Threats of Assault from Standard commenters

David Farrar and I along with a number of elected councillors and the Mayor are being threatened with physical harm by a commenter at The Standard:

For the record Lynn Prentice, the administrator, issed this Millsy character with a mild rebuke. If you are from the right of centre and place a comment much less offensive than that you can easily be banned and many are. But threats of assault from left wing commentators are met with a mild rebuke from the “sysop”.

I have been assaulted by unionists before, and threatened by them too. This is nothing. I welcome the attention. If Robert Mills of Palmerston North, a long time left wing nutter who has threatened violence wants to lead the attack on me then he can go right ahead. I understand he has the body of a half sucked throatie so shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. He should however give Mark Gosche a call and ask what happens to unionists to assault me.

What I do not welcome though is the defamatory remarks by author James Henderson who alleges that I apparently have a going rate of $10,000 for attacking unions. I think I will let their comments thread run on that one though and see how bad it gets.

This is an interesting development but I think the rate is far too low, especially now with threats of physical harm.

What I want to know is who I send the invoice to?

But it is quite hilarious that a leftwing blog that once attacked me for being a beneficiary is now attacking me for working. Worse it appears they are the ones setting my rates and conditions!

There is no way I’d do what I am doing for $10,000 as a fixed fee, for something like the Ports of Auckland I’d probably do it for $20,000 after a discount for the sheer fun of union bashing. Ask Trevor Mallard he knows my rate for leadership coups is $30,000. But for $10,000? …good grief I’m not some flea blog struggling for traffic.


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  • Lesley

    Thuggish! Millsy needs to start reading the Book of Proverbs. He/she has left out a few names!

  • Agent BallSack

    Shows how quick the left will stab their own. Brown’s name is mud over there now, a day is a long time in politics in the socialist circles. As for the threats Whale, a quick call to the PN police station and a complaint of inciting violence perhaps?

    • I wonder what Cr. Wood thinking right now

      • Agent BallSack

        I think he’ll be dusting off his old billy club or truncheon and saying ‘Bring it on Leftards!’

      • I’m sure Cr Wood has had a chat with some of his former officers at the Palmerston North Police Station, where he served with distinction.

  • Anonymous

    The union pinkos are getting mad, can’t help much after this mornings news that their jobs might get contracted out permanantly.

    I personally hope those pack of arseholes do lose their jobs, they’re using economic sanctions at this scale, its much more than industiral action. It’s already cost the local economy millions and disrupted local businesses to a point of pure greedy selfishness.

    As someone said to me over the weekend, “the unions are there to help the greedy, not the needy”.

    If these knobs want to use “force” against Cameron Slater and David Farrer, I’m more than happy to offer my support.

    • ConwayCaptain


      When you say thatb they are there to help the greedy not the needy.  It is the needy to help the greedy.

      Minto et al who represent the supermarket workers who are on $14/hr or so get paid 120Kpa.

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re missing my point ConwayCaptain, have a dig on this site and see how much port workers get paid, their benefits, and their skills/qualifications required (I’ll save you the effort, requirements: none. Training is on the job). Now have a dig and see what they’re asking for, and then tell me they aren’t greedy.

        I’m not talking about supermarket workers here, I’m talking about the port workers.

      • ConwayCaptain


        I know what they get paid, I know what they are like but what I was pointing out is that the union organisers like Minto are greedy as well and take from the ;less fortunate who are the members of their union.

      • Sars

        I see what you are getting at – the needy (i.e. minimum wage workers in the union) help the greedy (i.e. Minto et al who draw a salary or fees from the union but do very little to help the above needy)

        It is an excellent point. 

    • Agent BallSack

      Like most fascists it will be under the cover of darkness and  their faces will be covered. I think anyone unlucky enough to be on the “Slater Revenge Team” will find out what its like to recover (or die) from gunshot wounds.

      • kehua

        Make that ` gutshot` it is far messier.

  • They even mention Comrade Brown – one of their supposed own.
    These thugs sully the name of – wait they are not Social Liberals I say they are more Fascists then anything else.

    Leaves an interesting question come 2013 – if the Fascists stand a candidate as Mayor do we:
    All rally around a Centre Right Candidate
    Rally round Len Brown and help the Social Liberals keep the Fascists out and suck the lemon for three more years.

