The only good cat is a dead cat

Oh look another cause for people to moan about…saving some big pussy cats.

Receivers have rejected claims they are making a legal bid to put down dozens of endangered big cats at Zion Wildlife Gardens.

The Northland wildlife park was placed into liquidation in August after the High Court at Whangerei found it could not pay debts said to be more than $100,000.

The fate of the 36 big cats at the park was to be decided in the High Court next month, but receivers Rabobank have since applied for an urgent hearing in the High Court at Auckland tomorrow.

Evgeny Orlov, lawyer for park operator Patricia Busch, claimed the move was an attempt to euthanise the park’s 36 remaining big cats.

Receiver and PwC Partner Mr Colin McCloy this afternoon said the hearing was about supporting a potential sale that would preserve the park and the welfare of its animals.

 Lucky I’m not the receiver, those cats would be dead already.

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  • Johno1234

    Don’t be an ass. Among the park’s collection are critically endangered species such as Bengal Tigers. 

    • Alex

      I think (and hope) WO was being facetious. 

      Yet again we have an engineer media beat up, supported by journalists wanting to “make an impact” regardless of the truth. 

      My eyes popped out when I first read the story.   But then I noted that it was only the lawyer for the liquidated whose was asserting that the receivers were seeking to euthanase the cats.  A moment’s reflection that it would be probably illegal to kill them given their endangered status, and they’re probably worth a pretty penny alive given they are breeding animals.    

      Clever lawyer I suppose for engineer this.  But what has happened to journalism in this country?  You just seem to be able to feed them any outlandish story and they’ll swallow it.

  • Lesley

    NO! Love cats. “Save the cats!”

  • Jam_Sammie

    I’m with Cam on this one (at least as far as domestic cats go). Cats are worthless creatures offering only cupboard love and when you least expect it they will draw blood with claws like razors. Furry little schizophrenic psychopaths. Strangely, while visiting my wife’s homeland I didn’t see a single cat at all. After making enquiries I was informed they are considered less worthy than rats and were food for poor people hence the population decline. I did note most dogs were also very skittish and would not come close. I suspect they were probably on the menu also if you could catch one! Is the Lion that killed the african trainer still with the park? I don’t remember reading if it had been destroyed? Cages in a wildlife park is no life for these big cats. Captivity is cruel and there is no way they will be released into the wild. What other choice is there but to euthanize them. You could make few bucks selling their cocks to some chinese herbalists…

    • Paul Rain

      “dogs were also very skittish and would not come close”- not the land where the main breed is appropriately called the ‘Chow Chow’ by any chance?

    • bb

      obviously a dog lover here.. dogs good for shitting on lawns and expecting others to clean up their land mines, pissing off the neighbours with barking and whining, attacking people seriously (unpredictable).

      cats on the other hand buries their own shit, don’t maul people in a serious nature, keep the vermin population down and all in their own quiet way.
      wild lions – shame all parties have let this happen – there needs to be more rules/plan of the what-if scenario if these places goes bust – the wild animals are the biggest losers here.

      • I’ll correct you there, the cat buries its own shit on someone ELSE’S property :D

        And yes my cat brings in “gifts” on a near daily basis – but hey dead mouse is one less mouse.

  • Orange

    “Furry little schizophrenic psychopaths.” I have to remember this statement for future use.

    • Alex

      As a cat lover myself, that description is apt and part of their charm (seriously).

      • Jam_Sammie

        Oh yes I am always charmed by their propensity for unprovoked attacks sometimes while you are sleeping. A buddy of mine had a bloody psycho cat called Benson. We’d be enjoying a beer or something to eat while watching the box and out of nowhere this freaking thing would latch on to your leg claws out and teeth sunk in up to the gums until you paid some attention to it. Needless to say I was not unhappy to hear it “ran away” after he moved house. It probably tried it on with one of the neighbors and got a lead pill for its trouble. 

      • Alex

        @eaf820c45e1e70b271c51456773c1189:disqus Are you sure they were cats and not feral children?

    • Jam_Sammie

      Yes, thank you. It applies to all sorts of creatures including some people but especially cats.

      • Alex

        it is entirely possible they were feral children if these attacks happened in Turangi or Featherston.

  • The cats are assets of the pack and thus killing them would result in a reduction in payments to creditors. However cats are not a liquid asset like shares etc. and thus it may not be possible to get a market for them.

