The other primaries

The Democrats are also running primary races, not that you would know.

Obama only got 81% of the democratic vote in New Hampshire, after being given a close contest by amongst others a guy called Vermin Supreme, who is remarkably like Penny Bright but humorous. He appears to be the democratic equivalent of Newt, or is it Rick, or the other Rick?

I love the policy of Free Ponies for All Americans.


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  • Is 81% a good result? I mean, obviously it’s clear there’s no challenge to Obama, but nearly one fifth of his party don’t even want him as president, and are willing to vote for someone who’s entered knowing they don’t have half a chance…

  • Andy

    We need someone like Vermin in NZ. I would vote for him. I weally weally want a pony

  • Kosh103

    Oh my, only 81%, how shocking. Good lord WO you could work for FIX News the way you spin.

    • Anonymous

      What is even the point of your comment?

      • Kosh103

        To point out the silliness of WO’s comment.

        What is the point of any post you make?

      • Anonymous

        Four sentences on the democratic primary doesn’t exactly give much scope for ‘spin’ – he could very easily have written 1,000 words on why this result might show some areas of concern for the Democrats. That would be spin. 

        I post to share ideas with like-minded people. When people aren’t like-minded, such as yourself, I try and find some evidence to back up my theories and post that too. Remember I did that yesterday? But then you left the conversation?

        I just wonder what your expectations are when you visit this site. You disagree with pretty much everything on here, people are rude to you and you’re rude back. Do you come here to try and see what the nasty ‘righties’ are thinking? Or do you have some sort of masochistic love of being called names on the internet?

      • Kosh103

        I come here because speech is free in NZ and I am using that right. If this bugs you in some way, well all the better I say.

    • Let us examine the facts. In 2004, last time there was an incumbent president standing for a second term, George W. Bush got 79.5% in the New Hampshire Primary, and in 1996 Bill Clinton got 96% of the votes. 

      So, Obama did fractionally better than a president who started an unpopular war, and significantly worse than the last reelected Democrat president. There’s no challenge to Obama’s candidacy, but some Democrats are unhappy with him, which should be of concern, particularly if a Republican candidate can appeal to them and independents.

      • Kosh103

        Mitt is going to be the Republican against Obama – Obama has won.

    • Beans

      A whole one fifth of Professor Hopenchange’s own party didn’t nominate him to be the Dem candidate in New Hampshire, of all places. This is a cold hard fact.

      The only person doing any spinning here is you, Kosh.

      • Kosh103

        And yet he will still be Prez after this years election.

      • It won’t mean he’s any good. Let’s face it, he beat Clinton in the ’08 Primary because being Black out-gimmicked being a woman.

  • Angry Croc

    Darien Fenton with a beard and a smile??

  • Blair Mulholland

    I’ll guarantee you that 9% of those 10% write-ins were for a certain Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Which is significant.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you were right. Considering I think Obama will probably win a second term, I wonder if Mrs Clinton will make another attempt in 2016.