    Put it this way, the Centre Right need to select a good Candidate to stand so that the centre will back the candidate and get them in the Mayor’s Chair. If the Centre-Right Candidate fails there as John Banks did then vote splitting could get an ultra left nutter in the seat and we know what that means – SCREWED

  • Mickrodge

    I bet Millsy wins all his fights by about 100 yards.

    What a fucktard comment to make though. Publicly stating you’re keen to beat on woman for the cause of the union.

    How about a peaknuckle war Millsy…best of seven?

    • Anonymous

      Pity this “Millsy” isn’t man enough to use his real name, happy enough to incite incite violence but too cowardly to back himself.

      • Thorn

        Is this the same Milly, the tranny, from the tampon ad?

      • Anonymous

        I doubt it Thorn, I’d put my money on any tranny having more balls than this spineless upstart.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Nail on head Cameron. I copped an 8 week ban from Prentice for pointing out (again) that Labour and Helen Clark had stolen a lazy $800k or so and been investigated by the police.

    • joe bloggs

      A recent pearler of a comment from that arch-prat Colonial Viper sums up the whole Stranded cesspit:

      CV  – Where was it claimed that The Standard was the “home of facts”?

      • Sars

        Haha I read that thread and in the face of evidence that negated the point the admin was trying to make the admin just got fed up and slapped a two week ban on Bob Stanforth. I don’t see the problem with what he was saying – point out a sentence from the writer that contradicts a direct quote from the union boss and cop a ban? WTF!

      • Super Guest

        Viper is a cock-knocker on a benefit who doesn’t even bother to look for a job, and instead spends all it’s time posting bollocks on left wing blogs. S/he’s also called for violence against the wealthy, while deeming the right “psychopaths”. That place makes me want to vomit, all it’s seven posters are batshit insane left-of-Lenin Luddite who propose ridiculous things like maximum incomes for no other reason than that they’re jealous peasants.

      • Agent BallSack

        There’s no way Viper is Kosh. Viper can spell simple words and reference posts.

      • Anonymous

        OMG, it’s Mikey853nz

      • Honcho

        @ superguest … they can’t be peasants, peasants toil in the fields for little reward, not toil on the standard and collect their dues or benefits.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I don’t know why the Left insist on threatening violence against us when we have all the guns :-P

  • Sars

    Wow…ok…I’ve always avoided The Standard because, well, I don’t know I just have. So I went there for a look and to their credit, mostly people seem to think that Millsy chap is a nutbar. 

    But…wow. I mean, wow. The point was raised that it isn’t fair for unions to try and demand that they be the only ones employed (I’m sure even Kosh wouldn’t argue there) – the rebuttal from the left wing commenters? That if the unions aren’t allowed to make such demands, everyone else in the world should ‘job-share’ with unemployed people. What? I don’t see the correlation between those two comments. Are they trying to say that if you can’t discriminate against non-union members then you shouldn’t be able to discriminate against unemployed people?

    Do people really believe that? And believe that it’s reasonable?

    It seems so…militant. I forced myself to read a couple of articles and the attached comments just to get a feel for the place. I have always thought there needs to be a strong right and a strong left to balance each other out, meet somewhere in the middle and provide policy that suits the majority of the country. I won’t lie, I don’t mind when that policy is a little right leaning. But do the extremists actually realise how unreasonable they sound? I don’t like it when either side tries to tell me what to do but there seems to be a lot more rules involved in being on the left. 

    I do see the benefit in having unions – to protect vulnerable individuals from being scalped by greedy bosses…but not everyone is a vulnerable individual and not everyone is a greedy boss. Just how not every employee is out to rip their bosses off for all the highlighters and pens they can stuff in their pockets. I think the advocacy aspect of unions is excellent – probably their best aspect – especially for people with little knowledge of their rights and no access to a lawyer. They shouldn’t be doing all the fighting for people on over $50k a year. If unions were really as socialist as they say, they would all just be one big national union with their fees based on pay and the majority of their resources focused on helping those at the lower end of the pay scale. 

    Check out how many Unions are involved in legal action every year: 

  • Thorn

    This threat may be mitigated by an offer to redistribute wealth in equal units of 180g PHPB @ 2960fps yielding a return of 3501 ft lbs.

    • Rockfield

      .300 Winchester Magnum ???