    • Paul Rain

      Pity we don’t have a Labour government- they could step in to guarantee their feeding until a finance company could buy them. This would increase consumer confidence in the big cat market.

  • Pdubyah

    They are a useless asset to anyone. The “zoo” is a farce, and it’d never pay it’s way, they’d always be in danger of a 50 cent fix.

    I doubt that they have any “breeding” value on the international market, and re-homing them would take months or years to negotiate and be as expensive as getting rid of the Aeromacchi’s

    Can you make Lion Skin coats? Robyn Malcom would appreciate one.

  • Honcho

    Im not sure what point your trying to get across here Cam.

    But I would hazard a guess as it being;
    -Big Cats, critially endangered and engaged in captive breeding or not, are stupid and do not belong in this country.
    -Domestic cats are even worse, as a keen outdoorsman you will well know domestic (and no longer domestic) cats are all bad news, they are worse then ferrets, they are worse then stoats. The only thing I hate more then some precious person’s beloved ‘pet’ cat bringing home native birds, are the same precious people making excuses for them.

    And before I get hit with criticism from precious cat owners, who deny their ‘pets’ true nature, I am going to name a few names, Stephens Island, Cuvier Island, Mangere Island. The same is true on the mainland.

  • Kosh103

    WO, you would willingly kill endangered animals?? Really???

    • Dion

      You can take them on if you like, Kosh.  I’m sure they’re “free to a good home”.

      • Kosh103

        Cool! Dont know if the other half would let me though.

  • HSV325

    Would you get more for a lion or horse as pet food?

  • Anonymous

    My comment might hurt a lot of pussy lovers in New Zealand, But.
    Cats of any description, should be banned

  • king of the jungle

    what about a proposal to the receivers to allow a hunting trip to zion and say 5k for each cat.

    that would give them about 200k instant return and save a shit load of expense for any interested hunters from this part of the world.

    me, i’ve got the .300 magnum with heavy grain soft nose ready to go – any takers?

    • Paul Rain

      Geez, do you have any idea how much money the helihunters Dunne got banned were bringing in to the country? You’d be bloody lucky if they only charged $5k each.

    • EX Navy Greg

      I’m a cat person, but shit yes I’m in!  Winchester 30.06 magnum here.
      Who knows a taxidermist ?

  • Pompuss – Feline VRWC (Hon).

    What’s wrong with you humans?    Surely if a sale / swap for a large sum of $ could be arranged it would make sense to trade those big cats with someone who wants them.      Instead you seem to want to treat we cats like magpies, rats, rabbits and other useless species, i.e. extermination is preferable to a market solution.    Are you serious – or are you humans even more stupid than I thought they were.

    My solution: Turn Zion into an NZ. Colisseum………let  your miscreants show their valour against a worthy foe (not pre-schoolers).   If they survive, set them free………

    • Anonymous

      We could dispatch teams of cats around the country, it could be a gold mine for stadium managers!

  • Pompuss Feline VRWC (Hon)

    Oops… for “than I thought they were” read “than I thought you were”……….. pathetic apologetic purr……

  • Lesley

    How can you NOT love cats? Check out Nora the cat who plays the piano. She is so clever and cute.
    Nora The Piano Cat: The Sequel – Better than the original! :

  • Mickrodge

    Could we feed a few christians to them for entertainment purposes?

    • Lesley

      That is not a nice thing to say.

  • Brian Smaller

    I happen to like stroking a pussy.

    • cunning linguist

      i’ve had a few that taste quite good as well

  • Bea

    My cat kills bucketloads of rats & mice – well worth it in a rural area.  The odd bird too, but rats and mice are easier to catch than birds.

    As for Zion Wildlife Park, Craig Busch is a dick and the park has gouged enough money out of well-meaning people to make poor financial decisions with.  Northlanders don’t have any time for the park or the family.  There’s also more to the story of Craig’s propensity towards domestic violence.

  • Think of the cats

    Me I am expecting Craig Busch to zoom in on his white horse to save the lives of his precious zoo.  Actually he created the problem and really he should be charged with dealing with the big cats – I don’t for one moment support euthanasing them but something has to be done urgently to move on from the debt and disaster of Zion.  Come on Craig front up!