The strange world of knee jerk politics

The Crafar Farms sale decision has thrown up some very strange politics.

There was Winston Peters supporting Michael Fay, which is utterly strange in itself. But nothing could be stranger than seeing Labour pursuing the prospect of being sued by China – over an FTA signed by Phil Goff…

Labour says its opposition to the sale of the Crafar farms to a Chinese company is not racist.

Labour leader David Shearer claimed yesterday that Prime Minister John Key and Land Information Maurice Williamson have accused the party of being racist.

“I have been called much worse,” Mr Shearer said.

What concerned him was that by implication, National was labelling every New Zealand opposed to the sale as anti-Chinese and possibly racist when what they opposed was “the sale of profitable New Zealand-owned assets to foreign interests.”

Predictably assorted crazies, including Jane Kelsey have waded into the dispute. Despite being a raving lefty who opposes all FTAs and the fact that she tries very hard to stick it to the Government the bottom line is that Phil Goff’s FTA with China pretty much guaranteed that Maurice Williamson and Jonathan Coleman were always going to approve a bid that fully complied with the law, rather than react to knee-jerk xenophobia from politicians desperate for traction.

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  • Hakim of Phut

    The FTA  signed by Labour didnt cover land sales. As the Chinese knew they would have to allow Kiwis to BUY Chinese land.
    The worry about being sued is a bit weak coming from Key, as  thats what Fay  and his consortium of ordinary kiwi farmers is going to do anyway.

    OIC havent followed their own rules and neither has Landcorp

    • Roger de Laborde

      Perhaps because in China _all_ land belongs to the government. At best all you can own is a 99 year lease and the buildings.

      You can’t buy Chinese land because there is none for sale.

      You can buy NZ land as it does not all belong to the government and there is land for sale on the open market.

      Methinks you don’t understand how an FTA works.

  • Gosman

    “what they opposed was “the sale of profitable New Zealand-owned assets to foreign interests.””

    Weird considering the Crafer farms weren’t profitable hence them going into receivership.

    • Hakim of Phut

      The Crafars didnt miss any payments, the bank just called in the loans as they were entitled to do so at any time. Nothing to do with  ‘profitable’ just wanted their money back

      • Gosman

        P#ss off Hakim. Banks don’t just call in loans on a whim. I work in banking. It is more hassle than it’s worth usually to go through mortgagee process. The reason the banks called in the loans was for some serious viability issues with the businesses. To argue otherwise just shows you up for being a financial illiterate.

  • annie

    Of course Labour is being racist, albeit only for perceived electoral advantage.

    If they had objections other than the race of the buyer, we would have heard about them during previous well-publicised land sales, or indeed during their three terms in office, during which they gave ministerial approval to sell not insignificant amounts of land to foreigners.

    Racist.  Indefensible.

  • Guest

    The only way NZ will reduce its nett debt is selling stuff overseas. Milk protein, lamb, beef, apples, wine or land doesn’t matter – all that matters is it is solid overseas and that real overseas dollars or pounds or reminbi come back to NZ! 

    The problem isn’t the Crafar farms — it’s the rest of Landcorp, the power companies, the SOEs, the “railway”, roads, schools & hospitals this shitcowardly government is NOT selling to China

    • Hakim of Phut

      Tell that to the 1.5% that voted ACT, who had that as their policy. Otherwise go back to sleep

  • Michael

    The farms were not profitable – Westpac called in its loans because of that.
    The farms were not “NZ owned” – Westpac became the real owner when the recievers were called in as they had the power to sell, not the Crafars.
    The farms were sold according to NZ law, not by some free trade agreement arrangement.

    Basically, New Zealanders are showing themselves to be pig ignorant by all the bleating.

  • Nixie412

    It will always stun me. Just how stupid people can truly be…

  • Nixie412

    …And by the way…Cameron. Hiding behind a computer insulting people..(snigger!!) Yes – VERY macho!!!!  You are the laughing stock of the Political world..You do know this??? Just though you should know!!!
    ..Seeya sweetie!!!

    • Jester

      Although Cam can stick up for himself, some here are happy to help him take out the trash.

      Anyone who goes on about hiding behind a computer and then proceeds to post under a nickname has to be the lamest piece of shit ever.

      Back to the standard you useless cunt. all the other shit for brains will be missing you.

    • Ronnie Chow

       “laughing stock of the Political world” ? Can you quantify that ? I can imagine National politicians laughing every time a Labour M.P. gets caught out , which seems to be every day , but why would all be laughing at Cameron ? Or are you making this up ?