      • Thorn

        Well done. Nothing but the best for our friends.

    • And I’d feel nothing but recoil.

    • Michael Duke

      Would prefer 800gr @ 2,725 FPS yielding 13,194 ft lbs to be sure.

      • Thorn

        Wish I could afford the McMillan Tac-50. Apparently the 750g Hornady A-Max is a proven ‘reach out and touch some-body’ at 2430 m. One may need something of this magnitude to get through a socialist’s thick skin and bone-head.

      • Paul Rain

        Out of this– looks nice. Though a nice friendly air-rifle might do the trick too.

      • Dr Wang

        Paul Rain/Thanks for that air-rifle link – that is impressive!

  • Someone tell me why I wasted 10mins over soggy Weetbix reading The Standard – that was painful

  • Dr Wang

    Congratulations Mr WhaleOil – you’re the first name on the list!

    You must be getting under his skin – keep up the good work.

  • Bart

    OOOO, can I play ‘Socialist’?   What I want to do is find an average wharfie, find out the difference between what they earn and what I earn, divide that by 50%, then get the Wharfie to give that money to me!  

  • Spamaccountforme

    You got Brendan’s name wrong.

  • Masph984

    What’s your going rate for photoshopping a 15 year old boy’s face to a picture of a naked gay porn star Cam? Not very christian behavior. P.S Jesus was a socialist you hypocrite.

    • Sars

      Slightly off topic…are you over visiting from The Standard? Did Jesus tell you he was a socialist when you were round for tea last night? How else would you know…

      I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t read the Bible but I doubt Jesus was some socialist crusader who hated free markets and people who earn a decent living. Can you tell me if Jesus was in the Carpenters’ Trade Union?

      • Col

        I’m unsure of his politics but I understand He arseholed the money-lenders from the Temple (whether that was a distaste for capitalism or for usery, who knows?)

    • Magoo

      I can’t remember Jesus mentioning anything about taking the fruits of someones hard labour and giving it to someone else in order to buy power. What was the 8th commandment again? Ah that’s right, ‘Thou shalt not steal’. Taking something from someone without their permission & against their will is called theft. It’s more reminiscent of gangsters shaking someone down for protection money that christianity.

      I bet the rich give & do more for charity every year than the champagne socialists, & I bet more church goers are conservatives – the left hates organised religion, it’s against their atheist leanings.

      • Super Guest

        They do, at least right wingers do. Studies done in the US show that Republicans are far more generous with their money than dems.

    • Super Guest

      Jesus was a socialist? I thought he had a job, a carpenter, which unlike a stevedore, requires some skills, he’d sell the things he made for more than it cost him to make so he could provide for himself and his family. As soon as you’re buying for a dollar and selling for two you have a free market, and socialism is defeated, Jesus took part in that free market because there is no alternative.

      He also preached charity, a personal charity, and most of you left-wingers fail to see the difference between charity and welfare – charity requires choice, redistribution of wealth is a forced act. “Render unto Caesar those things which are Caesar’s”, or, “Pay your taxes asshole, you’ll get in trouble if you don’t and there’ll be no roads leading to Rome” not, “Render unto Caesar those things that aren’t Caesar’s so he can give them to silly Maximus because he decided to become a lion tamer in stead of getting a real job and is starving because of it”.

      Jesus did not invoke a middle man, which socialism does, it needs the government to do things for them because they’re all talentless and stupid.

    • Thorn

      Nope , Lucifer is the socialist god.

    • joe bloggs

      You’re a little out of your depth here kiddo… so just fuck off back to the cesspit.

    • Anonymous

      nice to see a mad pinko from The Standard found his way here, projecting the typical leftist trolling. Enjoy your time here, regardless of your opinion you won’t get banned if we disagree with you.
      Unlike the angry dictator styled admins from left side whinge blogs, Cam won’t ban you, fuckwit’s get freedom of speech as well.

    • kehua

      Speaking of such things where is the sleepy little wanker?

  • Tom

    I’d love to know what happened to Mark Goshe….

  • Anonymous

    It would be just like the stupid pricks to bring a knife to a gunfight

  • Rockyr

    At least James Henderson thinks you are worth five times as much as Lyen Brown.

