The Maritime Union and Political Donations

Someone needs to ask Len Brown and Mike Lee a question:

Is the real reason why you won’t come out and back the Ports of Auckland board because you accepted donations from the Maritime Union at the last supercity elections?

Here, in this Jonathan Marshall article from Stuff in December 2010, it shows Len Brown accepted a $2000 donation from the Maritime Union.

Donors Mr Brown was happy to reveal included SkyCity, which handed over $15,000, and the Maritime Union, $2000. The Labour Party donated leaflets valued at $1050.

Not mentioned is the free labour provided by the union members to left wing politicians also (because that’s how the left operate).

It also transpires that Mike Lee got a cheque from his union mates as well. In fact the Maritime Union was Mike Lee’s sole donor.

The Maritime Union gave $2000 each to Mr Brown and Auckland Council transport committee chairman Mike Lee, who listed no other donations in his election returns.

Considering he did get a cheque from his union mates, its probably something he should have declared before he voted at the Accountability and Performance Committee on 8 December. He was in the hock of the Maritime Union for campaign donations, he really shouldn’t have participated at all.

I hope someone asks this question, because it may reveal why Len and Mike won’t front up on behalf of Auckland Ratepayers – they owe a big favour to the Maritime Union.

And then, someone needs to ask questions of the Auditor General.


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  • Guest

    And the penny now drops. Well done WO

  • Did Cr. Mike Lee mention his apparent conflict of interest prior to the vote. Time to look up some Minutes!

  • Scanner

    We might get the Auckland mayoralty coming up for grabs sooner than later, wonder if anyone has passed this on to all lens mates at the Standard, or are they still in denial.

  • Anonymous

    Well well.  Lefty Len (as if we didn’t know). Bastard. 

  • Len Brown’s chickens are coming home to roost. He was happy to cozy up to the unions when he needed them to get people out to vote. First Occupy Auckland and now this; the conflict of interest is obvious.

  • JK

    I would loooooove to see an anti graft commissioner with real power taking this lot on. Probably never going to happen. Too much at stake for too many politicians…

  • Lesley

    Not at all looking good for the Mayor and Mike Lee.Lots of questions now need answers.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, this is straight-out graft.
    So much for New Zealand’s high rating on the “no corruption” scale. Lazy Lefty Len should either resign or be sacked.

  • Apolonia

    It’s amazing what you can buy for $2,000 these days.

    • phronesis

      and a lot of free labour. Len won because he was able to mobilise south aucklnad which must have been very labour intensive indeed.

    • Thorn

      Len’s soul was sold for a Xmas ham.

  • Mooloo

    One big problem , whats the odds on the main stream media picking up on the story .
    Not good , if they do it will be played down .

    • Gazzaw


  • Gazzaw

    I wonder if the mainstream media will pick up on this? A Pravda headline maybe or a ‘breathless blonde’ statement on TV One News. I jest of course.

    • Mooloo

      Yeah it’s why the cocky buggers think they can get away with it .

  • Anonymous

    Lazy Len – in the pocket of the union. Very convenient for the union but not so for Auckland.

  • Anonymous

    Typically sneaky and furtive.
    A one term wonder in the making and hopefully that prick Lee goes with him.
    Waterfront stadium anyone?

  • Kosh103

    Serious question to the right – what power do you think Brown has to stop this strike?  Do you think he controls the union? That at his word they will all go back to work? Are you that blinded by spite that you will bitch and moan about Brown at the drop of a hat?

    • Guest

      He doesn’t have the power to stop the strike. No one suggested he could do so in his own right. 

      What he can do is use the influence of his office to send a message to the unions that he backs the board. That alone would be a very useful thing for him to do. 

      Have to say, Len’s not helping himself much – fancy turning off the phone and only answering via emails. What kind of media leadership is that?

    • Poor Kosh; it’s SOOOOO hard to defend the indefensible, but full marks for trying. However, as they say at school “Must try harder”…

    • Oi stop nominating yourself for Troll, Muppet, Pinko, Left Wing Arse Kisser, Left Wing Arse Kissers and Mouth piece, The mouth of the ultra left wing sewer and Emperor of Insulting Everyone Else’s in intelligence of the Year Award(s)

      There are ways Len can display “leadership” into the Port of Auckland Saga
      For starters fronting up to a TV camera and backing Cr. Fletchers Motion of supporting The Port getting itself sorted as THE REPRESENTATIVE of Aucklanders who are through all the techni-crap shareholders (or rather share holder) of the Port.

      Next he can get a enquiry under into two other issues that this Industrial Relations crap has spun out. First being The Most Effective and Efficient Ownership Ratio for the Port (I personally say 75% private and 25% council). Second on the Port’s Productivity and whether it is worthwhile relocating the port to the South East of Auckland, a total re-diversion to Marsden Point and Port of Tauranga. This enquiry should have members from the business community, engineers and university academics to get the best broad perspective into the port saga.

      Those above things are the minimum our Mayor and elected Executive Representative can do – not be “unable to be reached for comment as I am on Waiheke Island” 

      Fail all that I wonder if we can get Steven Joyce to go bash some heads together in the Port Saga?

