They had it coming

Julia Gillard isn’t one to hold back with her opinions and her opinion on Europe and their mass credit downgrades was that they had it coming:

THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has rubbed salt into the wounds of European nations reeling from weekend credit downgrades, declaring they had it coming for avoiding tough decisions.

Speaking after Standard & Poor’s stripped France and Austria of their AAA ratings and downgraded Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia, Ms Gillard said the moves were the “price to be paid” by governments that had put off reforms.

“For too many years, European governments have deferred the nation-building, productivity-enhancing reforms which Australia has made the foundation of our dynamic and resilient economy,” she said yesterday.

“In stark contrast to Europe”, Australia had strict fiscal rules that would return it to surplus in 2012-13. European leaders should “swiftly undertake structural reforms to boost their economic potential and lift growth”.


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  • Magoo

    Gillard’s right on this point, & the socialists deserve everything they get. Too bad Gillard’s such a blatant liar over her government’s intentions regarding emissions trading. She’ll be out on her ass at the next election & good job too.

  • kaykaybee

    Gillard is so right on the tardy reform issue. More to the point was who’d have ever thought we’d see the day an Aus PM was holding forth on Euro economics 

  • TCrwdb

    …that’s the pot calling the kettle black, thankfully for Australia they have previously had sound economic policies under Hawke/Keating/Howard.  But the reckless spending introduced by Rudd/Gillard/Brown is no different to that of the Europeans.  Thankfully she is toast come next election.

  • Paulus

    Gillard Lying again – like our Len
    Both will get kicked out shortly.