  • while the contractors are already “waiting around” to offer their services

  • joe bloggs

    At the risk of being somewhat tangential, thought this link was a fascinating insight into ffeeding time at the WhaleOil household

    Beware the mighty Orca, huh?

  • Masph984

    Mark 10:25 “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” A piece of scripture mein Slater and Bishop Tamake would do well to remember.

    • Anonymous

      Masph984 perhaps you could pass that verse onto your ungreatful whinging leeching blood sucking union mates, they might change their perspective about what they think they should be entitled to.

      On second thoughts, as Thorn said, Lucifer is the socialist god so they might feel more at home…..

    • Thorn

      Even the Devil will quote the scriptures for his own use. Like MASPH984 he is a deceiver and will try to turn it around just like he did when he came to Adam and Eve. He told only half truths so it would make it seem like he was quoting it the way God had said.

    • joe bloggs

      A little Shakespeare just for you Masph: “An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek.”

    • Correct it isn;t easy…but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

    • Sars

      Any rebuttal to Super Guest’s comment? Or are you just surprised because you haven’t been banned for holding a dissenting opinion and you didn’t expect the conversation to get this far?

  • Super Guest

    Jesus Christ “became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” (2 Corinthians 8:9)

    God “gives (us) power to get wealth.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

    God gave us instructions on how to be prosperous and have good success. (Joshua 1:8 & Psalm

    God desires that we prosper. (3 John 1:2)

    I’m no scripture nut, that’s from a single Google search. Plus there are plenty of Godly, great men in the Bible who were extremely wealthy – and people that God made rich because they served him well.

    Above all, literal interpretations aside, the Bible is not a political tool, it’s a guide for the individual on how to live a virtuous life.

    • Plenty of Proverbs talk about gaining wisdom and with wisdom true wealth will eventuate. I will bet that Masph984 isn;t a Christian and merely plucks a single verse formt eh bible to prove whatever point s/he thought they were trying to prove….ignoring context or the parable or story from where the quote comes.

      While is it true that it is difficult int he context of this story what Jesus was trying tosay is that salvation does not depend on wealth, nor deeds, it depends instead on God’s grace which is what the story was really about. 

    • Kimbo

      “Above all, literal interpretations aside, the Bible is not a political
      tool, it’s a guide for the individual on how to live a virtuous life”.

      Um, would disagree. The commandments of the Old Testament that came through Moses were both personal and poltical morality – they were given to a nation, Israel, for everyone to observe. And even though the context was an an Ancient Near Eastern agrarian culture and context, thay deal with consistently relevant issues such as social welfare, property ownership, ecology, national holidays, family life, treatment of refugees, conduct during war, farming practices, the means of conducting court cases so that the poor were neither despised nor given unwarranted special consideration, etc. Christ and the Apostles also affirm them (less some of the ceremonial and dietary matters) in the New Testament and give some guidelines (but not strict procedures) on how we are personally and corporately (Church, and maybe State) should apply them today. .

      However, where everyone is right regarding Masph983 is that he wasn’t a socialist. Nor a capitalist for that matter. Instead a lot more careful study and thought and application are required before anyone goes claiming Jesus for their political cause. Which is why if Jesus is used as a bullet point, you pretty much know it is a load of crap

  • mmmm where’s that delightful chap Kosh103 on this one.

    • Anonymous

      plucking his eyebrows as usual.

  • Dad4justice

    have a go sub standard pathetic wimps, those creeps are as gutless as libs!

  • Anonymous

    MUNZ are doomed anyway, whatever the outcome of this strike, agreement or not. Why? Automation.
    Here’s the world’s first automated straddle-carrier terminal (at the port of Brisbane) –
    Well done, MUNZ. If any more proof were needed of the benefits of automation, you have given it. 
    Goodbye, MUNZ and wharfies. Say “hi” to the rubbish-heap of history, along with the makers of whalebone corsets.   

  • Col

    edit “usury”, not “usery”

  • Masph984

    Oh really you right wing christians, who never direct criticism at the boys at the top of the pyramid, tell me Who are the only people christ ever directed anger at?

    “Matt 21:12-13 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and
    bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them
    that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of
    prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

  • Geoff Houtman

    Some lone nutter in Palmy? Who cares.

    Unless the forces he plans to use are super powers. Like magnetism, or electricity.

    I bet he doesn’t even have the power of speech