      • If any one can guess, yes I am angry
        And calling on someone’s “bluff” (scroll down to the Mooloo-Dan E exchange) some of us will not idle or idle threat or idle bullshit – some will be motivated (and using a great deal of patience)

      • Kosh103

        All I see is right wing foot stomping and mouth frothing. Nothing that would end the strike.

        Just admit it, Len cannot do a thing to stop it, but the right hate him so much they will blame him anyway.

        So at what point can we start blaming Joyce for this?

    • Lesley

      Kosh – the issue is not right or left – keep politics out of and think about the ratepayer first. Interesting that those on the “right” side are thinking of the ratepayer first and foremost – those on the “left” side are not. WHY? The Mayoral position in AKLD City is not merely a figurehead anymore so our Mayor should become involved. It just happens to be that our Mayor seems rather chummy with the Maritime Union so he should have a lot of power and influence – batting for us ratepayers – not for the Maritime Union. Time that the Maritime Union and its cronies were given the boot from the Ports of AKLD and replaced with a more modern, forward thinking, selfless union that understands that business and making money/profit breeds jobs and that it is not a bad thing.

    • Anonymous

      Kosh103, you truly are the first living brain donor are you not?

      Spite, interesting you should bring that word up…. One could surmise that you are being a troll and a bullshit artist out of spite to this blog…

      If you cannot see the facts in that Lazy Len could in fact garner some support from some common sense leadership. Of which he clearly can’t & will not is a disgrace.

      Once a fuck wit, always a fuck wit…

      • Vij

        No, no, no.  Kosh103 is not a fuck wit, he is a moronic idiot.. always has been.

    • Thorn

      You ugly-daughter breeders really do stand together.

      • Kosh103

        My my getting nasty when you cant win. How typical.

  • Paulus

    Nothing will happen to Liar Len. He’s got the Herald firmly on his side.
    The Herald is also now the Official Political Opposition to the Government.
    They are electioneering now for 2014, and cannot accept that the National Coalition formed the present Government, in spite of their efforts.

  • I just noted on Facebook that we Auckland need: a Super Issue that Needs Super Leadership for a Super City so we do not look Super Stupid.
    At the same time I see Port of Auckland is in the Waitemata Ward, geez guess who’s Ward that is ;)

  • A-random-reader

    I doubt you would get much influence for $2,000.

    The Mayor earns $240,000 per year. So $2,000 is less than 1% of his yearly salary.

  • Well Kosh your response to my comment confirms eveything I said about you. And it really confirms it when you miss my own comment underneath the original commemt I made in reply to your bullshit. But seems you replied I will reply to you.

    First I need to tell you the difference between bullshit and bullshit. You see the bullshit that comes from a bull is useful. It can be collected, dried and either burnt for heat or spread in the garden as organic fertiliser, giving my homegrown veges and the worms a boost.

    The bullshit that comes from Kosh does the opposite, it would kill my vege patch and even make the worms head to Australia.

    That my dear pinko troll is the differnence between bullshit and bullshit.

    And kosh the right wing might be frothing at the mouth over this port saga but guess what, SO IS THIS SOCIAL LIBERAL!!!

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – Ahhh the right, frothing and footstomping is about all they are good for.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget paying for your upkeep, we’re pretty good for that too.

      • Kosh103

        @ hagues, the right wing are good for very very little.

      • 2013, I can wait.
        In the mean time where are those Power Company Shares, I have some betterment to do

      • I noticed you went silent on the fact I am a Social Liberal (according to those Political Compass Tests) and pointed your finger at the Right as that is the only thing you know how (seem you can not even educate children?)

        Thus I take it Your silence Good Sir is more Deafening than our Civic Leaders and the POAL saga

        Now as I said, stop insulting my intelligence as a Social Liberal and go read my the difference between Bullshit and Bullshit thread – you might get an education from it…

  • unionbuster

    I wonder what will happen when the redundencies kick in. I dont think they will stand together. They will stab each other in the back to keep their jobs. 

  • unionbuster

    I hope now that tauranga port will need more workers they take none of these arseholes from the union. I really want to see these guys on 91k go and work for minimum wage. But the fact of the matter is I will probably end up supporting them when they go on the dole.

  • Steve and Monique.

    As so-called “Mayor” of super city, this gutless wonder needs to front up, the tax payers and rate payers of Auckland need strong leadership, but he shows not one jot of that skill.  Kosh103, I don’t think anyone is blaming Len for the strike, they just want someone with a backbone to tell the Unions that the people have had enough of being held to ransom.  They are going to destroy the livelihoods of many of these workers with their spin doctoring and shit stirring and when the wharfies are oiut of work – which is inevitable at this rate, and they have no money to pay union fees, they will wash their hands of them and go find another industry to destroy. They nearly destroyed the film industry and they can do it again if someone doesn’t act and stand on their necks. It is obvious, Len is not the man to stand up to them. He can’t singlehandedly solve the crisis, but he can send a message. This is not about left vs right so don’t be an arse about it, it’s about separating the leaders from the followers and fighting to save NZ from yet another economic disaster caused by the union.

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  • Red

    When i met with the President and Secretary of MUNZ in early 2010 they were boasting about how they were off to see their mates Len and Mike Lee and give them their donation.  They were saying it pays to keep people happy and 

    • Red

      … you never know when it would come in handy.  Very well played MUNZ – although they clearly overpaid as I thought you only needed 13 pieces of silver!