyn Malcolm in, she may have gate crashed tho……….

        It was actually just around the corner in Tory St now that think about the detail.  Forget name of apartment complex.

        Plenty of good times as part of LOTR crew.

    • kevin

      According to Welly cabbies, wp was one of the most unpopular MPs to carry.

      • Boss Hogg

        And to think when you walk down the street past 20 people – One of those 20 is an idiot who voted for the Pillock.

        Everything about him is fraudulent and 5 % still believe the snake oil salesman.

    • I’d pay a bounty for video footage of that

      • Boss Hogg

        I wish.  Best I could do is witnesses.  Proabably best that there were no video cameras in that apartment…………….

        Plenty of other late night Pollie action observed in that location, Sisters out and about – if you get my drift  ;-)

      • EX Navy Greg

        Epic post Boss I’m still laughing ! Scary thing is I can just picture it.

      • Boss Hogg

        Greg – It was priceless.  We had a couple of “Hard Boiled” Aussies on the crew that assisted with the verbals –  They could not believe the idiot.

        Full pin strip action – unreal.


  • Guest

    Since when did we all get confused that politics is about doing good and right things for the people? Politics is about only 3 things … 1. Gain Power, 2. Retain Power, 3. Make Laws … by whatever means and for whatever reason they darn well like.

  • Anonymousecoward

    Campbell Live on TV3 showed helicopter shots of the Crafer Farms and then cut to an interview of Sir Michael (I’m not admitting to insider trading) Fay standing in front of his helicopter.

    The editorial tone was approving of the Swiss resident wrapping himself in the NZ flag.

  • Dr Wang

    Campbell Live also showed Winston with a black eye – is he the victim of spousal abuse?

    Did Jan finally snap – pissed off that she hasn’t been able to house-train the little prick?

    • Boss Hogg

      More like he was moving towards another mirror too fast and banged his head into it !!

  • Bobo the Idiot

    It makes me wonder how racist are the Labour and Green party really, they seem to be cuddling up to the racist ideals of the Winston First brigade.

    • Gazzaw

      Bobo, if you have read the letters to Pravda and listened to any talkback on this subject you will have discovered that a very large proportion of Kiwis are totally xenophobic about Asians and in particular the Chinese. So xenophobic in fact that I think many would love to see the polltax reintroduced!  

      It matters not that NZ is reliant on Chinese investments in NZ and Chinese purchase of our exports to finance our ridiculous welfare programme, interest free student loans, socialised healthcare etc. In fact many of Peters’ core constituents reside in retirement homes funded by the state and in turn by Chinese investments. Labour & the greens are desperate to leap on any bandwagon right now and if they happen to be racist zealots then sobeit.   

      • Alex

        And leftists have good reason to dislike them Orientals.  As Canada found, increased Chinese and Indian immigration means increased votes for the centre-right parties.

  • niggly

    Well if Creative NZ could fund a play on the Hollow Men, I’m sure there won’t be a theatre big enough in NZ to house the crowds that would flock to see a play on the hypocrisy and times on Winnie the Peters. Some genius should write a script, submit for funding, and become rich (hey might even say Downstage)!

    Hell, we could do a whip around for some cash here and shout hundreds and hundreds of tickets for old persons home people and Grey Power etc … imagine the jaws dropping and false teeth clattering on the floor when these old timers finally figure out (what most of us have many years or decades earlier), that their hero that they have been giving their votes to all these years …. has as much credibity as say, that young whippersnapper psuedo bishop Brian Tamaki to them ;-)

  • Guestinasylum

    1. Whaleoil is a liar, on record. He was proven do be a liar on this blog. As we all could hear on youtube / Teapot recording that John Key said what W Peters accused him of.
    2. Whaleoil is continuing to defame and lie about W Peters because his mental state does not allow him to understand that regardless of his political convictions truth remains truth and the sad life he is living and being a puppet for National will not make him a better person.
    3. Sell outs of NZ will remain sell outs and no flesh cars, properties or hand outs from dad and NAtional will make Whaleoil a patriot. He is a sell out togethe with J Key and anyone connected with the social and economical degradation of NZ, including Labour.
    4. Regarding John Keys banking carreer and his involvement in the world financial crisis:

    • poorman

      Ha ha Guestinasylum, you have been taking the piss all this time. You are a real joker.
      Promoting this site, you kidder you. I am still laughing.
      This same site promotes jet trails are really chemicals that are being dropped.
      That the Twin Towers were blown up by Hobbits or something.
      That everything is alright with Iran.
      Promotes ‘Hemp’ products……..
      You better be careful, people might start reading this crap.

    • adybombs

      OMG!!!  I never knew until now that John Key is personally responsible for the economic woes of the entire world ( well maybe he had a little help from Alan Greenspan) and all he got out of it was a pissant $50m. Can’t believe he settled for so little

  • overthehill

    “The difference between Winston Peters and National is that National actually declares their donations.”

    No, really? 

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  WailOil, I’d stop drinking the Kool-Aid if I were you, it almost seems like you’re starting to believe what you’re writing.