Things I am looking for in 2012

Here is a list of things I am looking for in 2012:

  • A duck pond/swamp/lake/river bend within 2 hours of Auckland for duck shooting season ( I want to build a cool maimai)
  • Some good upland game spots within 2 hours of Auckland
  • Some land that I can build a little cabin or campsite on…the land must have deer wandering through it periodically.
  • Plentiful varmint shooting within 2 hours of Auckland…rabbits, goats, possum, cats
  • Some corn or grain fields with a pigeon problem that needs sorting
I think I will also get:
  • Some new boots…suggestions?
  • A new knife or knives…can’t have too many
  • A new pack…suggestions? (I can and do travel light)
  • A video camera with hat/head mount
  • A video camera with gun mount
  • possibly a .204
  • maybe a new duck gun

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  • Naylor

    Here’s to a great 2012 then

  • Spiker

    Re gun cam. One of these is on my wish list for capturing my rare moments of 3 gun brilliance.

    Easy attachment to a Picatinny rail. NZ agent is

  • Petal

    …or you could move away from Auckland.

  • Digit

    I had a similar wish list a couple of years ago. Spent a year looking
    for the ideal place. Found 11 acres for 95k 90mins drive away. Purchased
    the land and started building a very small cabin on it 9 months ago.
    Almost have the exterior completed. Hoping to get the interior finished
    before the roar. Have planted over 150 trees – varieties of oak for the
    many pheasants. The land borders a river full of trout. The river is
    frequented by local deer.

    All I can say is do it. I look forward to every available day I can get away to bang in a few more nails, stalk and fish.

  • Spud

    Duck shooting – head to Waiuku (1hr from downtown AKL) & then down to the Waikato River, plenty of maimais along the river with a “Deliverence” kind of feel about it all….Stephen (Beaver) Donald country – where our finest ABs go to whitebait!
    Shooting – head up the Awhitu Peninsula, deer, possums, rabbits – and as far as varmits go there are plenty of hippies & greenies out there on the Peninsula that could do with a dose of lead poisoning

    • Tim

      Spud, where abouts on the Awhitu is there public land with deer? didn’t think it existed!