The third woman on the wharf

Cactus Kate has busted the Maritime Union for their sexist, anti-women stance with employment. Despite a stated desire from POAL to employ more women the union has effectively blocked any women working on the job by insisting jobs like lashing are a core requirement and all staff must have those skills before doing any other job. Lashing requires significant upper body strength.

Out of a fulltime work force of 212 stevedores under the control of the Maritime Union on the Ports of Auckland just two are women.

 It is all testosterone and backs to the wall stuff down on the wharf. Imagine what would happen if an openly homosexual man turned up applying for a job? Or a current stevedore was known to secretly have a history in such?

The Union is effectively keeping highly paid and lucrative stevedoring, a good k1w1 blokes only zone.

Even the MUNZ National Officials and Staff is a cock-fest. In Auckland a lady gets to run the office. That’s it.

Strange then that a woman Helen “Clean-up” Kelly has been called into help the inept MUNZ and President Garry Parsloe. Even left winger Mickey Savage has called MUNZ’s PR efforts “poor”.
Clean-up Kelly you will all recall is a Hobbit Hater in her prior existence. Yet she is now effectively both in cricketing terms and in reality the “third woman on the Wharf” coming in where MUNZ blokes have cocked-up everything in the slips.
Clean-up is spinning like a top on that most social of mediums – Facebook. And a massive material dump of silliness that mainstream media ignored because it was TL;DR (too long didn’t read).
The question I ask of Helen “Clean Up” Kelly is:

How can she defend a Union in a dispute where less than 1% of the workforce are female and it is the Union itself through restrictive practices that are impeding the progress of employing more women?

So the answer to Frank Macskasy on what has the Maritime Union done for women?
Stuff all.

I can’t wait until Darien Fenton chirps up and defends this Union.


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  • Dr Wang

    Sorry, I would have to see the lab test confirming complete absence of Y-chromosone to accept that your heading for this post is accurate.

  • Anonymous

    Women are often employed to drive the massive ore trucks in Australian open cast mines. See third pic:

    They are happey to drive them at the speed management directs and are more careful than their male counterparts eg not running over loose boulders. A flat tyre on these babies costs a cool $AU50,000.

    Obviously women are quite capable of driving container cranes and straddle carriers on wharves.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Helen Kelly has missed the boat here too. Good chance for her to say ” yes boys I will help you out if you change your employment of women policy”
    Bet she didn’t even think about it. Numpty.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The MSU have a point actually.

    If everyone is meant to take turns at doing jobs the lashing bars and bottle screws are bloody heavy and the longest ones have to reach some 18 feet  and then be locked into a corner casting on the bottom of the third tier.  The bottom of the lashing bar is then attached to a heavy bottle screw on the deck which then has to tightend up taught.

    • Gazzaw

      Bring in Valerie Adams to train some selected sheilas. No problem.

    • Why do crane drivers and straddle carrier drivers have to take turns doing lashings?

      That ensures there are “no tunnels” in the Port.

      • Paul Rain

        While I’m utterly opposed to such requirements, if the union wasn’t demanding such standards, would the port company be able to get away with requiring that if the high-skilled work wasn’t there for workers on site, they should be capable of doing the low-skilled work that would otherwise require bringing in casual staff?

  • Kthxbai6

    The union attitude doesn’t change.  Several years ago I was working in a remote area of the country, but the union still found time to turn up and do standover bullying – literally – for the union fees, which they insisted be paid in cash.

    Two months later, when I rang them because I hadn’t been paid for over a month, I was told “Listen, girlie, we’ve got more important things to do with our time”.

    I hate the bastards with a vengeance.  As soon as compulsory unionism was abolished, I was out.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In actual fact the final lashings need onkly be done prior to going deep sea.

    If you use lashing clamps that fit into the corner castings of adjacent boxes and do the outside three boxes then you are quite safe for a coastal transit as long as you know what the weather forecast is.

  • Apolonia

    Didn’t the Green party complain about the lack of female representation in Parliament.I think they have also complained about the small number of women in boardrooms.

  • Sooty

    Are the ladies in the canteen & cleaning the toilets,or do they work along side the men outside on the job?

  • Wetfootmammal

    This is retarded. Next you’ll be having go at the Allblacks management for not having any women on the team. face/palm.

    • Cactus Kate

      There is a woman’s All Black team you smack head. Who are allowed to play rugby on an international stage representing NZ called the Black Ferns.

      As stated the other day on Whales blog, women are admitted into the police force, a potentially far more physical and dangerous job than a stevedore. The equivalent would be asking female police trainees to say lift xxxkgs (insert a weight most woman couldnt manage) in their upper body despite not actually in the police force under their job description being actually required to do that at work.

      Women can drive trucks, forklifts and do most tasks required.

      • Dad4justice

        Can’t wait for chicks to join us in the Christchurch redzone demolition crews?